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Hi All

Here my problem is in crystal report, i have Bind two location in in one Coloumn using new line("\n"), here i'm using formula for bold font in crystal report like

if {DataTable1.DataColumn1} ="YES"
if {DataTable1.col1} = {DataTable1.DataColumn2} /// DataTable1.col1= J4+"\n\n"+J3
then     /// here i stored location which i want to bold in DataTable1.DataColumn2

when i use this formula it show all bold

How can i do this....
Thanks !
Sinisa Hajnal 10-Mar-15 7:06am    
Try putting command separators (;) and/or end ifs so you don't get two elses in the same block. I admit I didn't work with formulas for a year now, but I remember nested ifs behaving strangely if you're not careful.
prasanna.raj 10-Mar-15 9:01am
Maciej Los 10-Mar-15 15:38pm    
Sounds like an answer... ;)

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prasanna.raj 11-Mar-15 0:44am    
nice but i have refer this site previously, i think u didn't understand my prob, actually from dynamic datatable it stored like (J1\n\nJ3), it bind in crystal report like this na


i want change color or font style for J3 location.

how to do that...

thanks !
Maciej Los 11-Mar-15 2:35am    
Your "prob" (as you write it) is still not clear. Try to describe it better. Use "Improve question" widget.
prasanna.raj 11-Mar-15 3:06am    
simply i l explain, i have data like (str1 \n\n str2), how to bold str2 or str1
prasanna.raj 11-Mar-15 3:22am    
please find this link i ask again

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