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I am building a website, that has a career page with Input File HTML Control for Resume uploading.
While using JQuery to POST the form values to an ASPX Page, Everything works fine except File uploading.
How can I Use JQuery to Post every fields (including files) in one AJAX request ?
The example I see in Google are handling only the file uploading, not other fields with it.
This is my JQuery, ASPX for file upload not made.

<script type="text/javascript">

       $(document).ready(function(e) {
           // File variable
           var files;

           // Add events
           $('#resume').on('change', prepareUpload);

           // Grab the files and set them to our variable
           function prepareUpload(event)
             files =;

       $( "#submit_btn" ).click(function( ) {
           var fileData = new FormData();
           $.each(files, function(key, value)
               fileData.append(key, value);

           var formMessage = tinyMCE.get('message').getContent();
           var formName = $('.contact-container #name').val();
           var formPhone = $('.contact-container #phone').val();
           var formEmail = $('.contact-container #email').val();
           var formApplyFor = $('.contact-container #applyfor').val();

        // Get some values from elements on the page:
       var a=  $.ajax({
               method: "POST",
               url: "mail/test.aspx",
               processData: false,
               contentType: false,
               data: {
                       form: 'career',
                       name: formName ,
                       phone: formPhone,
                       email: formEmail,
                       applyfor: formApplyFor,
                       resume: fileData,
                       coverletter: window.btoa(unescape(encodeURIComponent( formMessage)))

                       success: function (data) {

                   error: function (data) {

           .done(function( msg ) {
           }); //ajax end

       }); //submit button end

       }); //document ready end

1 solution

Rather that create an object for the "data" property that contains FormData as a property itself, you create a single FormData that contains all your fields, including the files, and pass that single FormData to the "data" property[^]
Yesudass Moses 17-Mar-15 8:14am
Thanks so much :) It works

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