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I am checking the checkbox dynamically using code $("#chkBrand").attr('checked',true)/
$("#chkBrand").attr('checked','checked')/$("#chkBrand").prop('checked',true) which i can see in DOM but no action is taken on checkbox. It remains unchecked.

Can anybody please help me to solve this.

Kornfeld Eliyahu Peter 24-Mar-15 5:41am    
See this, and check if you spot the difference...

1 solution

Should be the following:

$('#chkBrand').prop('checked', true);
$('#chkBrand').prop('checked', false);

Although your query selector assumes that you've assigned chkBrand as the element id on the checkbox.

If you've only assigned it to name, this will not work.

<input type="checkbox" id="chkBrand" />

Taken from here:[^]
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afzalkarani 24-Mar-15 5:45am    
I have use checkbox like below
<input type="checkbox" id="chkExcludeBrand" name="chkExcludeBrand"/>
Stephen Hewison 24-Mar-15 5:48am    
then the id is chkExcludeBrand. Use:

$('#chkExcludeBrand').prop('checked', true);

The portion in the first bracket is a CSS query selector which needs to match the elements you're looking to amend.
afzalkarani 24-Mar-15 5:51am    
I've used but no result. Although in DOM it is checked.
afzalkarani 24-Mar-15 5:59am    

i have added simple checkbox
Check: <input id="idChk" type="checkbox" />

And I am trying to get id checked from DOM Console. it shows checked but cannot see it ticked.
Thanks7872 24-Mar-15 5:49am    
Did you try what he stated?

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