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This is the constructor:

public Generic (Entities dbContext) : base(dbContext)

the actualy code is :
Generic ARTICLE_RepositoryService = new Generic (context);

i would like something to generate this generic class automaticly a mean so:
string c= "Customer";
Generic<cl> c = new Generic<cl>(dbcontext)

string cc= "ARTICLE";
Generic <cc> c1 = new Generic <cl> (dbcontext);
Updated 25-Mar-15 6:11am
OriginalGriff 25-Mar-15 7:28am    
This is not a good question - we cannot work out from that little what you are trying to do.
Remember that we can't see your screen, access your HDD, or read your mind.
Use the "Improve question" widget to edit your question and provide better information.
BillWoodruff 25-Mar-15 11:17am    
Without seeing the code, and seeing the Constructor in particular, I don't think we can assist you.
Afzaal Ahmad Zeeshan 25-Mar-15 12:09pm    
Or else you can create a generic handler (function) for that generic type.
AbassiOmar 25-Mar-15 12:40pm    
i trie but i can'y do that if any body have any idea
Sergey Alexandrovich Kryukov 25-Mar-15 13:27pm    
Idea on what? First, you need to explain what you are trying to achieve and why.

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