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I am trying to bind a colletion to datagriview.
private void loadGridview(ObservableCollection<cLabTest> list)

         Gridview.DataSource = list;


i surely that i did call my function while i debugged.
But it did not works.
I based this article:[^].
it said:
"Binding this to a DataGridView is painfully easy. Simply set the DataSource property of the DataGridView to the List" and "the DataGridView will automatically create columns for each property in the Car object".

I am newbie, i read some article but they are too high for me.
Could someone tell me why please.
Updated 25-Mar-15 4:07am
Herman<T>.Instance 25-Mar-15 10:14am    
what in your code stops you from this task?
BillWoodruff 25-Mar-15 11:15am    
How does it "not work" ? Any error messages ?

Verify the autogeneratecolumns property value. Default it should be true in this scenario
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Tokisan 25-Mar-15 11:35am    
i set it
private void loadGridview(ObservableCollection<clabtest> list)

Gridview.AutoGenerateColumns = true;

Gridview.DataSource = list;

but has no error, the debugger say noting and it still does not work out.
Tokisan 25-Mar-15 23:46pm    
Datagridview of Winfrom does not support ObservableCollection.
I read it on
The reason ,my code did not worked out , that is i forgot to write the method {set; get;} for class's properties
Recently, i noticed the debug still show out that my object have values event i didn't declare {set;get;};
Thank 'Rajesh Varma Buddaraju' and everyone for helping me.
Thank a lots.
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I tried the sample, It is working fine for me.

private void Form1_Load(object sender, EventArgs e)
            ObservableCollection<Car> cars = new ObservableCollection<Car>();
            cars.Add(new Car("Ford", "Mustang", 1967));
            cars.Add(new Car("Shelby AC", "Cobra", 1965));
            cars.Add(new Car("Chevrolet", "Corvette Sting Ray", 1965));
        private void loadGridview(ObservableCollection<Car> list)
            dgGrid.DataSource = list;

public class Car
       private string _make;
       private string _model;
       private int _year;

       public Car(string make, string model, int year)
           _make = make;
           _model = model;
           _year = year;

       public string Make
           get { return _make; }
           set { _make = value; }

       public string Model
           get { return _model; }
           set { _model = value; }

       public int Year
           get { return _year; }
           set { _year = value; }

I placed the entire code for you. Try it once.
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