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i want to develop a billing software project in visual studio 2013 using c#.In file new project which option to chose? i select c#->windows desktop,in this options like windows form application,WPF application,WPF cutom control library,WPF user control library etc.
which option should i go for?
i want to create billing software which will create .exe and install on other pc.
which database i can use?
sql express or ms access?
ZurdoDev 1-Apr-15 9:40am    
Always go with SQL over Access.
Richard MacCutchan 1-Apr-15 9:43am    
If you do not know which framework to select for your project then it suggests that this task is not for you. You need good programming experience to create something as complex as a billing project.
Sergey Alexandrovich Kryukov 1-Apr-15 13:20pm    
This is the key here. I credited this comment in my answer. :-)

That isn't really a question we can answer: if you don't know WPF for example, then the last three in your list are going to be a complete waste of your time. And we have no idea what you do and do not know.

If you want an executable, then you want an application of some form - a class library can't be executed directly - so pick an "application" type that you are familiar with.

As far as DB goes, we can't really help there either: SQL is preferable to Access for example, but only if you need to have multiple uses accessing the same data. If you don't - you only have a single user DB - then SQL is a poor choice as installing and maintaining it is a complex job and not one I'd want to trust to a "normal user": it's far too easy to make major mistakes and compromise your data security to a massive extent. In those cases, Access, SQLite, SQLCE, etc. are all better choices.

So sit down, think about exactly what you are trying to achieve, and try to design a specification of some form. That should help to guide you into an implementation framework.
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batman56 1-Apr-15 12:25pm    
thank you.
Richard MacCutchan wrote in his comment to the question:
You need good programming experience to create something as complex as a billing project.
And this is the key.

If you had this experience, you would probably immediately realize that the choice of the database is just one of the many aspects you need to decide on, and that the choice is not that simple, it should be based on the detail of your project, from its goals to some requirements detail. However, I don't want to discourage you, as it's impossible to gain experience without making decision and doing the job.

I would not recommend Access, because it is proprietary and not even client-server (is a file-server based tool). To properly choose the database server, you may need to try out some and perhaps prototype a small part of development with those you want to consider. Please see:,

See also

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batman56 1-Apr-15 12:25pm    
thank you
Sergey Alexandrovich Kryukov 1-Apr-15 13:19pm    
You are welcome. Will you accept the answer formally?

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