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I'm working on Transport Salesman Problem solution with a Genetic Algorithm.
Some chromosomes are contain the shortest way, but they still aren't appropriate. For example, a salesman must get to the A city at 6.00 pm, but using the solution of a chromosome he'll get there at 7.00 pm. Thus, this solution is not correct.

What should I do with this issue?
Firstly, I can change these chromosomes. But how can I do it?
Secondly, I can keep them. How should I do the selection then?
Thirdly, I can replace them, but I have no idea what should I use instead.

Could you please help me or recommend me some useful information?

English is not my native language, so sorry if I said something wrong.

1 solution

It is a matter of how you want to handle the various constraints in your GA model. There can be 2 types of constraints:
1. Hard Constraints: Requirements that must be met. You may discard such solutions or repair them by orchestrating a mutation.
2. Soft Constraints: Requirements that can be violated. You may introduce measures to penalize such solutions in the fitness function to make them less favorable for subsequent selections.
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