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//1. when page load, all products ids bind to dropdownlist. when user select a product id from dropdownlist and click on Add button then corresponding product details would add to grid and same product id delete from the dropdown list.
//2. When user remove a product from grid (by using remove link) then corresponding product id would added back to dropdownlist.**

public class ProductModel
public List<long> ProdIds { get; set; } //list of product id's - bind to kendo dropdownlist

public List<products> Products { get; set; }//list of products bind to kendo grid

public class ProductController : Controller
// **Controller:**
public JsonResult RefreshDatata(long Id)
var model = new ProductModel();
_prodIds = model.ProdIds.add(id);

_products = model.Products.Removeat(Products.FirstOrDefault(x=>x.ProductId==id))

return Json(new {ProdIds=_prodIds ,Products=_Prodcusts},JsonBehaviour.AllowGet());


// **View(.cshtml)**
type: "POST",
url: "RefreshDatata/Product",
id: id,
success: function(result)
// **//how to bind kendo grid and refresh from json result (_products)**

// **//how to bind dropdownlist and refresh from json result (_ProductIds)**

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