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Hi i am and absolute beginner to jquery and java script. I am trying to add delegate event handlers
This is the task that i am required to do, anchor elements with class .user_link from #user_list
the delegate events that i am using are #user_list for "li a.user_link". I am a bit confused and i thought that perhaps this how it should be done but it is not i guess.

$("#li a.user_link user_list").on("click", "user_list", handleGetUser(event){

Whats the correct way of doing this task?
thanks anyways guys
Sergey Alexandrovich Kryukov 4-Apr-15 21:06pm    
What do you mean by "delegates events". It sounds like you have been distracted by some object-oriented languages/technologies, but even for them, this is not a correct terminology.

In JavaScript, things are very different. There are is no difference between "functions", "delegates" or "delegate instances"... All objects are 1st-class objects, including functions.

Why not just trying it out, your code fragment?

Sergey Alexandrovich Kryukov 4-Apr-15 21:08pm    
...also, there is no such thing as "java script". Better never use such words. Java is not a scripting language ;-)
JavaScript is totally unrelated to "Java".

1 solution

There can be different ways to add a handler to an event, or to set the only handler.

First, some background:

This is the simplest way, when you just set a handler:
someElement =
   document.getElementById("someId"); // I'm not going to check up your selectors 
                                      // without seeing your HTML and the specs
someElement.onclick =
   function(event) {/* ... */} // you can use event object
// or
someElement.onclick = function() {/* ... */}

You can add event handler (called event listener) and have more than one handler on the same element (same event instance):
someElement.addEventListener("click", function() {/* do something  */});


Now, you might better understand what jQuery does:

That is,
someElement.on( "click", function() {
    // do something

In this function, the arguments selector and data are optional, please see the jQuery documentation page on "on" referenced above.

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