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        public class Game extends JPanel{
	private JPanel panel;
	//to show how much is missed and caught
	private JLabel caught, missed;
	//slider to allow speed adjustment
	private JSlider slider;

	private String catchString, missString;
	//icon which shows image
	private ImageIcon creature;
	//set timer
	private Timer run; 
	//for randomizing location
	private Random xPoint, yPoint;
	//for other variables
	private int xCor, yCor, grabX, grabY, a, b, x, y, speed, speed2;
	//for coordinates
	private final int WIDTH, HEIGHT, IMAGE_SIZE, DOT;
	private int SPEED;
		//sets up to display what is missed
		public void setMissedString(int x){
			missString = "Missed: " + x;
		//speeds up the image randomization
		public void setCatchString(int x){
			catchString = "Caught: " + x;
		public String getMissedString(){
			return missString;
		public String getCatchString(){
			return catchString;

           public Game(){
                SPEED = 2500;
		speed2 = 0;
//PROBLEM>>	slider.addChangeListener(new ChangeListener(){
			public void stateChanged(ChangeEvent ev){
				 JSlider slider1 = (JSlider) ev.getSource();
				 	speed2 = slider1.getValue();
				 	setSpeed(getSpeed() - (speed2 * 100));

		run = new Timer(SPEED, new ActionListener(){
			public void actionPerformed(ActionEvent ev){
				setXcor(xPoint.nextInt(WIDTH - IMAGE_SIZE));
				setYcor(yPoint.nextInt(HEIGHT) + 50);
                slider = new JSlider(JSlider.HORIZONTAL, 10, 2500, 50);
		panel = new JPanel();
		panel.setPreferredSize(new Dimension(WIDTH - 10,40));
		panel.setLayout(new GridLayout(1,3));
Updated 14-Apr-15 9:16am
Mohibur Rashid 14-Apr-15 19:01pm    
Where is your question?
Member 11607315 16-Apr-15 15:01pm    
the question given was:
Design and implement an application that plays a game called Catch-the-Creature. Use an image to represent the creature. Have the creature appear at random location for a random duration, then disappear and reappear somewhere else. The goal is to “catch” the creature by pressing the mouse button while the mouse pointer is on the creature image. Create a separate class to represent the creature, and include in it a method that determines if the location of the mouse click corresponds to the current location of the creature. Display a count of the number of times the creature is caught. Modifications: Use the slider control to allow the user to change the speed at which the creature moves. You are also required to provide a list or combo box which will allow the users to select different creatures.

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