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Hi everyone, i'am trying read the data from a table MS acces in a webforms ASP with visual basic 2010, but this show the following error. someone you maybe helpme.

Error Message "Data type mismatch in criteria expression."
here's the code:

Protected Sub btnbuscar1_Click(ByVal sender As Object, ByVal e As EventArgs) Handles btnbuscar1.Click
Dim con As String = Provider=Microsoft.ACE.OLEDB.12.0;Data Source=C:\Users\luis.valdez\Documents\info.accdb
conConexion = New OleDb.OleDbConnection(con)
Catch ex As Exception
MsgBox("Error al conectarse")
End Try

Dim lista As Byte
Dim str As String

If txtIdcaso.Text Then
str = SELECT * FROM Casos_Tbl WHERE (IDCaso = '" & txtIdcaso.Text & "')"
'Dim cmd As OleDbCommand = New OleDbCommand(str, conConexion)
adaptador = New OleDb.OleDbDataAdapter(str, conConexion)
registro = New DataSet
adaptador.Fill(registro, "Casos_Tbl")
lista = registro.Tables("Casos_Tbl").Rows.Count
MsgBox("Debe Ingresar un codigo.", vbExclamation, "UTCtickets")
End If
If lista = 0 Then
lblidcase.Text = registro.Tables("Casos_Tbl").Rows(0).Item("IDCaso")
txtuser.Text = registro.Tables("Casos_Tbl").Rows(0).Item("Usuario")
txtarea.Text = registro.Tables("Casos_Tbl").Rows(0).Item("Area")
lblDate.Text = registro.Tables("Casos_Tbl").Rows(0).Item("FechayHora")
Dropcateg.Text = registro.Tables("Casos_Tbl").Rows(0).Item("Categoria")
LblSev1.Text = registro.Tables("Casos_Tbl").Rows(0).Item("Severidad")
dropstat.Text = registro.Tables("Casos_Tbl").Rows(0).Item("Status")
txtdescort.Text = registro.Tables("Casos_Tbl").Rows(0).Item("DescripcionCorta")
txtdescdetall.Text = registro.Tables("Casos_Tbl").Rows(0).Item("DescripcionDetallada")
End If
End Sub

It looks like IDCaso may be stored as an integer or other numeric type.

Try changing your select statement to not quote the value:

str = SELECT * FROM Casos_Tbl WHERE (IDCaso = " & txtIdcaso.Text & ")"
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Sascha Lefèvre 21-Apr-15 17:53pm    
I voted 4 because it will most likely resolve his problem. But you should not suggest concatenating values into a SQL-string because it has several disadvantages; the most signifcant is that it allows for SQL-Injection.
Instead he (and you) should be using SQL-Parameters. Example here:
I would suggest you to improve your solution and mention that.
Bob@work 21-Apr-15 18:05pm    
I concur.

As an alternative (recommend limiting to simple queries), you can test the value of txtIdcaso.text for the proper format. An example would be

if cint(val(txtidcaso.text)=0, then don't accomplish the query.

However, if the datatable has a record with IDCaso=0 then, you'll need a different approach and SQL Parameters are much more secure.

Afirmative, is a field autonumber and also is autoincrement the, what can i to do for read the data withou problems?
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Sascha Lefèvre 21-Apr-15 17:54pm    
This is not a solution. And Bob@work didn't get a notification about it.
Please delete this and post it as a comment instead with the "Have a Question or Comment?"-Button below his answer.
Please also see my comment to the answer.

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