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I'm trying to do a sample on FTP Site in IIS 6.

we have configured the FTP site and when we try to access the ftp site from other system (my friend PC) with the URL of my system, it is requesting user credentials.

can someone help me to find where i should mention this user credentials to access the ftp site or where i can find the user credentials to access the path.

"530 user cannot login"
It will show above error when local system credentials are entered.

P.S: I have added the IP of my friend while creating the FTP site in Authorization Part.

Thanks in Advance
virusstorm 24-Apr-15 10:41am    
You might want to look at this:
Yashwanth R 27-Apr-15 2:35am    
I have done all those things, I'm able to access FTP site with different Windows users.

I need to configure for IIS users, how can i do that, where should i add users and credentials of different ip address to the iis in my system to restrict users
virusstorm 27-Apr-15 8:56am    
When you say IIS users, are you talking about creating a generic FTP account to be used by multiple people?
Yashwanth R 28-Apr-15 1:31am    
ya you are exactly right, I'm creating it for multiple users, i need to restrict users using credentials to particular IP addresses.
virusstorm 28-Apr-15 13:16pm    
I don't have access to IIS 6.0. I think Windows 7 came with IIS 7.0 so this link should help you out:

As for restricting by IP address, simply right click on the FTP site in IIS, edit bindings, and add the IP address or range to the binding for authorized IP addresses.

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