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Hi I am using 2 timer controls to display flash and image ads on the same location in windows application.when i set the different time intervals to 2 timer controls they may equal at any time(for example timer1=10 sec interval and timer2=5 sec interval they are equal after 10 sec so there is a collision to display either flash or image)so i wanted to use same time interval for both the controls say 20 sec but i wanted to start timer2 after 10 seconds, so there is no collision issue at any time how to do that if any one knows please.
Help me.
Updated 11-Jul-10 20:15pm

1 solution

Here is your answer
1. Add another timer control say timer3
2. set timer3 time interval 10 sec
3. set timer1, timer3 enabled true and timer2 enabled false
4. in timer3_Tick event set timer3 disabled and timer2 enabled.

Hope this will solve your problem.
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krishna_goluguri 12-Jul-10 2:49am    
hi prosanta are in online i am using the logic it plays flash and image but only first image and first flash are changed i need to change more no of flash and images bcoz it is a advertising application
Prosanta Kundu online 12-Jul-10 2:59am    
Can you provide your code?
krishna_goluguri 13-Jul-10 1:19am    
Reason for my vote of 4
it simply solve my problem initially
krishna_goluguri 13-Jul-10 1:23am    
hi prosanta r u in problem is solved but i have some problems.can u give ur gmail id.or add my gmail id
Prosanta Kundu online 13-Jul-10 1:52am    
sorry krishna, If you have any question plz open a thread here. Lots of people here to help you.

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