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Is there any way to read registry of other windows ?

there is no difference for me C# or C++ .

Rajesh Sajjanar 21-Jul-10 14:02pm    
Hi, Windows registry is used to store configurable values by creating subkeys, so if your application is on some server then that server windows registry you will be using, what is the reason you are looking for other windows
registry ?

1 solution

What is ITNOG ?

You can read the entire registry on your current machine. I don't believe it's posible to read the registry on another computer, not without installing a program on that computer. You also don't specify how you are linked to that other PC, via a LAN, or via the internet.
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Sauro Viti 21-Jul-10 15:12pm    
I saw ITNOG some days ago and I made some search... It seems to stand for "In The Name Of Glory" or "In The Name Of God"
Fullmm 22-Jul-10 2:54am    
And I told u that is In The Name Of God .
Emilio Garavaglia 23-Jul-10 12:59pm    
The regedit allows to access the register of a remote machine as well, if you exhibit an account with proper privileges.
Probably it is exposed as COM+ via RPC.

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