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I am a 49 year old (who could not email a year ago) e business major at Cuyahoga Comm. College in Cleveland Ohio and have a month to teach myself something useful.

As you that know how to do things may know, school really has been a disappointment when it comes to really doing something, a course in VB 2008 taught how to do what is the books projects, but nothing for the real world- so I figure on using this Sam's Teach Yourself C in 24 hours to get a jump on something, I have to be employable. The problem of a newbie is so many hours go nowhere, any ideas i thank you for.

What is build, why do they do it?
I am compiling in C++ using a CLR Application template, this took a week to figure out, I can do something with this if I had some guidance but I feel like I am running into a brick wall. I am writing C, so far so good, but the dos window that shows on debug or run(green arrow head) flashes for a second and I can't read it.

Any place to start that is understandable is what I am asking for, I think I am on the right road to learn C given my research on the net, do you agree? Where do you learn to write VB code? The course gave you code, really concentrated on forms, controls, and data binding, not enough to get hired. Thanks. [Removed Email ID]
Updated 22-Jul-10 9:14am
Kunal Chowdhury «IN» 22-Jul-10 14:15pm
Don't put email id anywhere to avoid spam.

I am tempted to suggest you forget C and move straight to C# as it is closer to some of the things you probably learned in VB. Charles Petzold has produced this excellent primer[^] to get you started. If you need a complete build system then get a copy of Microsoft Visual C# Express[^] which includes some easy to create starter applications. Further learning materials can be found here on MSDN[^] and of course in the CodeProject articles.

As to your question "what and why is build?", this is just the process of turning a human readable set of program language statements into a set of binary code instructions that a computer can execute.
ebizjoey 22-Jul-10 16:52pm
Reason for my vote of 4
The Petzold PDF will take me far in this month before the next semester starts, thanks so much!
Put a pause in the code so that it doesn't close the command screen after it runs.

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