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Hello all, Newbie all around here, in VB as well as this forum.

I am starting to learn the realms of VB. Having intermediate knowledge on HTML/PHP/MySQL code, I find VB to be easier to learn.

With that said, please treat me as a newbie. :)

My question is as the title states: I need to have a direction on how to create a snippet of code.

I would like for my users to click on a button or menu entry and be able to import/export the data in a table, for backup purposes. Í have no code to show as I don't even know where to begin. Not asking for you to do my work, just an example or a point to the right direction will do, as I have been looking for 2 days all over Google and I am starting to get frustrated.

It would be super nice to have it all contained inside the little project, and no API or third party tools, so I can actually learn what I am doing.

This is a project that may be going nowhere, I am just trying to learn. Then again, could be the basis for a few ideas I have...

Updated 23-Jul-10 10:21am
TheyCallMeMrJames 23-Jul-10 16:34pm    
Reason for my vote of 5
Good honest question from someone who isn't assuming they are 'l33t' and gracing us with their question.
TheyCallMeMrJames 23-Jul-10 16:41pm    
Are you working on a Windows application or a web site?
Mordred69 24-Jul-10 0:18am    
I thought I had written an answer to this about 5 minutes after you posted this, MrJames... I guess I did not click on the "Submit Comment" or it just didn't post.

This is a very basic Windows application. What I am trying to accomplish is to learn how to take the data from a table and put it on a CSV or a txt file. The user should be able to then take that csv or txt file and save it someplace as a data backup and then be able to import it.

Thank you.

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I would expect that you would not work with the control at all. Your data table will be built typically from a data source, such as a dataset. As a result, I would consider the data table to only be a view to the data, and work with the data directly to create the file you want. The File class has static methods like WriteAllText and WriteAllLines, so I would iterate over the data source, create a string array ( I'd probably use the List class and call ToArray at the end ), then call a method to save the data.
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Mordred69 24-Jul-10 0:22am    
Thank you, Christian Graus. Now, can you (or anyone else, for that matter) point me as to how I go about gathering the information from the datatable?

The main roadblock for me now is, I don't really know how to construct the query code inside the vb form so I can use with a click event. By using the snippets provided inside the program, I can see how to make a database connection, but I am not sure how to go start the query.

I will keep looking around google to see if I can learn something. Thanks for the logical explination; I can now see how I can build this, at least the file creation side.

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