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i am enter the description table in grid view it expand with the description and effecting the other columns.Even i fixed the size and height ? :)

I have a GridView with 3 Columns

- Name

- Address

- Description

When I bind it with the data, and If the Description column has more text than the width I have specified, It expands and move/change size of other columns.

Now, how can I make the width of all the 3 columns fixed width.

Please help me to fix this problem.

Thank You.
Updated 28-Jul-10 5:50am
Sandeep Mewara 28-Jul-10 2:27am
Your question is not at all clear. Please re-phrase and add more details about your issue.
koool.kabeer 28-Jul-10 6:15am
Yeah not clear.........
thatraja 28-Jul-10 6:29am
confusing one....please complete your question.
anupkulkarni85 28-Jul-10 6:36am
suppose it had the three column name,address and description.When the description contain more data then name and address aligment is change
William Winner 28-Jul-10 11:55am
just a friendly tip. I wouldn't use your email address as your username unless you want to get a lot of spam.
PunkIsNotDead 28-Jul-10 12:00pm
send spam to :) :laugh: now seriously... Why don't you add a subString to Description in case it exceed some characters (like 50 or something)

You can set the gridview column width at design time using width=<some value>

Or, you set the width dynamically like this[^]
Am assuming you are talking about winform gridview, then in the columns editor(columns property) of the gridview there is a propert called "AutoSizemode" property that controls how the data fills the columns ...
There is solution that Item-style-Align property

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