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Is there a way of loading a form with a couple of Radio Buttons without one of them defaulting to checked.

I could do this in VB6 but can't manage it in .Net! even if I put

RadioButton1.checked = False
RadioButton2.checked = False

in the Form Load it still defaults to RadioButton1 being checked.

I want the User to decide which button gets initially checked.

Hope this all make sense, and thanks for your time.

I personally think that's bad practice. There should always be a default selection on radio buttons. It would be MORE correct to add a radio butotn that simply says "Not selected", and check it by default.
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Thank you, I never thought of it that way.

I have added a new button, made it the default checked button and set it to not visible on the form so the user only has the 2 to choose from.

Objective achieved.

Thanks Again.
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Scubapro 28-Jul-10 8:01am    
This way, don't forget to implement something if none of 2 is selected. Alternatively, you could use 2 checkboxes (none checked in the beginning) and if one gets selected (=true) set the other one to false and vice versa.
98fireblade 28-Jul-10 8:03am    
The only option available is Exit until a button is selected.

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