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I have a c++ program that compiles to a dll.

When i open the dll in a text editor i noticed that in some part of the dll i can actually see a full path to the source files i.e c:\myproject\myfile.h

I have noticed that this happens when i use macro in my code with __FILE__ and when using 3rdparty projects such as boost or opencv

Is there any way that i can prevent the full file path to be written to the dll?

Updated 27-Apr-15 3:29am
Sergey Alexandrovich Kryukov 27-Apr-15 9:19am    
Normally, should be no trace of source files at all. How can I know how can you put them in?

When you are using predefined macros like __FILE__ the compiler (at the pre-processing stage) puts the evaluated value of the macro in the binary created. For __FILE__ that value is the full path to the file as loaded by the pre-processor...

If you do not want to see it don't use it or use it only in debug mode and hide (with #define and #ifdef) when compiling for release...
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babbbam 27-Apr-15 9:36am    
Thanks for the answer @KornfeldEliyahuPeter, however as i mentioned, i am using 3rdparty such as boost and opencv and they are outputing the full path to the dll...
Kornfeld Eliyahu Peter 27-Apr-15 10:05am    
It is possible that you are using a statically linked version of the 3rd party and __FILE__ used there so it becomes part of your code...
you must build the dll in release mode. Check the compiler settings in your project.

In a release build these macro should not get compiled in the binary output.

Maybe you should look WHERE the release dll is build. :-O
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Kornfeld Eliyahu Peter 27-Apr-15 9:32am    
That's not enough - if you use these macros in code that are part of the release code it still will be there...

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