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I want to transfer into a C ++ structure via a DLL , the content of a VB structure (UTD).

My VB code is as follows :

Private Declare Function Cpp_TEST1 Lib "C:\Users\\TEST1.dll" (ByRef iStruct As myStruct) As Double

Type myStruct
    n As Long
    data() As Long
    rData As Boolean
End Type

iStruct.n = 10
iStruct.rData= True
ReDim To 12) = 1 = 2 = 3 = 4 = 5 = 6 = 7 = 8 = 9 = 10 = 11 = 12

Test1 = Cpp_TEST1(iStruct)

In C++ side i do :

struct myStruct{    
    long n;
    long  *data;

XLSTATLINK_API double __stdcall Cpp_TEST1(myStruct *iStruct)
    return 1;

When i spy iStruct, I get good values ​​for data n et rData.
For the data array, the data obtained are random :

[0] 8388609 long
[1] 4 long
[2] 0 long
[3] 234122136 long
[4] 12 long
[5] 1 long
[6] 634790639 long
[7] -2013222912 long
[8] 352064696 long
[9] 352064792 long
[10] 1771379816 long
[11] 537 long

My problem is that I can't recover the data array contained in the VBA structure from the C++ DLL !!

Thanks you in advance ;-)
KarstenK 13-May-15 12:51pm    
It is obvious that the rData part doesnt work. Use some fixed values instead of the Redim() ones.
[no name] 13-May-15 13:32pm    
Notice you used VARIANT_BOOL for the boolean member.

Your long *data declaration should probably be a VARIANT.

Also, the parameter to Cpp_TEST1 is likely also a VARIANT.
Maciej Los 13-May-15 15:08pm    
Do you use Option Base 1?

In VB the arrays are defined as safe arrays, you have to access it as such in C.
struct myStruct{    
    long n;
    SAFEARRAY *data;
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Depending on Option Base[^] statement, lower bound of arrays start from 0 (zero) or 1(one). If you do not use this statement, array must starts from 0. I'd suggest to read this article Arrays in VB[^] which might help you to understand how to declare and initilize arrays.

ReDim Preserve
For i = 0 to 11 = i+1
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