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If I have an array containing 'li', how do I display it in the body?

1 solution

Step 1: First you keep a empt div inside body.

<div id="MyList" style="display:none">

Step 2:

You must be using any event inside your script tag. I mean, Like change, click or onload or document.ready some event. Itarate through your array.
var html = '<ul>';
for(var item in YourArray)

html += item;  // If it has <li> inside, otherwise use html += '<ul><li>' + item + </li></ul>;


html += '</li></ul>'

var myDiv = document.getElementById('MyList');
myDiv.innerHtml = html; = 'block';

Now if you want to iterate through a list of li in ul without array, the above for loop should be replaced with a 'each' condition.

var html = '';
Like : $('ul > li').each(function(){

html += this;


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