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Hi All,

I am just getting into learning MVC .Net framework. So this might be a very basic question.In my project i am using Entity Framework and i have connect this project to a server containing the database I want to be queering from.

After connecting to a database using ADO.Net, Visual Studio generated a model class for like so ...

public int Id {get; set;}
   public string Name {get;set;}
   public string College {get;set;}

Now In my controller i am using a viewBag in order to pass data to the view. I followed tutorial that showed how to pass data to view using a viewBag.. basically like so..

ViewBag.Name = "Steve"

and then in the view you type something like so:
name: @ViewBag.Name

Now back to my project, how do i query from database using a viewBag?

As you can see I have model that has already been generated for me, i am just stuck on how to get this data into a Viewbag and then pass it on to a view.

Thank you in advance

1 solution

The way you assigned a variable called Name, similarly you assigned an object into ViewBag.

Say the class is

class Student 
   public int Id {get; set;}
   public string Name {get;set;}
   public string College {get;set;}

you create/get an object for this class.

Student objStudent  = new Student();
ViewBag.Student = objStudent;

In your .cshtml file,

var Student = ViewBag.Student;
<input type="text" value="@Student.Name">

I suggest to have strongly typed view instead of using ViewBag.[^][^][^]</input>
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