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I have duplicate problem when showing data with 3 different table in php with mysqli ext procedural style. My tables are:

kategori: id_kat, nama_kat

subkategori: id_sub, id_kat, nama_sub

supersubkategori: id_supersub, id_sub, id_kat, nama_supersub, kategori_seo

This is my code:

    require "../config.php";
    $sql = "SELECT * FROM supersubkategori INNER JOIN kategori ON kategori.id_kat = supersubkategori.id_kat
                        INNER JOIN subkategori ON subkategori.id_kat = supersubkategori.id_kat ORDER BY id_supersub ASC";
    $result = mysqli_query($conn, $sql);
    if (mysqli_num_rows($result) > 0)
        while ($data = mysqli_fetch_array($result))
            echo "<tr class=\"table table-striped\">
                            <td align=\"left\">".$data['id_supersub']."</td>
                            <td align=\"left\">".$data['nama_supersub']."</td>
                            <td align=\"left\">".$data['nama_kat']."</td>
                            <td align=\"left\">".$data['nama_sub']."</td>
                            <td align=\"left\">
                                <a href=\"supersub_ubah.php?id_supersub=$data[id_supersub]\">Edit</a>
                                <a href=\"supersub_hapus.php?id_supersub=$data[id_supersub]\">Hapus</a>
            echo "Belum ada data.";
Updated 3-Jun-18 23:00pm

1 solution

First, remove id_kat from supersubkategori table as it is redundant and you can derive it from the subkategori table by id_sub, this concerns[^]
Next, instead of *, Second, specify the output fields explicitly, e.g.
SELECT ss.id_supersub, ss.nama_supersub, k.nama_kat, s.nama_sub FROM supersubkategori ss INNER JOIN subkategori s ON s.id_sub=ss.id_sub
INNER JOIN kategori k on s.id_kat = k.id_kat ORDER BY ss.id_supersub ASC
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