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In my VC++ project (that is set 'Use Unicode Character Set' for Character Set):
I get a struct from a C# dll that is registered as .tlb .
In this struct , I have some string members.
I have problem to use this strings.

MY_InterfacePtr Myi(__uuidof(MY_Class));
InfoSTC info;
CString str = L"parameter";
Myi->GetInfo(str.AllocSysString(), &info);
CString sname = CString(info.LastName);   //--- sname = 'äÇÏÑí'
string sFamily = info.LastName;           // sFamoly is correct

The info.LastName has persian characters. but sname isn't correct.
I Want use strings in unicode case and in CString objects.

how do I convert info.LastName and assign it in CString ?
Richard MacCutchan 23-May-15 13:00pm    
Exactly as shown; assuming that info.LastName points to an array of Unicode characters, with a null terminator. I suspect the "problem" is not the content, but the display of the content. If it contains Persian characters then you need to use a Persian font to display it correctly.
Zon-cpp 24-May-15 0:23am    
I checked value of sname and sFamily and info.LastName in Debug Mode and watch window. it dosen't need to choose font and should show string correctly.
Although sFamily has Persian characters with correct value.
KarstenK 24-May-15 4:56am    
Check if all is in the C# dll is fine. Maybe a bug is already in that code.

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