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Hi Friends,

I made one socket async server which is handling more than 1000 request a day.
And my server is becoming very slow and unable to handle the request efficiently, so kindly please let me know how can I overcome this problem.

Can I go for distributed server, please let me know how to make my server into Async distributed server.

I made this server in C# + Windows service , with multi layer architecture.

Your immediate solution/help is highly appreciated.

Thanks in advance.
Updated 6-Jun-15 19:40pm
Kornfeld Eliyahu Peter 7-Jun-15 4:47am
A 1000 request a day is nothing - even 1000 a hour is nothing...
So, you have to debug your code and isolate the part takes the most to execute...Also check (monitor) your system under load...See for extreme use of network and IO for the beginning...
S.A.K 7-Jun-15 6:04am
@Kornfeld Eliyahu Peter: Thanks for your response, actually in future there will be lots of client request for my application, and in my application database becoming very heavy so how i can manage database server load.

So I want to overcome the load through the distributed application.
Could you please let me know which is the better way to distribute database side.

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