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Hi, I am trying to assign combo box text which like 100 characters. and I am having two textboxes so in each textbox should display 50,50 characters respectfully.

below is my function..where I need to change kindly help...I am new for
Public Sub Addpayee2()
           Dim payee2 As String = ""
           payee2 = cboAccounts.Text.ToString()

           Dim g As Graphics = cboAccounts.CreateGraphics
           Dim payee2word As String, oneLine As String
           Dim test As String = "", test1 As String = ""
           Dim p2words() As String

           If g.MeasureString(payee2, txtPayAgainst.Font).Width >= txtPayAgainst.Width Then
               oneLine = payee2
               p2words = oneLine.Split(" ")
               For Each word In p2words
                   test = test & word
                   If g.MeasureString(test, txtPayAgainst.Font).Width >= txtPayAgainst.Width Then
                       txtPayAgainst.Text = test1
                       'GoTo l1
                       test = test & " "
                       test1 = test
                   End If

               'l1:             txtPayAgainst.Text = test1
               Exit Sub
               'txtpayee2.Text = payee2.Substring(test1.Length)

               txtPayAgainst.Text = payee2.Substring(0, 10)
               txtpayee2.Text = payee2.Substring(10)

               txtPayAgainst.Text = payee2
               txtpayee2.Text = ""
           End If

       Catch ex As Exception
           MsgBox(ex.Message, , "Cheque Print")
       End Try

   End Sub
Ralf Meier 10-Jun-15 3:39am    
Your code is not complete clear for me.
Your Text-source is 'cboAccounts' - OK ...
But why 'cboAccounts.text' ? This must be changed to 'cboAccounts.selectedItem.toString'
But now my question :
to where should the 2 divided strings be written / assigned ?
Meer Wajeed Ali 10-Jun-15 4:10am    
In textbox Payee2
Ralf Meier 11-Jun-15 8:57am    
Have you seen my posted Solution ?
If Yes - does it work like you want ?
Meer Wajeed Ali 14-Jun-15 2:49am    
Yes it works for me...thanx

1 solution

I would do the inner part of your code like this :
Dim myItem As String = cboAccounts.SelectedItem.ToString()
Dim p2words As String() = myItem.Split(" ")

Dim testText As String = ""
Dim partText1 As String = ""
Dim partText2 As String = ""

For Each word As String In p2words
    testText += " " + word
    If g.MeasureString(testText.Trim, txtPayAgainst.Font).Width >= txtPayAgainst.Width Then
        partText1 += " " + word
        partText2 += " " + word
    End If

txtPayAgainst.Text = partText1.Trim
txtpayee2.Text = partText2.Trim

Please try it ...
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