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by Jeffrey Walton
Import and export Cryptographic Keys in PKCS#8 and X.509 formats, using Crypto++, C#, and Java.
by Steve Krile
Fully AJAX-enabled user control used to select names from a database in a drop-down format.
by Waleed Elkot
Reading text from any image using Microsoft Office 2007 OCR
by dotnetdan
VS 2005 debug visualizers for DataSet, DataTable, DataView, DataRow and DataColumn objects.

Latest Articles

by David A. Gray
The routines in this library can parse any string that I can throw at it, including Common Name strings read from X.509 Digital Certificates.
by nogChoco
LineNumbers that dock to a RichTextBox or show as an overlay on top of it
by Octavio Loyola-González, Miguel Angel Medina Pérez, Andres Eduardo Gutierrez Rodriguez, Milton García Borroto
In this article, we introduce a framework in C# for fingerprint verification, we briefly explain how to perform fingerprint verification experiments and how to integrate your algorithms to the framework.
by Randy Kroeger
This article provides an example on how you can change application configuration settings within an existing ClickOnce publish, update the manifest files, followed by using the Mage utility for updating the manifest using the existing cert file.

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15 Feb 2013
How to build an easy plugin system with C# which only takes about 30 lines of code!
19 Mar 2012
The article displays how to save user setting or preference at run time.
28 Apr 2015
Hassan Alrehamy
JSON Deserialization in depth concept and Dictionary mapping. Special Thanks to Dr. Coral Walker
20 Nov 2011
Bernhard Hiller
That's far too obscure.All you need to do is store a reference to the TabPage instance which was removed from the TabPages collection of the TabControl. You may use the form where the TabControl is placed for that purpose.You could also create your own TabControl which has an extra property...
27 Jun 2012
The above code will slow down the browser and the browser can hang when Rows in Grid will be 10000 or above.Please view the below suggestion:CS Codeprotected void grvGroups_RowDataBound(object sender, GridViewRowEventArgs e){ if (e.Row.RowType == DataControlRowType.DataRow) { ...
17 Apr 2012
How to Call WebService Dynamically and Read WebService Definition
5 Jul 2012
Matthias Böhnke
Bug Fixes for Reading Barcodes from an Image - III
25 Feb 2013
UpdateDefaultButton - Allows detecting change in ActiveControl
14 Feb 2014
How-To Convert a String Collection to a Multi-Enum item using TryParse
28 May 2014
Thava Rajan
Copy and insert data at any postion in your datagridview
27 Jan 2015
Class providing methods to count up a string using a definable character set.
4 Feb 2015
Richard Roe
Example to show how to update an ASP.NET GridView control using Ajax JQuery client side script
11 Sep 2016
This is a simple class that allows you to have message box with checkbox and other small features.
6 Jun 2010
Darren DeLoach
Sometimes you need a WSE3 client to send an MTOM-encoded request, but accept either an MTOM or non-MTOM response. While the WSE3 server classes support "MTOM optional" the client does not. Here's a quick solution to the problem.Assume you have generated your WSE3 web service proxy class....
29 Mar 2012
Fix an exception related to ISupportInitialize.BeginInit and learn why it happens.
20 Sep 2012
Sreedhar Puligundla
Simple steps to create SQL joins by using SQL Server 2008 Management Studio
25 Mar 2013
Basically a slideshow script, but more simple in design and easier to deploy.
10 May 2013
How to bind Derived Type in MVC View
14 Jun 2013
Mike Meinz
Source code to demonstrate the creation of a new task in Windows Task Scheduler.
11 Oct 2013
How to use Masked Textbox control in .NET
27 Nov 2012
Aadhar Joshi
Creating job in sql server which automates taking backup of all stored procedures and functions in physical drive.
19 May 2013
Yossi Yaari
A solution for monitoring Events called during test.
19 May 2013
Yossi Yaari
A basic yet generic state machine implementation
14 May 2014
How to fix hiding controls in the Visual Studio user control designer
29 Jun 2010
Days Left Timer VBS self deleting
14 Jan 2011
Contains the custom control (Predictive Search Control) developed in .NET Framework 2.0
21 Dec 2011
Member 8208766
To me the second method was problematic. After searching, I found an apparently equally good solution:webBrowser1.DocumentText = text;or in your case:webBrowser1.Document.Write("Hello, world!");from here:...
12 Sep 2012
Praveen Kumar Chauhan (PRK)
Sending Data Through XML to web Services
5 Oct 2012
Numbering for Multilevel ASP.Net Treeview using CSS Counters
25 Oct 2012
Member 3783976
Implement function in C# to emulate functionality of mysql_real_escape_string() C API function.
28 Dec 2012
Nishith Jain
Balloon tool tip for the text box.
25 Feb 2013
This is helper class to post serialized objects (Data) to other page in
3 Apr 2013
In the Face of God
Generalize to access data in a database via HTTP
19 Apr 2013
Re-sizing images to equalize the width & height
24 Apr 2013
Simple jQuery ASP.NET Slideshow
27 Jul 2015
Modified code from another article to consider field repetitions while converting HL7 message to XML
4 Jan 2016
Attempts to resize a Form to show the entire table of a DataGridView
17 Dec 2012
This tip describes how to export data to an Excel file from a GridView.
7 Apr 2013
Thomas Daniels
A tip about how to set the position of a Windows Forms MessageBox in C#
13 Nov 2013
Simple and fast .NET XML parser without using System.Xml
29 Oct 2012
Hernán Hegykozi
Show you how to make a connection dialog developed completely from scratch.
27 Apr 2012
Manoj K Bhoir
A Glass style progress bar
15 Jan 2013
Yugal Pandya
1 alternative  
Database driven N-Level Dynamic Menu Control using C#.NET and SQL Server with stylesheet CSS
21 Nov 2012
A reusable component for makeing REST service requests using C#
12 Mar 2014
With C# and the Windows API, you can execute a program in a second monitor.
30 May 2012
Ahsan Murshed
This article gives ideas to developers to increase development time productivity using the free Visual Studio 2010 extensions.
23 May 2014
Stephan Stricker
A Modbus TCP class.
2 Nov 2012
Fenil Desai
Check which .NET Framework version is installed from command line
16 May 2011
J a a n s
For C# guys....using System ;using System.Runtime ;using System.Runtime.InteropServices ;public class Internet{ [DllImport("wininet.dll")] private extern static bool InternetGetConnectedState( out int Description, int ReservedValue ) ; public static bool...
1 Aug 2014
Bryan Lyman
A method for duplicating a web page (including all scripts and styles) to run as if it originated from your own server, then modify server-side and client-side functionality afterwards.
1 Jan 2014
Kees van Spelde
To encrypt or not to encrypt with C# .NET
10 Jul 2014
License Key class to make generating and validating keys easy.
8 Sep 2008
A custom derivative of ServiceHostFactory to control how WCF service hosts are created.
6 Aug 2012
Mukund Thakker
Android GCM Push Notification
3 Jun 2013
This tip describes how to resize an existing image (e.g. uploaded by a user) so it does not exceed a defined size limit.
20 Dec 2011
Public Sub DisableSound() Dim keyValue As String keyValue = "%SystemRoot%\Media\" If Environment.OSVersion.Version.Major = 5 AndAlso Environment.OSVersion.Version.Minor > 0 Then keyValue += "Windows XP Start.wav" ElseIf Environment.OSVersion.Version.Major = 6 Then ...
10 Dec 2013
Connect to remote socket via System.Net.Sockets.Socket.Connect method with timeout controlled by System.Threading.Timer
27 Oct 2013
Code to add a watermark to a ListView using the LVBKIF_TYPE_WATERMARK flag
9 Jul 2012
Partial downloading of files.
29 Dec 2015
Rajesh Varma Buddaraju
A simplified example is used to describe the state pattern
6 Apr 2017
Juan Francisco Morales Larios
Useful Actions for debugger in System.Diagnostics
25 Oct 2013
Monotosh Roy Mon
XML Serialization & Deserialization for converting our object to XML and XML to Object
30 May 2013
Mohammed Hameed
Check-in/Check-Out mechanism for TFS - To avoid Build errors and improve productivity.
8 Jul 2012
This process can be used for management of bulky and long processes.
18 Jan 2013
Tawani Anyangwe
A dead simple HTML Sanitizer (and HTML Parser) you can use to clean user HTML input.
8 Aug 2013
Peter T. Ringering
A complete replacement to Microsoft's Date/Time Picker control.
7 Oct 2014
Milad Ashrafi
We need this script for database based ASP.NET websites for using HTML content in post pages.
6 Mar 2014
Jacky Yiu
Visual cryptography is a cryptographic technique which allows visual information (pictures, text, etc.) to be encrypted in such a way that the decryption can be performed by the human visual system, without the aid of computers.
12 May 2012
Md. Rashim uddin
XML Serialization and Deserialization in c#
26 Nov 2014
Sambhav Yadav - Sam D Silva
ASP.NET page/master page/user control's life cycle from the perspective of Session and View State
22 May 2010
Here is a better evaluation of performance in .Net of the If / Switch operations;[^]
16 May 2013
Pasan Eeriyagama
Simple Application Error Logging
30 May 2013
K K Kodoth
How to compress JavaScript and CSS files in a web application to reduce page loading time, using GZIP.
16 Jan 2012
Robby Tendean
Simple implementation guide for log4net in a VB.NET web application.
18 Aug 2014
Read and write data to Access databases without limitations caused by the use of the SQL.
20 Jan 2014
Nirav Prabtani
CTE Query for optimizing complexity of query in sql server
25 Dec 2011
Gandhi Ashish
2 alternatives  
Checking Internet Is Connected Or Not From .NET
27 Aug 2012
the retired
High performance C# byte array to hex string to byte array.
27 May 2011
Anshul R
Dim value As Boolean = My.Computer.Network.IsAvailable can be used in a situation where the only network a system will be connected to is the Internet.Dim value As Boolean = My.Computer.Network.Ping(hostNameOrAddress ,timeout) hostNameOrAddress can be any valid website -...
17 May 2010
I always find this thing while doing code reviews and that is a performance issue. The above point I haven’t found anywhere as a performance issue, so I thought to share it.Scenario: There is a function in which one need to extract 10-20 values from an object for example a column value from...
6 Oct 2013
Muhammad Ahmed Azam
"Database Driven Dynamic Menu Control"
29 Sep 2010
Instead I would use double buffering. Just use the linethis.SetStyle(ControlStyles.AllPaintingInWmPaint |ControlStyles.UserPaint | ControlStyles.DoubleBuffer, true);There is a nice article on double buffering Win Forms here[^].
21 May 2013
Sunil P V
How to access a 64bit registry key from 32bit built application in .NET 3.5 and lower
6 Mar 2015
A multi-drawer style collapsable UI container
9 Jan 2014
ASP.NET textbox validation made easy.
4 Jun 2013
A fast and simple algorithm.
10 Sep 2009
Abhishek Sur
It is to be noted, .NET has lately introducedResponse.RedirectParmanent() after a long await. The main motive of this is tohave permanent response redirection to the Search Engines.Response.RedirectParmanent() is an extension function introduced in .NET 4.0.Themain motive of it is to indicate
14 Oct 2012
Convertor for Unicode to Krutidev and vice-versa.
27 Aug 2012
How to SIMPLY populate TreeView from some sort of "list" variable / object / structure
22 Feb 2013
Compile extension method targeting .NET 2.0 only
22 Apr 2013
Hossein Shahpouri
Learn how to share ASP.NET sessions on different websites
6 Feb 2015
Shridhar Gowda
This tip will give complete knowledge of how to change master page, render controls and accessing its eventhandlers @ runtime.
10 Feb 2016
Kouji Matsui
This library is simple and is a substitution of System.String.Format.
11 Dec 2015
Auto update time without page refresh
13 Jun 2012
Get Month Name from Month Number or vice versa
30 Apr 2013
Michael Rosqvist
If you want to measure something on the screen, here is a utility.
18 Sep 2014
Gautham Prabhu K
Creating and using Service Locator pattern
12 Mar 2010
GCSSecurity (34.9 KB)IntroductionHands off crypto - useful for protecting app.config values and performing install time machine fingerprinting...BackgroundRecently I was asked to provide better security / encryption on several data items normally contained within a CONFIG file.......
26 Dec 2013
Nelson Kosta Souto
Run .NET Windows forms 2.0 on Ubuntu 13.04
23 Sep 2010
Syed Shabeer
1 alternative  
14 Sep 2013
Shailesh Pisat
Provides ready to use library for sending email using SMTP
8 Apr 2013
Generic Lists or Generic Types contravariance without casting.
24 Apr 2014
Arvind Singh Baghel
I am writing code to encrypt password in connection string in config file and decrypt password while getting connection from config file.
12 Jan 2018
Create a draggable, proper splash screen in DotNet, with gradient transparency!
20 May 2012
Anup Kumar Verma
Printer independent Watermark on webpage print in & C#
18 May 2010
In a class, when we preceed a class member (variables/methods) with the keyword "static" in C# or "shared" in VB.Net then the 2 things gets added to the behavior of the variable:-The class member could be accessed without creating instance of the class. The class member will shared across...
9 Jan 2016
Ankush Bansal
Trick to draw a border of any color and width around any winform control
22 May 2010
Vinayaka Krishna Shenoy
.Net Performance tip - 3
18 Feb 2010
How to change the background color for an MDI parent form in Visual C#This article demonstrates how to programmatically change the background color for a multiple-document interface (MDI) parent form by using Visual C#.When you use a Windows Form as an MDI parent form, the Application...
7 Jun 2013
How to convert a written number to a numerical value anywhere in a string.
29 Apr 2019
David A. Gray
The routines in this library can parse any string that I can throw at it, including Common Name strings read from X.509 Digital Certificates.
17 May 2010
Daniel Ben-Sefer
Album Example - 5.68 MBIntroductionI often have the need to show pictures with captions as seen above.My objective is to be able to do so dynamically, so that all I need to do is to create a folder on my PC whose name equals the title of the page ("Sample Pictures" in the image...
11 Feb 2010
Amit M patel
How to code for Delegate In this artical explains basic understanding for delegate and how to create nad use delegate. This code for .net framework for C# This artical is usefull...
16 Apr 2014
1 alternative  
Get all the array index where the sum equals or is greater than some x value
22 May 2010
Vinayaka Krishna Shenoy
1 alternative  
.Net Performance tip - 2
1 Apr 2014
JavaScript validation for textbox special character selection
18 Mar 2012
Anton Pious Alfred
The MVC Pattern was first conceptualized assuming all the three actors were present at one place. Since Web Applications have both a client and a server this needs to be applied differently without technology bias.
12 Mar 2013
Nelson Kosta Souto
Running the same compiled assembly on Windows and Linux.
22 Jul 2015
The Tigerman
Work in progress, but a simple HTML to RTF converter
8 Dec 2009
Mr. Javaman
How to use WebBrowser, a form, and an MDI parent to open Excel files
18 Mar 2010
Madhav Shastri
using System;using System.Collections.Generic;using System.Linq;using System.Text;using System.Globalization;namespace ConsoleApplication1{ class Program { static void Main(string[] args) { //String s = "17-03-2010"; //DateTime...
14 May 2012
Mohamed Amine Aboura
Using Google Search By Image within your .NET application
13 Jun 2012
Ravi Lodhiya
An attacker would point to a “harmful” web site or content and you would only see a short URL which would not tell anything about the original URL.
13 Feb 2013
This paper would provide a small code snippet which will report all files from VSS (Visual SourceSafe 6.0) with shared reference instances. It will be useful for migrating files from VSS to TFS.
14 Jun 2014
Kaveh Yazdi Nezhad
A simple solution to capture entire HTML code of a web page which is displaying on Internet Explorer
16 Aug 2015
A beginner's introduction to using data classes in ASP.NET.
13 Nov 2011
1 alternative  
This article describes how to hide or show TabControl tabs at runtime
5 Jan 2016
A Dictionary that is constrained to hold only the defined members of an enumeration
24 Mar 2010
3 alternatives  
Depending on system preferences (in Control Panel/Sounds), the .NET WebBrowser control (just like Internet Explorer) may produce a click sound when changes are made programmatically to its DocumentText property, which is irritating to the user.There are two ways to avoid this:1. Use...
1 Sep 2012
Find the files that have the same contents in under special folder
15 Jun 2014
This trick is about how to effectively reduce reserved memory by process.
7 May 2012
Convert GridView data to Excel, PDF, Word file using C#
19 Sep 2013
writing error in a text file is very easy but writing error from a custom assembly in reporting services requires permissions
23 Oct 2013
Ritesh Ramesh
Using reflection to build a templating engine
2 Dec 2009
A simple entry box for various numbers, especially phone numbers.
27 Jan 2010
osiris mckinney
My contribution to my fellow developers & to make our life easier. The following code allow the user to filter out a gridview depending on their Selection. 'Here is the Complete Code Behind that handles the GridView and 4 'Different DropDownlist each one representing a Filter....
1 Mar 2012
nah, try the light one ://at FormLOAD WB.Navigate("about:blank"); //at treeview event private void treeview_AfterSelect(object sender, TreeViewEventArgs e) { WB.Document.Body.InnerHtml = (dR["html"].ToString()); }