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In "REST - Overview" article, I were introduced the basic rules in RESTful, Can you show me how to implement in WebApi?Ok, in this article, we will learn how to implement those rules in WebApi using C#.Where could I get sourcode was used in this article?Please checkout the code at
by Hassan Alrehamy
JSON Deserialization in depth concept and Dictionary mapping. Special Thanks to Dr. Coral Walker
by AGD-H
Knit is a Visual Studio add-in tool that allows a developer to apply multi-step patterns to solution and assembly meta-data.
by Sreedhar Puligundla
Simple steps to create SQL joins by using SQL Server 2008 Management Studio

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by n.podbielski
This article is first part of the series of three. Next ones you can find here and here.. Code for all three articles, with new features and bug fixes is available on GitHub and as Nuget package.. Why not Reflection?. If you working with .
by EJocys
JavaScript class library which partly replicates Microsoft .NET Framework structure and functionality.
by Dmitry Brant
A custom control for Windows Forms that looks like an electronic 7-segment LED display.
In "REST - Overview" article, I were introduced the basic rules in RESTful, Can you show me how to implement in WebApi?Ok, in this article, we will learn how to implement those rules in WebApi using C#.Where could I get sourcode was used in this article?Please checkout the code at

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10 Sep 2018
JavaScript class library which partly replicates Microsoft .NET Framework structure and functionality.
1 Aug 2017
Dmitry Brant
A custom control for Windows Forms that looks like an electronic 7-segment LED display.
6 Dec 2016
Srinivasa Dinesh Parupalli
Migrating HTTP Handlers and HTTP Modules to ASP.NET Core Middlerware
20 Sep 2016
Alen Toma
How to implement deep cloning using Reflection
16 Sep 2015
Jaime Olivares
Classes to store, handle, and retrieve geodesic coordinates, in memory, database, and XML, according to the ISO 6709 standard.
27 Nov 2014
Pascal Ganaye
In this article, I try to highlight some issues in the .NET Framework generic list and how to circumvent them
8 Sep 2014
Introduction I’ve recently passed the Microsoft 70-483 “Programming in C#” certification which is one of the entry point into the .Net and WinRT developers certification cycles. To be well prepared I’ve read the two books entirely dedicated to this certification … Conti
20 Mar 2014
Lizandro Campbell
Using Visual C# 2008 to establish connection to a MySQL 5.1 database with MySQL Connector/NET 5.1.7
19 Sep 2013
Shivprasad koirala
Software Architecture interview questions (Service Oriented Architecture interview questions: Part 1).
25 Aug 2013
Protobuf-net is a fast and complete .NET library for serialization based on Google's Protocol Buffers. And this is a really short manual.
18 Jun 2013
Shivprasad koirala
Architecture FAQ for localization and globalization: Part 2.
12 Jul 2011
Custom Membership and Role Providers, a website administration tool, and Role based access to individual files.
11 Jun 2011
Omar Al Zabir
Serve extensionless URL from IIS without using custom ISAPI handler or IIS 6.0 wildcard mapping
15 Nov 2010
Ludvik Jerabek
Read and write to INI files in VB.NET and VBScript
18 Oct 2010
John Paul Walker
How to think like a programmer
6 Oct 2010
Pawel idzikowski
How to serialize binary data to IsolatedStorage in a Silverlight client when there is no BinaryFormatter in Silverlight? Why not with sharpSerializer? - An open source XML and binary serializer for .NET and Silverlight
5 Apr 2010
Uwe Keim
An article describing a simple class that makes working with URL parameters a little bit easier
28 Feb 2010
Thomas Maierhofer (Tom)
How the .NET Framework Stopwatch class can be used to measure and compare algorithm runtime with a high accuracy
15 Feb 2010
A powerfull web proxy that able you pass through the blocked web pages.
27 Jan 2010
The Zetta
A how to guide to make a custom shaped (by transparency, of course) MDI container form.
9 Jan 2010
Some libraries for making HTTP requests with session state persistence. Support for .NET, VBScript, JavaScript, C/C++, and Java.
23 Jun 2009
ProtoBytes, Andrea Wykel
This is an introduction to creating XAML applications using Silverlight 1.0 and JavaScript.
2 Apr 2009
Ghasem Nobari
By using this C# (.NET 2.0) method, you can easily upload your files to account
18 Mar 2009
Shivprasad koirala
Dynamic validation according to logged in user
6 Feb 2009
A symmetric stream-based encryption method in C# based on a rolling cipher and mod-257 multiplications
23 Oct 2008
Fabio Franco
An extended ComboBox that adds a ReadOnly property to it.
18 Oct 2008
Shivprasad koirala
Compiling the first F# program using interactive mode
29 Sep 2008
A plunge into creating a fast, full text index, with advanced searching capabilites.
17 Sep 2008
Mohammad Dehghan
Creating special 'Graphics' objects to Draw anywhere on your window, including non-client area
24 Jun 2008
Jimmy Zhang
Reveal XML processing issue #1 and explain why document-centric XML processing is the future.
12 Jun 2008
Jimmy Zhang
Introduces a simple, efficient, human-readable XML index called VTD+XML.
21 May 2008
Explains windows services basics and deployment with details.
15 May 2008
Surajit Paul
This is a cool chat application created in DotNet using web services having all the functionalities.
15 May 2008
GUI automation for the purpose of driving or controlling an application via its GUI
28 Mar 2008
An Arcball module using CsGL in C#.
25 Feb 2008
Robert Köpferl
A enumerable class, that is able to iterate two enumerable collections at once. Either until both or one is done.
7 Feb 2008
How to easily override key processing in a form or user control
11 Jan 2008
Arcball module using Tao.OpenGL in C#.
5 Jan 2008
Jibu is a high-level multithreading API for .NET 2.0 and above.
2 Jan 2008
DCOM component replacement in .NET is .NET remoting
1 Jan 2008
In this article, we will describe how information generated on data acquisition devices connected to servers running Windows Server 2003 can be efficiently integrated into Microsoft Office SharePoint Server 2007 using Windows PowerShell.
31 Dec 2007
Jeffrey Sun
This is a simple example about using OpenGL in CSharp application.
31 Dec 2007
Chris Wuestefeld
Getting lists sorted the way a human would expect to see them
30 Dec 2007
Knit is a Visual Studio add-in tool that allows a developer to apply multi-step patterns to solution and assembly meta-data.
30 Dec 2007
Paul Selormey
Learn how to write user manuals with the Sandcastle Help Compiler.
30 Dec 2007
a javascript module that grants developer to select variant parts or may be the whole page to make user can print preview it and print it.
30 Dec 2007
Scott Dorman
Explains how to properly implement the IDisposable interface, the Dispose Pattern, and deterministic finalization.
30 Dec 2007
Omar Al Zabir
An extender that allows content to be dragged and dropped within columns and across columns. Allows column-wise content flow and reorganization.
28 Dec 2007
This article aims to show the creation of Network Links for Google Earth.
27 Dec 2007
Zeeshan Haneef
An article on drawing graphics on a hand-held device touch screen.
25 Dec 2007
Nilay Parikh
Exception handling with Ports in BizTalk
24 Dec 2007
David Saelman
A simple method to achieve interprocess communication between the .NET framework and MFC.
22 Dec 2007
Miles Gibson
Iron Speed Designer builds database, forms, and reporting applications for .NET – without hand-coding. Quickly create feature-complete custom applications that integrate Web pages, controls, data access, validation and security. Accelerate development and eliminate infrastructure programming.
22 Dec 2007
Guy Vider
A sample Visual Studio 2008 project that compares the performance of LINQ to simpler loops
22 Dec 2007
William E. Kempf
An article on creating WPF applications, following the Model-View-ViewModel pattern
21 Dec 2007
There are four ways of publishing an application using ClickOnce, which we are going to see the advantages and disadvantages of here.
20 Dec 2007
Merge some small print-screen maps to a big one
19 Dec 2007
Suriel Bendahan
Add a security level to your Web Services using the ASP.NET Forms Authentication.
19 Dec 2007
Tomislav Stare
One way to implement an XML Template Engine that processes or parses XML templates and generates code
19 Dec 2007
Keith Balaam
An article on writing a responsive multithreaded GUI, but not the Microsoft way
18 Dec 2007
Global event handler distributor
18 Dec 2007
This article describes a class which may be used to convert any Windows.Forms.Form into a docked Application Desktop Toolbar. That is, by use of the AppBar.ApplicationDesktopToolbar class, one's Toolbar applet may be either floating or docked to an edge of the Desktop.
18 Dec 2007
Andrew Smith, Josh Smith, Karl Shifflett
A high octane multifunction visualizer that allows detailed inspection of the visual tree and logical trees. New feature of Mole II Black Ops allows viewing and drilling into non-public members of any element or sub-element in the visual or logical trees.
17 Dec 2007
Ivan Krivyakov
Rhino Mocks version 3.3 can mock any MarshalByRefObject.
17 Dec 2007
How to print Microsoft Access Reports from a C# application
15 Dec 2007
Marc Clifton
A workaround for a bug I discovered with the async reader in the Process class.
15 Dec 2007
Marc Clifton
A debug build stopwatch useful for diagnostic timing.
15 Dec 2007
Matthew Hazlett
More about the technology, but the demo app is ASP.NET
14 Dec 2007
Islam ElDemery
A simple speed comparison.
11 Dec 2007
Using the KudzuASp Template Engine for Classic ASP
9 Dec 2007
Aqeel Khandwala
implementing multiple culture with master page
8 Dec 2007
A walkthrough to set up client application services for user logon in a Windows application using ASP.NET membership providers
8 Dec 2007
An application to create skins for DotNetNuke portals with a browser preview
7 Dec 2007
Ekaterina Kostrioukova
An article on how to implement DataGrid
7 Dec 2007
Troubles putting JavaScript code inline with VB.NET or C# code
7 Dec 2007
Wrapper for common command line tools offered by Team Foundation Power Tools
7 Dec 2007
In this article, Tobin Harris introduces a new Ajax library for ASP.NET and explains its benefits over Microsoft ASP.NET Ajax. He demonstrates an easier approach to .NET Ajax applications, even for those without serious JavaScript skills.
7 Dec 2007
Creates User Information from Input into a Text File - C#
7 Dec 2007
Ali Ozgur
Describes making of an external tools add-in using ProcessStartInfo and Process classes in System.Diagnostics
5 Dec 2007
Ekaterina Kostrioukova
The article shows how to update data in a DataGrid (DataView) control with AJAX.
5 Dec 2007
Alexander Sher
This article may help you to understand how the CascadingDropDown works and how to work with it.
5 Dec 2007
New Ajax Navigation Docable Bar
17 Nov 2007
Mehran Ghanizadeh
A tiny portable webserver, called TinyWebServer, which can be used wherever IIS is not availabe.
2 Oct 2007
Using this simple, yet elegant and powerful code, you can provide to your users efficient Office document merging; simply exploiting XML technology and basic string manipulation.
17 Aug 2007
Scott Dorman
A simple to use resumable file downloader class that provides progress feedback for .NET 2.0 or .NET 1.1
20 Jul 2007
James S.F. Hsieh
A non-well-formed HTML parser and CSS Resolver builded by pure .NET C#
6 Jul 2007
This article shows you the advantage of PNG images with alpha-blending feature in creating animation and demonstates how to use PNG images in Framework.NET application by calling API
15 Jun 2007
Take a snapshot of the main Window of any UI application
13 Jun 2007
This code will help you in creating a customized form interface
8 Apr 2007
Nilesh Surve
This code will give you the diffrence between the two dates in days.Some time it is required in the program to get diff. between two dates.It is so small and very efficient code.
9 Jan 2007
Anoop Pillai
This article is expected to (1) Introduce patterns to you in a simple, human readable way (2) Train you how to really identify and apply patterns (3) Demonstrate step by step methods to solve a design problem using patterns
1 Dec 2006
Nick Alexeev
This class is a thin MFC wrapper around Win32 API for reading/writing INI files.
9 Mar 2006
Command line parsing with the use of delegates: the delegates support a common set of data types, with standard syntax validation.
5 Dec 2005
Mubi |
Creating a slide show program for Smartphone using .NET technology
2 Nov 2005
An article containing details of a class that handles form locations without adding code to each form
22 Oct 2005
You have an XML document and you need to convert it into a more readable file format.
21 Oct 2005
Lino Barreca
A simple DataGrid column for LinkLabels.
8 Oct 2005
Rei Miyasaka
Make better use of time by calculating CRCs on-the-fly.
28 Sep 2005
Brian Hendrickson
How to setup and install the PHP issue tracker starter kit on a Linux server.
28 Sep 2005
Gelu Vac
If you ever thought creating a custom setup should be an easy task, here are the tips to break the ice.
21 Sep 2005
Windows Mobile application to search MP3 music catalogue
21 Jul 2005
A flexible, encapsulated way to implement a passive feedback mechanism.
27 May 2005
Marc Brooks
Simple C# code to convert an ADO.NET (System.Data) DataTable to an ADODB Recordset.
6 May 2005
Chad Z. Hower aka Kudzu
Just moved to C#? Do you miss the for i = 1 to 50 syntax? Look no further, C# can do it too by extending it in a unique way.
13 Apr 2005
Fábio Batista
A generic and type-safe way to encapsulate ASP.NET Session and ViewState variables.
21 Feb 2005
Daniel Turini
Design guidelines for exception handling in .NET which will help you to create more robust software
14 Feb 2005
Chad Z. Hower aka Kudzu
Whether you are new to development, or coming from Visual Basic, C++, Java, or Delphi, managing forms in WinForms can be initially confusing. This is an article targeted at beginners in WinForms programming to demonstrate how to easily manage and work with forms in a WinForms application.
9 Feb 2005
Synchronize the scrolling of multiple RichTextBoxes using the EM_GETSCROLLPOS and EM_SETSCROLLPOS messages.
14 Jan 2005
sunil samineni
Printing the data of a CListCtrl on multple pages in the form of a grid.
12 Jan 2005
Rüdiger Klaehn
An implementation of latent typing or implicit interface casting for .NET.

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