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by Phil Hopley
In this article we will add AI to an existing ROS (Robot Operating System) House Bot.
by Isaac RF
To create visually engaging apps, displaying images is a must. Learn to display Bitmaps Efficiently on your Android apps, without giving away performance. The post Displaying Bitmaps Efficiently on Android apps appeared first on Isaac RF.
by Yury Dymov
Using Google CDN might break your site in China
How to use Terraform to build out a more complex network

Latest Articles

by Martin Vorbrodt
If you don’t know what multi-factor authentication is please read this before continuing.
by Martin Vorbrodt
Plugins: loading code at runtime
by Martin Vorbrodt
by Martin Vorbrodt
RPC with protocol buffers

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20 Mar 2019N
Martin Vorbrodt
Plugins: loading code at runtime
10 Mar 2019
Ryan Peden
Get up and running with serverless by creating a geocoding function on Azure
4 Mar 2019
Ryan Peden
A brief overview of what Serverless is, and why giving it a try is worth your time.
13 Feb 2019
V. Subhash
I made this list for CNN but it might be useful for any website owner.
11 Feb 2019
.NET Core Razor Page Email Form using SendGrid and reCaptcha
21 Jan 2019
Member 13359958
GCloud - Cloud Functions and Bulk Load to Datastore on PubSub Trigger
11 Dec 2018
Phil Hopley
In this article we will add AI to an existing ROS (Robot Operating System) House Bot.
25 Nov 2018
Roshan Choudhary
Component Interaction in Angular using Input Output decorator
18 Oct 2018
Smaller, better, faster, fresher apps
9 Oct 2018
Bruno Edoh
In this post, we’ll look at how Android vitals can help in this process by detecting and fixing app crashes in order to improve quality and deliver a pleasing user experience.
19 Sep 2018
This article will introduce the third option for data serialization. It is a beginner’s walkthrough of Google Protocol Buffer. Let's move beyond XML and JSON.
12 Sep 2018
JavaScript, jQuery, TypeScript: Introduction
26 Aug 2018
Toby Steed
Selenium - locators
26 Jul 2018
Rion Williams
Software development is overwhelming.
1 May 2018
Wojtek Kaliciński
Deep dive into two key stability issues - Application Not Responding events and excessive wakeups - to improve your app features and quality.
25 Jan 2018
Intel Corporation
Intel and Google have worked together to deliver a standards-based approach to help IoT developers, OEMs, independent software vendors (ISVs), and system integrators (SI) develop seamless solutions.
15 Jan 2018
Michael Haephrati
How to integrate with Google Maps via an MFC dialog based application
10 Jan 2018
Simple AddIn for Excel to generate GeoCodes for structured or Unstructured Addresses
7 Dec 2017
This article aim to explain different steps to deploy Angular 5 app to Firebase
6 Sep 2017
QuaggaJS is a javascript library for scanning barcodes with a full list of features and highly reactive response times.
3 Aug 2017
How to use Terraform to build out a more complex network
16 Jul 2017
Tibor Blazko
Connecting Functions with other web services
1 Jul 2017
Tibor Blazko
Sending and receiving emails in cloud Functions
29 May 2017
How to use to manage resources on multiple cloud platforms. Code once, deploy to many!
10 May 2017
In this article, we are going to learn about creating Google Chrome extension using C#.
8 Feb 2017
GoogPress is a fun little web thing that turns Google Docs into websites. Here’s how a two-man team built it in a week.
5 Feb 2017
Using the Google map API to plan routes, and work out the nearest destination from a starting point
14 Dec 2016
Forhad Reza
In this article, we will quickly overview the Google's Go programming language.
8 Nov 2016
Anele 'Mashy' Mbanga
Using Basic4Android, develop your first Android Native App
17 Jun 2016
Matt Scarpino
This article explains how to code extensions that customize, access, and augment the capabilities of the Chrome browser.
17 Jun 2016
Matt Scarpino
This article explains how to code apps that run inside the Chrome browser.
17 Feb 2016
Andy South
We have established a goal to decide, what solution (as in a combination of software and services) among those we chose allows extending the audience of an event with minimum efforts.
14 Jan 2016
The Objective of this article is to provide hybrid mobile application development approach for mobile platforms using one of the most powerful open source framework : Apache Cordova.
1 Nov 2015
Afzaal Ahmad Zeeshan
This article is the explanation of a real-world solution that I found for myself, in notifying the family about my current location, periodically.
16 Oct 2015
Afzaal Ahmad Zeeshan
This article enlists a few of the things that you must consider while writing the applications for smartwatches.
9 Oct 2015
This article will give you a walk-through from sample android wearable app to Nice pro app.
3 Feb 2014
Uzi Granot
This article is an example of Google Play In-App Billing Version 3. The attached TestInAppBilling source code is a complete demo application.
10 Dec 2013
Ted Neward
Google Cloud Platform - Part 4: Mobile Endpoints
10 Dec 2013
Ted Neward
Google Cloud Platform - Part 3: Management
3 Dec 2013
Ted Neward
This is the first of several articles on Google Cloud Platform, in which we’ll walk through getting started with Google App Engine (since most new applications start with some kind of code).
12 Jul 2010
Sandrino Di Mattia
An implementation of Google Reader in .NET
10 Jul 2008
Example on how to use AutoCompleteExtender to make a search like Google Suggest.

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