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by Tomas Petricek
Phalanger is a PHP language compiler for the .NET Framework which introduces PHP as a first-class .NET citizen.
by Christoph Buenger
Describes PHP application development with the free Scavix Web Development Framework (Scavix-WDF).
by Clayton Rumley
An easy-to-use class that allows us to create PHP classes whose methods are automatically exposed in client-side JavaScript.
by Ozesh Thapa
Converting Docx To Html to Docx

Latest Articles

by Akshay Srinivasan2
Canvas Control Library provides highly customizable controls using the HTML5 Canvas element. Also includes a new Forms based system which is a new way to build your web pages and websites.
A quick article on how to receive an SMS using RingCentral when Bitcoin Vault cryptocurrency changes price
A quick article on how to receive an SMS using RingCentral when a Philips HUE light in your home is turned on.
by Foma Tuturov
MVC Framework

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21 May 2020U
Akshay Srinivasan2
Canvas Control Library provides highly customizable controls using the HTML5 Canvas element. Also includes a new Forms based system which is a new way to build your web pages and websites.
19 May 2020N
A quick article on how to receive an SMS using RingCentral when Bitcoin Vault cryptocurrency changes price
26 Apr 2020
A quick article on how to receive an SMS using RingCentral when a Philips HUE light in your home is turned on.
4 Apr 2020
Foma Tuturov
MVC Framework
23 Feb 2020
A quick article on how to receive an SMS using RingCentral when a user submits a Form with Formstack.
26 Sep 2019
Krasimir Hristozov
In this article, I’ll show you how to build a simple REST API in PHP from scratch. We’ll make the API secure by using Okta as our authorization provider and implementing the Client Credentials Flow.
22 Sep 2019
Member 8212597
Ever struggled with large file upload in PHP? Wondered if you could continue uploading where you left off without re-uploading whole data again in case of any interruptions? If this sounds familiar to you, then keep reading.
8 Aug 2019
Michael Chourdakis
Live update your Windows project with full or differential updates
7 Jun 2019
On-the-fly streaming multiple files or directories in a ZIP file without a temp file
9 Apr 2019
Haseeb A. Basil
LambdaTest Selenium Testing Tool Tutorial with examples in 2019
15 Mar 2019
Member 4206974
CrossData is a PHP object for creating an HTML table or a PHP array, crossing two fields of a table from a PDO accessed Database.
25 Feb 2019
LED candle light with timer
24 Jan 2019
Converting codes Focus on upgrading VB6 to VB.Net and converting C# VB.Net, and listing many other helpful converter including php, java & others.
24 Jan 2019
Daniele Fontani
Sample Wordpress plugin that receives messages from slack and creates wordpress post
20 Jan 2019
Dynamic Notification Icon with Colors and dismiss with Ajax live Update
10 Jan 2019
Member 4206974
How using PHP scripts on NodeJS.
31 Dec 2018
Alvin Bunk
Unit tests for Symfony Entity classes
11 Dec 2018
Tired of fluffy programming materials and un-realistic promises from books and courses. There is a truth about programming that nobody tells you when you start out. If you know this you will be way ahead of your peers.
9 Nov 2018
Сергей Челноков
How to write your Notepad
2 Oct 2018
Member 4206974
A JavaScript Form Generator
11 Sep 2018
Peter Leow
Learn to handle form in PHP
20 Aug 2018
Software protection & Decompiling software as a new cracking method
13 Aug 2018
Member 13935194
In this article, I will demonstrate how to integrate Firebase phone number authentication in Laravel.
11 Jun 2018
Wayne Myer
How tax automation can help your company cut costs and reduce risk by managing sales tax more effectively
23 May 2018
Andreas Schoenle
How to use CrashRptEx, to avoid some of the pitfalls of crash reporting in MFC apps or if you want the ability to continue your application after a crash
16 Apr 2018
The Authorize.Net API makes it easy to create, capture, refund and void secure payment transactions. Offering both XML or JSON, it works well with Ruby, Node.js, Python, and many other languages. The streamlined API also has the bandwidth to accept payments in every environment.
13 Feb 2018
Daniele Fontani
Implement a private Wordpress reposiotory using Angular and PHP slim framework as backend.
2 Jan 2018
Peter Leow
Beginner's Guide to HTTP
26 Oct 2017
WCH will save us from integrating an open source NLP library manually (where we would have to become domain experts), which reduces the risk of integrating intelligence into our application, and the amount of time.
15 Oct 2017
Patrick P. Frey
This tutorial based on a docker image will guide through the development of a simple search engine based on Strus (, a collection of libraries and line tools for building a search engine.
3 Oct 2017
This is a class for making simple sprites within WinForms. This article explains how to use the class, as well as how the class works if you want to make something like it.
19 Jul 2017
Jaiswar Vipin Kumar R.
In the digital world, we are in Machine Leaning Phase. Where are need to everything on lighting speed. Data storing as we need, in our custom formant, and their availability, stability should be done on finger tips with low infrastructural cost.
13 Jul 2017
This article explains how to model a logic grid puzzle in the JavaScript programming language.
23 Apr 2017
John Underhill
Twofish 512, Serpent 512, Rijndael 512, the HX Ciphers, Ring-LWE, NTRU, McEliece, Rainbow, GMSS, DTM-KEX
13 Apr 2017
Trapenok Victor
Using CppComet to create a simple chat. CppComet is open source comet server. It is written in C++
5 Apr 2017
Daniele Fontani
A simple POC to demonstrate how to use GitHub API and Oauth to create a real application
1 Apr 2017
Floating point numbers as approximates and understanding error happened when using single and double data types
14 Mar 2017
Member 4206974
A PHP object for send HTML mail with attachment.
5 Feb 2017
Michael Chourdakis
A very quick file manager for your PHP site
4 Feb 2017
Great article to learn how you can create web application from scratch using Angular2 & .NET CORE WEB API
20 Jan 2017
Online PHP Software Example: Sodium Hypochlorite Dilution Calculator
11 Jan 2017
Sem Shekhovtsov
Explaining the new Facebook messenger platform for developing chatbots, with live example.
9 Jan 2017
Dan Letecky
Day/week AngularJS event calendar/scheduler with drag and drop support. PHP and ASP.NET MVC backends.
5 Jan 2017
PHP script use to send contactus form data to webmaster, It is simple and run without modification
23 Dec 2016
Muhammad Magdi
Simple native file Uploader with a progress bar without using flash player or any external file Upload plugins
22 Dec 2016
Ozesh Thapa
Converting Docx To Html to Docx
25 Oct 2016
Tutorial about adding new API method to SuiteCRM APIs
3 Oct 2016
Sergey Grybniak
Learn how to create a new theme for your ecommerce website using Magento 2.
22 Sep 2016
Sander Knape
Do you write integration tests? What about unit tests? I believe that more people say “Yes” to the second question than to the first. Which is kinda weird – for many applications, it really isn’t that hard to write integration tests. It might not even be necessary to setup yo
19 Sep 2016
Robin Rizvi
Compile and Execute Java, C#, and PHP From Your Favorite Text Editors for REPL (Read-Evaluate-Print-Loop) use cases
15 Sep 2016
Tsuyoshi Matsuzaki
This post describes the basic steps to build your bot using Microsoft Bot Framework 3 REST API.
4 Sep 2016
Adding multi user and resource capabilities to Full Calendar in .NET MVC
25 Aug 2016
Simple tutorial illustrating steps required for running R script from PHP and passing arguments from web interface to be consumed by R and output the results to different files residing on Ubuntu Server with corresponding markup on PHP web page. An example of discrete event simulation is used.
19 Aug 2016
Lisbey Collazo Alfonso
PHP and C# working together via thrift framework
7 Aug 2016
MohamedKamalPharm, Omneya Hassanain, Nouran Yasser, Fatma Abdelhameed
Simulation Model to plan the capacity of an oncology Hospital with limited number of beds. The R script is run on R Studio or called from PHP.
26 Jun 2016
PayFlowPro Hosted Checkout page is a payment service from PayPal that helps you meet PCI compliance.
14 Jun 2016
Dynamsoft has released the Linux version of its barcode reader SDK, which supports programming in PHP. It is convenient to integrate Dynamsoft Barcode Reader to any server-side web applications.
27 May 2016
One of the new additions to our recent PrizmDoc v11.0 release was a developer preview of our document pre-conversion feature. In this article, first we’ll give a quick PrizmDoc overview, and then cover how to get started with pre-conversion.
17 May 2016
How to host PHP application on Azure and how to auto-deploy the code through bitbucket.
24 Apr 2016
Maxim Komlev
Example of WebBrowser customization and http/https server on localhost as engine for cross-platform application based on web technologies.
3 Apr 2016
Sumit Samediya
In this article, we will learn how to send Push notifications to Windows phone 8.1 app using php
3 Mar 2016
Vyacheslav Voronenko
Steps for how OTP code is obtained, and adding a new level of security to web applications.
12 Feb 2016
Zend Server is the most comprehensive release automation, APM, and extension management tool I’ve found that supports PHP applications.
2 Feb 2016
Sibeesh Passion
In this post, we will see how we can send data to another domain from our application.
1 Feb 2016
Android on Intel
This document describes the step-by-step instructions for building a Haxe* project (OpenFL*) for Intel® x86 for the Android* platform.
26 Jan 2016
This article illustrates how to implement an online barcode reader using PHP and Windows Component Object Model (COM).
18 Jan 2016
John Jiyang Hou
An algorithm to determine if a point is inside a 3D convex polygon for a given polygon vertices in PHP.
14 Dec 2015
PHP code and pattern for the creation of OpenFire XMPP users from end-user applications via HTTP POST
10 Dec 2015
Rogai Lorenzo
Flexible server that use User Created DLL to handle incoming/outgoing client packets.
5 Nov 2015
Vyacheslav Voronenko
As a contractor software developer I am asked from time to time to perform audit of LAMP projects. As project configuration is different, I use so-called "umbrella repository environment" which allows me to wrap such projects into reusable vagrant environment without need to amend audited projects c
8 Oct 2015
Anele 'Mashy' Mbanga
A look at a flexible Java MySQL CRUD PHP script generator
2 Oct 2015
Template strings are one of those nifty little wins in ES6 that can be used right now.
27 Sep 2015
Fiyaz Hasan
Building a technical event management application with 5 MVC and Entity Framework 7
28 Aug 2015
This is a Joomla component that allows remote SQL execution using XML message over HTTP.
22 Jul 2015
Sreekanth Mothukuru
In this article we are going to see how and where to download Visual Studio 2015 to create a brand new simple Asp.Net 5 Web Application and have a quick overview on what's new in C# 6
19 Jun 2015
Emiliano Musso
Geolocalize a device and store coordinates on webserver
2 Jun 2015
Comparison of full-featured LINQ ports to PHP (YaLinqo, Ginq, Pinq), centered mostly on performance
24 May 2015
Anele 'Mashy' Mbanga
Using IndexedDB as a backend for your JQuery Mobile App
15 May 2015
Anele 'Mashy' Mbanga
Create JQuery Mobile Apps with JQM.Show on your PC with these tools.
11 May 2015
Edit Bootstrap Menu by json schema in PHP
11 May 2015
Bitcasa has robust enterprise-level content features, is useful for business, has powerful functionality, and is flexible enough to integrate with any application via an API.
9 May 2015
Jamie Munro
PHP: Require/Include vs Autoloader
6 May 2015
Ricardo Trujillo Rodríguez
How to integrate push notifications on your Drupal 7 site and your Titanium Apps
30 Apr 2015
Anele 'Mashy' Mbanga
Demonstrates input:file, FileReader, Listview thumbnails, image control and table images & custom icons.
13 Apr 2015
Bruno Terkaly
Raygun is a notification mechanism for run-time errors that is easy to plug into different languages and environments
8 Apr 2015
Anele 'Mashy' Mbanga
Demonstrate how you can create a JQuery Mobile app and use XML as a backend - single XML record approach by using xml2json.js and json2xml.js.
7 Apr 2015
Anele 'Mashy' Mbanga
Demonstrates creation of web apps using JQM.Show, a RAD JQuery Mobile Development Platform: 3rd final installment.
7 Apr 2015
Android on Intel
This article discusses design considerations for building apps for Glass and how to build hybrid glass applications using the Mirror API and GDK.
5 Apr 2015
Anele 'Mashy' Mbanga
Demonstrates creation of apps using JQM.Show, a RAD JQuery Mobile Development Platform: A second installment of the article
27 Mar 2015
Member 11459717
An application used to manage applications which are categorized by functionality which also prioritizes tasks necessary to manage a household. The application is back-end managed, controlled and operated through Microsoft's Azure cloud platform.
21 Mar 2015
Anele 'Mashy' Mbanga
Demonstrates creating, updating, deleting single file json records in a web server using jQuery Mobile and Php.
4 Mar 2015
1&1 has become one of the most successful and popular hosting companies in the world by offering simple, inexpensive ($0.99/month for three months, then $8.99/month thereafter) and feature-rich hosting plans.
27 Feb 2015
Syed M Hussain
WinMemcached is a c# key/value multi threaded server. Its purpose it to act as a test server for developers who want to develop Memcache related projects on a Windows machine but deploy in a Linux environment.
14 Feb 2015
BD Star
Create-Read-Update-Delete(CRUD) operation by MySQLi procedural way in the PHP
5 Feb 2015
BD Star
Online Image storage is a web based image storage system by which you can upload, preview, download and delete image.
3 Feb 2015
How to write custom ParamConverter
13 Dec 2014
Ali Torabi 2
MVP is a class library for managing database tables and gives an easy migrations solution.
11 Dec 2014
Marko Heijnen
Providing a rich, interactive experience will increase visitors returning to your website. Accomplishing this is easy with WordPress and Node.js.
9 Dec 2014
Anas R Firdousi
This is part#1 of a series of not "so-obvious" stuff in JavaScript... beginner to expert!
26 Nov 2014
Google Cloud Platform
By the end of the tutorial, you will have implemented a working application, a simple guest book that lets users post messages to a public message board.
15 Nov 2014
Peter Leow
A bridging introduction to server-side scripting.
31 Oct 2014
Christoph Buenger
Describes PHP application development with the free Scavix Web Development Framework (Scavix-WDF).
31 Oct 2014
Christoph Buenger, DaSpors
How to easily build an online shop with the Scavix PHP Web Development Framework.
29 Oct 2014
David O'Neil
A few classes for handling PayPal Instant Payment Notifications, to take care of the necessary processing on your end.
22 Oct 2014
Syed M Hussain
This article presents a simple flat file database using Json as the storage format.
15 Oct 2014
Jade templating for PHP developers
7 Oct 2014
Why to use Framework in PHP
26 Sep 2014
Abani Kumar Meher
This article explains few scenarios where XSS attack can be done, how we make mistake while creating web application which leads to XSS vulnerability and what should be done to prevent XSS attacks.
26 Sep 2014
Alvin Ashcraft
Last June, I reviewed the Aspose.Email for .NET component and demonstrated how to work with email messages in PST files or via IMAP. Well, I am back again for a look at another Aspose package. This one is Aspose.Cells for .NET.
22 Sep 2014
Bruno Terkaly
Recently, the team at DiscountASP.NET launched a new cloud hosting solution called EVERLEAP. Because EVERLEAP makes use of some Microsoft Azure technology I thought I’d take a look at it.
14 Sep 2014
Abani Kumar Meher
This article describes how we write code while developing web application which results in SQL injection vulnerability and how we should write code to prevent it.
14 Sep 2014
Sunil Pandita
The article details out how to build an angularJS application which loads the pages on demand thus reducing the overall data transfer.
10 Sep 2014
Marko Heijnen
The ability to manipulate images within WordPress has come a long way but still poses a challenge for developers. 1&1’s WordPress Expert Marko Heijnen is working to expand this functionality by developing plugins and the WordPress core.
23 Aug 2014
Muhammad Shoaib Raja
Fully functional web data grids with multi column sorting, filtering and pagination using JQuery based data table plugin and .Net generic handlers
25 Jul 2014
henry sentio kauta
Android at figure tips
9 Jul 2014
This article presents how to develop a C# application using XML/HTTP/PHP and DTMF signalling that allows you to authenticate your customers through a phone call with the help of their User ID and PIN code.
29 Jun 2014
Syed M Hussain
A lightweight Entity based Framework
18 Jun 2014
Syed M Hussain
Yet another PHP MVC Framework
27 May 2014
Shuqian Ying
Implementing a unified structured query system of service based relational data source with build-in intelligence.
27 May 2014
Syed M Hussain
Authenticating an application using IMAP
15 May 2014
Swift coder
Achieve professional-level web-based charts in PHP without in-depth knowledge of HTML5 or JavaScript.
5 May 2014
Shuqian Ying
Client side data provider for data importing to a relational data service build for StackExchange data dump.
4 May 2014
Shuqian Ying
Service based, multi-application, post ASP.NET 4.0 asynchronous custom membership stores for ASP.NET Identity 2.0 with a hierarchical role system.
4 May 2014
Shuqian Ying
Service based, multi-application ASP.NET custom membership, role and profile providers with a hierarchical role system.
29 Apr 2014
Syed M Hussain
A simple calendar class that can be customized using event callbacks.
12 Apr 2014
Syed M Hussain
A lightweight dependency injection container for PHP.
9 Apr 2014
Peter Leow
Learn to setup a development environment on a PC to support the development and testing of PHP and MySQL projects.
28 Feb 2014
Stephen Bucholtz
WordPress authors often worry that their blogs and sites load too slowly. Improving site performance simply by installing a plugin is an attractive and practical solution for authors who want better performance but do not want to apply great amounts of time, effort or money to achieve it.
4 Feb 2014
Petrov Vladimir
Ssupport for the tutorials and lessons on OpenGL
1 Feb 2014
Example server and client using different protocols over a Websocket (php/js)
1 Feb 2014
A JSON-based protocol for sharing data between multimple clients over Websockets
16 Jan 2014
Member 4206974
Mapper is a PHP script for handle maps and linkable symbols inside.
14 Jan 2014
Member 10280272
This article presents a database browser that can be used for multiple different databases
10 Jan 2014
How to send async blocks of form data to a remote server without using Ajax.
9 Jan 2014
A fairly complete PHP example demonstrating how to use the jQuery 'sortable' method with a single DB Update
3 Dec 2013
Make a text file log in system for beginners.
27 Nov 2013
Tharaka MTR
Emoji; is the Japanese term for the ideograms or smileys used mostly in Japanese electronic messages and webpages.
30 Oct 2013
Simon Robert VoIP
This article presents a simple example on how to insert automated reminders about appointments, meetings to MySQL table with the help of PHP
11 Oct 2013
Emerald kwekowe
This is a simple script for chat, made with PHP and JavaScript, using OOP and AJAX.
21 Sep 2013
See the power of Infragistics Ignite UI, how easy it is to configure controls for lots of functionality with very few lines of code.
18 Sep 2013
Demonstrates Google Cloud's experimental support for PHP
7 Sep 2013
Sunil Kumar P
Chat application in PHP
26 Aug 2013
Christoph Buenger, DaSpors
How to add optional PHP namespaces to your project
24 Aug 2013
PHP Application to Connect Server to FTP Server.
8 Aug 2013
DevOp ROI relies on combining best practices with the right tools. Tooling enables practices, and vice versa. The CloudMunch platform makes it happen.
1 Jul 2013
Phoenix Roberts
Sourcing content with Web Service APIs (Mashups)
25 Jun 2013
Gazmend Jakupi
Tutorial for developing in PHP
3 Jun 2013
Bryian Tan
Create WordPress plugin - Password strength indicator using jQuery and XML
3 Jun 2013
jsRazor is unbeatably powerful and stupidly simple client-side rendering approach that consists of ONLY TWO functions. Tiny javascript library entirely eliminates the need for server-page rendering, in the same time giving your apps unmatched simplicity and flexibility.
26 May 2013
Wordpress Azure Mµ, Wordpress Multisite on Azure
4 May 2013
Javier Villar
Corporate Messaging
4 May 2013
Justin Frei
A highly flexible alternative to A/B website testing
3 May 2013
This article discusses the making of a search engine.
3 May 2013
This will be a lightweight site that helps the user track their weekly comics subscriptions.
3 May 2013
Rankable Vikas
Reporting system for SEO campaigns
3 May 2013
Oso Oluwafemi Ebenezer
Working with XML in PHP.
30 Apr 2013
Robin Rizvi
Audio-Gallery-Suite is a complete audio gallery solution made with HTML5/CSS3/Jquery-JS/PHP-Ajax/C# that includes a web audio gallery and a software for managing the web audio gallery.
29 Apr 2013
Oso Oluwafemi Ebenezer
Using PHP and MySQL to get if a user is online, the number of users currently online, the highest online ever, the number of users online today, and the Last Seen time of a user.
28 Apr 2013
Milan Shah
Rethinking an existing app for the cloud
15 Apr 2013
Oso Oluwafemi Ebenezer
Implementing a simple webchat using PHP and MySQL
28 Mar 2013
Sebastiaan Meijerink
A PHP MVC modal that mimics C# like Controllers.
28 Mar 2013
How to build an OpenSearch data source that can be searched using Windows 7 Federated Search functionality. Following the best practices, you can enable rich integration of your remote data sources with Windows 7 Explorer without having to write any client-side code.
25 Mar 2013
The ObjectScript is a new embedded programing language that mixes benefits of JavaScript, Lua, Ruby, Python and PHP. The ObjectScript has syntax from JavaScript, multiple results from Lua, sugar syntax from Ruby, magic methods from Python and much more.
7 Feb 2013
Generates the required WSDL file and SOAP server for receiving data from InfoPath (Document/Literal format).
26 Jan 2013
Rahul Manekari
Access realtime Linux Web server statistics right away from Windows Store App
17 Jan 2013
Image Scanning & Uploading in Web App
4 Jan 2013
Vyacheslav Voronenko
Compact One Time Password Generator (RFC6238) written in javascript
29 Oct 2012
The Token Manager allows web developers to program PHP, HTML, CSS and JavaScript into tokens that can be used throughout WordPress.
9 Oct 2012
The ObjectScript is a new programing language that mixes benefits of JavaScript, Lua, and PHP. The ObjectScript has syntax from JavaScript, multiple results from Lua, OOP from PHP and much more.
27 Aug 2012
An article with detailed code examples of creating tokens and assigning them to pages for display thoughout Wordpress using the Token Manager plugin.
21 Aug 2012
Todd Spatafore
This article will show how simple it is to run a PHP application in Windows Azure.
17 Aug 2012
In this article, we will see how to use Dynamic Web TWAIN to acquire, edit images, and upload them to Microsoft SharePoint.
1 Aug 2012
In this article, I’ll show you how to capture images from your web browser, edit them, and then upload them to your system.
30 Jul 2012
A tour of various methods for protecting against PHP mail header injection and e-mail validation
11 Jun 2012
Jakub Míšek
Interoperability between C# and PHP.
30 May 2012
Miloslav Beno
This article describes how to extend WordPress with plugins written in C# and shows very first C# plugin for this system.
4 May 2012
Tony Richards
An article demonstrating how to create an automatically updated Google SiteMap using PHP
2 May 2012
Jan Zumwalt
Generating URL Names With Prefix/Suffix
30 Apr 2012
An example to show JavaScript charts with ASP.NET or PHP
11 Apr 2012
10 Apr 2012
Henning Dieterichs
A tutorial about how to write enhanced PHP-SOAP-webservices with automatic WSDL-generation
28 Mar 2012
Michael Chourdakis
Use COM and plain C++ to add scripting support automatically.
5 Mar 2012
How to connect our jQuery Chart to MySql Database using PHP
15 Feb 2012
How to implement a simple CAPTCHA system in a web form using PHP
5 Feb 2012
This article shows how to use CrashRpt error reporting library with an MFC application
24 Dec 2011
Etienne Rached
Search and remove a value from a PHP array/multidimensional array recursively.
21 Dec 2011
PHP array to C# Dictionary conversion.
23 Oct 2011
The code implements a system to create articles using MS-Word for use in the Mambo CMS. The majority of the code is a C# project that reads and parses HTML text created using MS Word. The support projects are a VBA macro for creating the needed HTML and an export/import system for getting localhost
12 Oct 2011
Hamdy Ghanem
Set and get data via PHP Web Service between Android and PHP
11 Oct 2011
Scott Clayton
Set up encrypted secure communication between C# and PHP using the AES and RSA algorithms.
2 Oct 2011
Henry He
In this article, I will explain how to install and configure Drupal 7.8, HTTP Server 2.2.21, PHP 5.3.8, and MySQL 5.5.1 on Windows 7.
1 Sep 2011
How to consume reports created on BIRT via PHP
15 Jul 2011
Basic PHP IO classes to provide easy access for reading and writing to files.
6 Jul 2011
The SimpleXML object bundled with PHP does not handle namespaces or RDF documents well. This extension class helps.
27 Jun 2011
The Mobile applications marketplace is changing the face of the software development industry. All major mobile operating system manufacturers pitch their systems to developers trying to get them into their programming camps and thus stake the territory to guarantee future growth.
23 May 2011
Kyaw Zin Soe
This script is a colourful array viewing tool for both normal and iterative arrays containing HTML components.
4 Apr 2011
This article explains in detail about how to consume the link shortening and tracking service API in your C#/VB/PHP based web applications. is one of the best URL shorteners and provides a free API to access their spam free link shortening and tracking service.