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by Kenneth Haugland
Implementation and theory behind TLM modelling for acoustic wave propagation with 2D and 3D view. Also includes a raindrop and boat wake simulation.
by Arthur V. Ratz
This article is a practical guide on using Intel® Threading Building Blocks (TBB) and OpenMP libraries for C++ based on the example of delivering parallel scalable code that implements Burrows-Wheeler Transformation (BWT) algorithm.
by Arman Aşçı
Parallel port data register control with C# .NET 2.0 and inpout32.dll.
by Noah L
Beware the data race sneak attack.

Latest Articles

by Intel Corporation
Dispelling the Myths with Tools to Achieve Parallelism
by MehreenTahir
This article is a continuation of Programming Concurrency in C++ Part 1. We will discuss synchronization, future and promises along with async and with that, will sum up the introduction of concurrency in C++.
by Amir Emamjomeh
A study of .NET Parallel Class in solving a system of linear equations using bi-conjugate gradient stabilized method
by Bartlomiej Filipek
What performance can we get from C++17 parallel algorithms?

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28 Nov 2011
Adnan Boz
In this blog post, I’m diving deeper into Thrust usage scenarios with a simple implementation of Monte Carlo Simulation.
12 Aug 2011
George Mamaladze
Parallel Programing, PLINQ and Globalization
19 Mar 2015
Jake Drew
How to mine webpages in parallel
31 Aug 2014
Parallel Streams and Spliterators
22 Sep 2011
Adnan Boz
Massively Parallel Random Nunber Generation using CUDA C, Thrust and C#
24 Dec 2013
Jake Drew
ABSTRACT This article comprises a detailed overview of the various multicore and parallel programming options available within the C# programming language.
16 Nov 2010
In previous article, I mentioned a new feature of C# 5.0 – the async and the await keywords. They are syntactical sugars that simplifies the construction of asynchronous operations code.
6 Apr 2015
An improvisation to boost unit test frame work that will let you run unit test cases in parallel.
11 Mar 2014
Jake Drew
Methods for machine learning using bootstrap samples and parallel processing to model very large volumes of data in short periods of time
5 Mar 2014
Adarsh Chaurasia - Passionate Trainer
Summary about Parallel Programming in C# 4.0 with comparative study of the PFX (Parallel Programming Framework) technologies with each other
2 May 2011
Koder Hack
Parallel programming using Microsoft .NET Framework 4.0
19 Oct 2013
Alexander Golde
Parallel execution in ANKHOR flowsheet
3 Jul 2010
Amir Zuker
I've been playing around with the parallel extensions shipped as part of the .NET 4.0 and Visual Studio 2010 RC. Turning immutable atomic self-contained CPU-bound operations to run in parallel is pretty easy. However...
31 Oct 2011
Aron Weiler
Parallel for loop in C#
18 May 2013
John Michael Hauck
“Programming Massively Parallel Processors (second edition)” by Kirk and Hwu is a very good second book for those interested in getting started with CUDA.
12 Dec 2014
Alexander Golde
While Moores law is still intact, one can easily observe that there has been a plateau reached at the performance improvements due to an increase in GHz.
9 Apr 2015
Girish J Jain
In this post, I am going to talk about asynchronous programming in Microsoft .NET Framework in the form of questions and answer.