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by Kenneth Haugland
Implementation and theory behind TLM modelling for acoustic wave propagation with 2D and 3D view. Also includes a raindrop and boat wake simulation.
by Arthur V. Ratz
This article is a practical guide on using Intel® Threading Building Blocks (TBB) and OpenMP libraries for C++ based on the example of delivering parallel scalable code that implements Burrows-Wheeler Transformation (BWT) algorithm.
by Arman Aşçı
Parallel port data register control with C# .NET 2.0 and inpout32.dll.
by Noah L
Beware the data race sneak attack.

Latest Articles

by Intel Corporation
Dispelling the Myths with Tools to Achieve Parallelism
by MehreenTahir
This article is a continuation of Programming Concurrency in C++ Part 1. We will discuss synchronization, future and promises along with async and with that, will sum up the introduction of concurrency in C++.
by Amir Emamjomeh
A study of .NET Parallel Class in solving a system of linear equations using bi-conjugate gradient stabilized method
by Bartlomiej Filipek
What performance can we get from C++17 parallel algorithms?

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17 Aug 2012
Arman Aşçı
Parallel port data register control with C# .NET 2.0 and inpout32.dll.
10 Jun 2017
Code Cleaner
Running tasks in parallel while taking into account the dependencies between them
15 Mar 2012
Dharmateja Challa
Using parallel_for_each which is part of Parallel Pattern Library ( PPL )
3 Jul 2015
Serial and Parallel implementation of efficient Prime Factoriing algorithms
15 Dec 2017
The HPC Template Library is a supplement to the Standard Template Library providing threadsafe containers.
17 Apr 2016
Preserving overheating processor in multitasking environment
31 Oct 2018
Arun Babu Madhavan
Extension method to throttle multiple Tasks in C#