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by Eric J. Smith, Shannon Davidson
Easily detach entities when using LINQ to SQL
by emranallan
Add your local inside windows local to be supported for unicode
by emranallan
Lock Device Screen ,to prevent an one working on the device
by emranallan
Server Application to remote your mobile device through wireless/wire connection not based on RAPI

Latest Articles

by NightWizzard
Handling for hex expressions and the trailing '}'
by Misha1964
Learn how to validate complex web forms using business rules engine
by Taka Muraoka
A quick and convenient way to build STL strings.
by emranallan
Server Application to remote your mobile device through wireless/wire connection not based on RAPI

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12 Jul 2009
Eric J. Smith, Shannon Davidson
Easily detach entities when using LINQ to SQL
6 May 2012
Add your local inside windows local to be supported for unicode
18 May 2012
Server Application to remote your mobile device through wireless/wire connection not based on RAPI
21 Sep 2009
Apriorit Inc, Oleksandr Dodatko
This article describes the process of initial configuration and basic work with Palm Web OS on the lower level than it's described in Palm SDK docs.
22 Sep 2002
Jim Koornneef
Combine CXImage and DibSectionLite on Pocket PC.
7 Sep 2002
Tanzim Husain
This article describes a non full screen dialog class that does not switch to full screen when the SIP is activated.
31 Jul 2009
Dmitry Klionsky
Bluetooth for Microsoft Device Emulator enables Bluetooth communication from and to the emulator.
29 Feb 2004
Peter Tewkesbury
Allows the reading of CHM files on a Pocket PC2003.
30 May 2009
Frank T. van de Ven
Terminate a process, or check if it is running, using the full file path. It also enumerates processes returning the full path to the running EXE file.
16 Mar 2003
João Paulo Figueira
Handling multiple toolbars - Pocket Word-style.
17 Dec 2003
Daniel Strigl
Learn how to make your Pocket PC speak with your mobile phone.
10 Sep 2009
How to use asynchronous calls to SQL to receive progress information
23 Feb 2004
An article on how to implement and use variant. Variant is useful for creating heterogeneous containers and much more.
16 Aug 2003
João Paulo Figueira
Implementing a font chooser dialog with preview and ClearType support.
2 Feb 2009
Babak Ansari
Work with the PtxRfidNet.dll SDKs to read/write RFID tags and Farsi language in hand-helds.
18 Aug 2004
An introduction to XML Data Binding, and a review of a number of leading products.
5 Feb 2003
João Paulo Figueira
An implementation of the Office 97 style Colour Picker control for Windows CE.
26 Jan 2004
João Paulo Figueira
An implementation of a full-browsing file open dialog.
29 Sep 2008
A plunge into creating a fast, full text index, with advanced searching capabilites.
14 Jul 2003
Mahmoud Nasr
A simple application to show how to create a Windows service.
23 Feb 2003
Heath Stewart
Using alternatives to importing type libraries and COM objects can improve the portability of your source code.
20 Apr 2004
Edward Smoljanovic
A simple use of bit fields as flags for Windows forms.
2 Jan 2009
We'll build a call management application for Windows Mobile 5.x/6.x which can programatically ignore, send to voicemail, or SMS-respond to unwanted calls.
10 Mar 2005
Jim Wiese (aka Spunk)
Execute an assembly on a remote machine without any special hooks - works on existing assemblies!
18 Jun 2008
This article shows how to use XmlSerializer to serialize types that usually cannot be XML Serialized
8 Aug 2002
Cho, Kyung-min
If you deal with same size objects in server coding, VMemPool shows a good way for beginners.
7 Jun 2003
If you don't want to use CAB, this is how.
2 Nov 2003
João Paulo Figueira
Putting imgdecmp.lib to work with a few extras.
22 Aug 2005
Arik Poznanski
This article will develop a Sudoku game based on a web service, while presenting useful development techniques of Smart Client applications.
6 Aug 2003
João Paulo Figueira
Porting Carlos Antollini's ADO classes to the Pocket PC.
28 Feb 2003
João Paulo Figueira
Tips on how to handle tap-and-hold user commands.
17 Jun 2004
Girish Nurani Sankaranarayanan
A beginner level article describing the creation of Pocket PC application setup packages using the CAB Wizard application.
14 Jun 2009
Artem S. Dmitriev
This article will show you how to create a proxy client to the WCF web service from PDA device.
15 Dec 2005
David Nissimoff
Covers the basics needed to get a Pocket PC and a Garmin GPS talk in their own language and to graphically display the calculated data.
19 Mar 2003
João Paulo Figueira
How to eneble and disable top-level popup menus in the Command Bar of PocketPC 2002 applications.
14 Apr 2004
João Paulo Figueira
Enabling the fastest database access protocol for C++ developers on the Pocket PC.
12 Aug 2002
Tanzim Husain
This article describes an undocumented API that enables you to load images (bmp, gif etc.) from files under Pocket PC 2002
14 May 2003
Daniel Strigl
A owner drawn list control to emulate a single select list box with a little icon at the beginning of each line.
26 Oct 2003
Girish Nurani Sankaranarayanan
An overview of Pocket PC development, including information on development tools and languages available.
12 Dec 2003
A simple tutorial showing how we can customise the templates used by VS when it generates source code for us.
26 Oct 2002
Add full screen capability in your PocketPC applications.
7 Mar 2005
Stefan Repas
Learn how to write a useful smart currency converter tool with Visual Studio .NET 2003 for the Pocket PC 2002/2003, which works both in offline and online modes.
12 Mar 2003
João Paulo Figueira
An implementation of the selection bars found on PocketPC 2002 applications.
11 Oct 2004
Cho, Kyung-min
Easy to access and simple XML parser
6 Nov 2003
victor vatamanescu
Developing .NET cross platform applications using mono and IBM DB2
30 Aug 2005
Channa Jayasinghe
How to remove the annoying “Backup Battery Very Low” (bogus) critical notification programmatically.
19 Feb 2003
João Paulo Figueira
A class to format COleDateTime objects into strings using standard formatting codes.
7 Jun 2003
Manipulate the "Folders" drop-down in a PocketPC 2002 application.
2 Mar 2003
Add, edit, and delete records/table/database in MS SQL Server CE v1.0/v2.0.
24 Jul 2002
Stefan Spenz
An article about basic function and class templates
12 Jul 2009
How to make your customized UI using transparent components?
13 May 2004
Dan Glass
Mail queue using a SQL database
3 Sep 2005
João Paulo Figueira
An easier way to accept numeric input on the Pocket PC.
7 Jun 2003
How to read XML documents using MSXML, in a modern C++/template manner
7 Sep 2003
Creating and using a header bar control in MFC in Windows CE.
20 Oct 2002
Andreas Saurwein
A few macros to validate pointers passed to functions
12 Jan 2003
João Paulo Figueira
Implementing a letter strip control for record selection.
18 Apr 2007
Liam Cavanagh
The purpose of this article is to show how to add data replication to a mobile application through the use of .NET (C#).
8 Jun 2004
Jose Luis Balsera
This article proposes a solution that mitigates the lack of debug console, when building Compact Framework-based Pocket PC apps.
30 Aug 2003
Creating and using a header bar style control in Windows CE.
25 May 2004
Gerald Naveen A
Thin client for Microsoft Visual SourceSafe on Pocket PC / SmartPhones targeting .NET Compact Framework.
8 Aug 2002
Cho, Kyung-min
SingleT will provide you the easy way to get Singleton pattern.
6 Feb 2005
João Paulo Figueira
Exploring SQL CE 2.0 schema information with the ATL OLE DB Consumer Templates.
26 May 2004
Vladimir Ralev
This is an implementation of a simple voice stress analysis tool for Pocket PC; it can be used on the road as a lie detector.
9 Jul 2013
Taka Muraoka
A quick and convenient way to build STL strings.
13 Mar 2003
When you download a file from the Internet you have to find the transfer rate. This class does it with 3 easy lines of code !
19 Sep 2003
João Paulo Figueira
Implementing a wizard-like dialog on the Pocket PC using property sheets.
14 Mar 2005
Enable full screen mode in .NET compact framework applications.
25 May 2003
João Paulo Figueira
How to insert title and footer links in Pocket PC property sheets, using MFC
4 Jul 2007
Liam Cavanagh
The following article explains how to launch an executable from within your application on Windows Mobile using C#.
12 May 2012
WINDOWS CE API HOOKING and Replace Function inside GWES.exe on all models since pocket PC 2003 until Windows mobile 6.5
9 Jun 2009
A comprehensive guide to development of .NET 2.0 Smart Clients with SQL Server CE Database
20 Apr 2004
Tuan Nguyen
An article on creating a streaming video player for Pocket PC.
6 Jul 2007
This article shows you the advantage of PNG images with alpha-blending feature in creating animation and demonstates how to use PNG images in Framework.NET application by calling API
25 Oct 2003
Yaroslav Goncharov
Porting process of the registry viewer sample from the user interface design to the implementation details.
7 Jun 2003
A complete PocketPC app in plain Win32/C++.
15 Jul 2003
XSLT to transform Excel XML spreadsheet to CSV or HTML table.
17 Jul 2007
Daniel Cohen Gindi
This article shows how to encode/decode URLs to the UTF8 format (with %20 and so) if you have to have web support in your application.
16 May 2004
João Paulo Figueira
Extending the DrawText function to display truncated text with a terminating ellipsis
8 Aug 2002
Cho, Kyung-min
If you are working with limited resources in a multithreaded scenario, ObjBroker will help you...
10 Dec 2002
Enable floating SIP control in iPAQ/Windows CE .NET devices.
4 Apr 2004
Paul Ranson
A template class that allows Win32 object lifetimes to be managed 'smartly', includes an example memory mapped file wrapper.
3 Mar 2009
This article focuses on developing a workflow client device application for Pocket PC in C# 2003.
27 May 2004
Lewey Geselowitz
Pocket AniEd allows anybody to quickly and easily make beautiful and smooth animations without a background in computer animation or any unnecessary complexity.
6 Jan 2009
This article shows you how you can get your saved data once you closed the Windows mobile emulator.
9 Feb 2005
Create single instances of forms using the Compact Framework.
20 Aug 2003
CString based path splitter.
21 Apr 2004
Nicolas Gaillet
Log Book for Flight Planner.
27 Dec 2007
Zeeshan Haneef
An article on drawing graphics on a hand-held device touch screen.
5 Jul 2008
A gradient button for Windows Mobile and the .NET Compact Framework.
9 Dec 2002
One technique for performing a binary insertion sort on a std::list
17 Jun 2004
Remon Zakaria
Very fast Split function that has the ability to treat a multi-character separator as a single separator or the regular multi separator characters.
6 Apr 2003
Source C++ classes for persisting flat table data.
1 Nov 2007
Tamir Khason
Open source class to handle WAP Binary XML in C# and CF C#
18 Nov 2007
Mehran Ghanizadeh
This lite calculator, written in VB.NET, not only can be useful for installing on your smartphone as a real powerful scientific calculator, but also, can be used for learning some good ideas which I've learnt while developing it.
26 Apr 2004
Anne Saouter
Application useful to archive your CD
27 May 2004
Shane Church
Weather Info uses Web Services on the .NET Compact Framework to display weather information on the Pocket PC.
18 Apr 2004
This is an article on how to make a flashlight out of your PocketPC
31 Aug 2003
Girish Nurani Sankaranarayanan
An article on automating the installation of .NET Compact Framework on Pocket PC devices.
25 Aug 2002
Ragavendran Vaidhyanadhan
This article demonstrates creation of a system tray application ,creation of processes , reading and writing XML data
28 May 2004
Terence Wallace
A demonstration of what can be done using Windows CE.
8 Jul 2002
Advanced critical section which features TryLock and timeouts
18 Mar 2004
Daniel Junges
A simple and very small stack implementation for any type.
30 Oct 2002
John Aldrich
This article will explain a method of benchmarking a W9X/W2K/XP based computer to determine the maximum safe level of thread usage while keeping the system able to process other input without entering into a freeze condition.
18 Feb 2007
Using Vector and double linked list to create trees
26 Jun 2002
John Aldrich
A brief description with proof of concept code detailing why finer execution control is needed with the Windows OS family.