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Great Reads

by Wonde Tadesse
This tip/trick helps to set a default value for blob data type such as Image, VarBinary.
by Mubin M. Shaikh
Create time dimension with 24 hour plus values and time buckets in your data warehouse
by Harmen Brouwer
How to create and deploy a SSRS rendering extension, explained by a functional Zip Rendering extension for SSRS 2005, 2008 (R2) and 2012.
by Enrique Albert
Baseline WCF Distribution Layer - Decoupling of WCF Services and ViewModels.

Latest Articles

by Mahsa Hassankashi
Best approach for have more secure channel to transfer user information throughout the web
by Mahsa Hassankashi
This article enables you to generate table in any database such as Oracle, SQLServer, MySQL, SQLite, Sybase, etc. just by typing table name and its fields. Then you can use NHibernate facilities to make query for data layer.
by Luca Astolfi
User defined procedure for make an HTML table from T-SQL Select statment
by Amir Jalilifard
In this article, you are going to learn about P2P Network and Windows Communication Foundation to share your files between peers through a P2P network.

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17 Aug 2010
Shivprasad koirala
.NET Best Practice No: 1:- Detecting High Memory consuming functions in .NET code
20 May 2010
Shivprasad koirala
6 steps to implement DUAL security on WCF using User name + SSL
22 Aug 2014
Gurdeep Singh Toor
A Complete Guide to develop aplication using MyGeneration code genration framework. We will develop a Meeting Room Booking web application in this Article.
24 Sep 2015
Alberto Venditti
Using a .NET Windows service as an engine for specialized custom plug-ins execution
11 Dec 2009
Abby Fichtner (Hacker Chick)
A tutorial that walks through adding/updating/deleting data in your database with LINQ to SQL while keeping your class relationships (M:M, 1:M, and M:1) synchronized.
12 Dec 2009
Abby Fichtner (Hacker Chick)
A beginner's LINQ tutorial that walks you through mapping your SQL Server database tables and relationships to objects, and how to retrieve that data via simple LINQ queries.
11 Dec 2009
Abby Fichtner (Hacker Chick)
A tutorial and application on using WPF Data Binding with LINQ to SQL classes. This is part 3 of a three-part tutorial on using LINQ to SQL.
13 May 2013
Randall Smith II
A simple solution trying out the Azure platform for development and deployment.
28 Apr 2011
This article will discuss about Copy Column, Derived Column, Character Map and Conditional Split Transformation in SSIS with a palindrome example.
19 Sep 2009
Paul Rony
A Programmer's Guide to Starting a Software Company and Building an Enterprise Application
10 May 2012
Alberto Venditti
An alternative to SQL Server Management Studio for scheduling SQL Server Agent jobs
13 Sep 2009
Md. Marufuzzaman
A simple example of SQL server admin tools.
19 Aug 2009
Md. Marufuzzaman
This article will give you an idea about how to use CASE expression in T-SQL or as a formula of a particular column.
26 Jul 2009
The article provides a simple interface for handling large text in SqlClient and C# file streams.
18 Jan 2014
Petr Ivankov
Application of abstract approach to database domain
16 Aug 2012
It employs a dynamic trigger, a CLR Stored Procedure, and a Web Service to sync data from a MS SQL Server to MySQL.
9 Aug 2009
Md. Marufuzzaman
This article will demonstrate how to split a string using Transact-SQL.
9 Aug 2009
Md. Marufuzzaman
This article will demonstrate how to get a file name or a file extension as well using Transact-SQL.
15 Jun 2013
Step-by-step tutorial to create a HTML5 LightSwitch application
10 May 2011
This article will demonstrate as how to work with SSIS Script component with two live example
19 May 2011
In this article we will look into the basics of Contained Database that has been shipped with Sql 11 (Code Name: Denali) CTP 1
10 May 2011
In this article we will explore on the new features that Denali has offer us from SSIS perspective
2 Sep 2011
In this article we will explore on the new features that Denali CTP 3 has offer us from a T-Sql perspective
2 Sep 2011
In this article we will explore on the Column Store Index- A new feature in SSIS Denali CTP3
3 Sep 2011
In this article we will explore the Data Quality Services(DQS)- A new feature in SSIS Denali CTP3
31 Aug 2011
In this tutorial, we will learn about SSIS Balanced Data Distributor (BDD)
9 Aug 2009
Wael R. Mansour
Convert numbers to characters for Arabic applications.
12 Dec 2013
Architecting a Windows Forms based system on top of a framework. This will help you develop a form based application faster.
8 Mar 2011
Keshav Singh
An important new feature of MS SQL Server 2008 that provides a true auditing solution - SQL Server Audit.
28 Sep 2009
Given date ranged data, adjust existing ranges on entry of a new ranged data.
3 Apr 2019
Mahsa Hassankashi
This article enables you to generate table in any database such as Oracle, SQLServer, MySQL, SQLite, Sybase, etc. just by typing table name and its fields. Then you can use NHibernate facilities to make query for data layer.
14 Sep 2012
Harry von Borstel
How to use SqlDependency to refresh Entity Framework Object Sets automatically on DB changes
11 Jun 2010
This class will allow you to asynchronously backup a database while also getting progress, message, and error notifications.
22 Jan 2013
Levente Kupás
Managing SQL backups can be more simple by using this FileRelay CLR
12 Feb 2009
We are going to build a simple web chat application using Silverlight 2 and the technologies surrounding it like, ASP.NET 3.5, C#, WCF, and LINQ-to-SQL. We will use MS SQL Server to store user details and messages from this chat room.
17 Mar 2009
In Part 1, we built a simple web chat using Silverlight 2. We are going to add functionalities so that users are able to choose from multiple chat rooms as well as chat privately with other users.
8 Jun 2009
Building a hybrid Active Directory and SQL table DataSource view.
11 Jun 2011
Omar Al Zabir
Building High Performance Queue in Database for storing Orders, Notifications, Tasks
26 May 2009
Bishoy Demian
How to use Entity framework to do some basic logic when a change happens in related Entities or Associations
20 Aug 2009
How to send bulk data using table value parameters from C#
6 Jan 2014
Hasan Habib Surzo
Class, Database Connection, Login Winform
21 May 2012
Zimin Max Yang
An approach to improve LINQ-to-SQL performance while preserving maintainability over DataReader.
13 Dec 2014
Some simple scenarios to calculate running totals in SQL Server.
2 Jan 2014
This article explains database schema design for storing tree structure and an algorithm to compute its cost.
24 Jul 2012
Scott G Blood
A Cancellable threaded query for SQL Server using .net 3.5
24 Oct 2009
Md. Marufuzzaman
Cannot alter Microsoft SQL Server 2008 Table Object in design mode
13 Sep 2009
Audit of SQL inserts, udpates, and deletes
11 Aug 2008
Muhammad Shujaat Siddiqi
Change Data Capture in SQL Server 2008 (
22 Aug 2009
Virat Kothari
CLR Stored procedures are very simple and can be used in most complex scenarios when dealing with database.
26 Nov 2014
Akhil Mittal
My effort in this article was to put some light on building a generic multilayered architecture using Entity Framework 4.1 and MVC3 razor view engine.
31 Jan 2010
Simple console app which shows how to use the .NET CommittableTransaction class
7 Oct 2011
Sunitha Sudheesh
Coding in SQL with Common Table Expressions (CTE)
29 Oct 2013
Juan Steyn
This article is an updated one discussing the configuration of IIS, ASP.NET and SQL Server.
21 Feb 2012
Daniel Miller
This article describes the steps to re-configure SQL Server so that queries return accent-insensitive results. It includes source code (using Microsoft SQL Server 2008 R2 Shared Management Objects) to automate some of the steps in this procedure.
6 Dec 2009
Muhusin Khan
Effective perfomance for database application uses database
1 Mar 2010
Approaches describing a design to handle connection objects and pools in C#.
17 Nov 2009
Ramy Mahrous
Microsoft SQL Server 2008 R2 November CTP - Database Engine feature #1
26 Jan 2009
Gil Shabat
Real-world Use Case: a flexible approach to present dynamic content with SQL Server, ASP.NET, and XSLT.
19 May 2011
In this article we will see how we can consume a web service expose through HTTP Endpoint via Web Service Task of SSIS
18 Mar 2010
Rajendra Malav
Consuming webservice using JQuery ASP.NET application
23 Nov 2010
Adam Nachman
Provides a framework for predictably compiling, extracting, and deploying a database project.
28 Apr 2011
A program to demonstrate the copy files from one location to another and rename them after putting time stamp by using Sequence Container, Foreach Loop Container, File System Task and Script task
4 Sep 2013
Mubin M. Shaikh
This article shows how to create and populate date dimension for data warehouse.
3 Aug 2011
In this article we will look into how we can make a custom SSIS transformation component.The custom component is a simple
8 Dec 2009
Gordon Kushner
Utility program for generating SQL Server INSERT scripts
9 Apr 2011
Karthik. A
This article extends what was built in the previous article. This is a task manager application that uses the custom provider designed in the last part.
26 Jun 2012
Easy way to implement ASP.NET GridView paging .
12 Sep 2010
Renil Joy, Bangalore
Custom Rule Engine approach which can evaluate complex combinations of business rules. A sample application is provided in WPF following the MVVM pattern.
9 Dec 2010
Can be used in Multilevel Marketing with binary tree (can be modified accordingly to be used for n Tree)
2 Jan 2013
A custom solution to transform data from rows to columns using dynamic SQL.
2 Mar 2009
pavan k vadlamudi
Creates database documentation table(s) schema
22 Aug 2011
DataBinding in WPF Browser Application using SQL Server Compact
25 May 2010
Muhammad alaa
use date and time as separated components in SQL Server 2000 and above
2 Feb 2011
An abstract syntax tree implementation for SQL
2 May 2013
Koray Dakan, PMP
DBMapper - A new ORM tool for vendor-neutral solutions
5 Apr 2009
Tarek Najem
How to delete duplicate entries from a data store, while leaving a single copy.
30 Oct 2009
Ramy Mahrous
How to deploy your reports programmatically in away like BIDS
19 Dec 2011
David Catriel
Creating a .NET trigger for SQL Server that will log (down to the field level) all changes made to tables.
23 Oct 2013
Distributed transaction between MS SQL Server and MariaDB - A myth.
2 May 2013
This website will help those people who actually need blood at the right time.
27 Nov 2013
S. M. Ahasan Habib
In this article I explain how can we identify duplicate rows from database table and clean them up. I also cover duplicate XML nodes inside XML type fields having the same problem and a solution.
23 Sep 2010
Kannan K R
In this article, we see a stored procedure to create pivot tables with multiple summary functions from an existing table.
23 Apr 2012
SSIS and Excel Automation
17 Jul 2013
Tom Glick Philadelphia, US
Run-Time Stored Procedure Processing (get input values, return GridView/Excel File)
29 Jun 2012
Venkat Chaitanya Kanumukula
Maintenance of Definition's in multiple Dynamics AX Environments
16 Dec 2011
An efficient implementation of paging using a Repeater and the OVER() keyword in SQL Server 2005.
23 Nov 2009
Configuration of .NET applications using database
12 Mar 2012
Not Active
A comparison of performance between ADO.NET and Entity Framework.
5 Feb 2010
John Mokkosian-Kane, Daniel Hsu
To demonstrate Azure and EDA, this article will show you how to build a flight delay management system for all US airports in clouds with Windows Azure.
16 Jun 2010
Akbar Ali Bhatti
Executing a web service in a CLR based Table Valued Function resolving the problems faced during its execution and finally representing the IEnumerable output as a table in SQL Server.
11 Jan 2012
Venkat Chaitanya Kanumukula
T-SQL Code for Converting Stored Procedure results to Tables Dynamically
16 Oct 2013
Generating typed field accessors and applying them to object mapping and SQL Stored Procedures
21 Mar 2010
Md. Marufuzzaman
Few step(s) to remove SQL Server database user(s) when you are facing error like “The database principal owns a database role and cannot be dropped.” for dropping a user.
28 Aug 2012
akhil khare
Find multiple strings (delimenated by space) in all selected columns.
10 Aug 2009
Friedrich Brunzema
An article exploring integrating a fingerprint reader into a user's application
2 Oct 2013
Dnyaneshwar Pawar
Implementation of AES in C# and SQL Server 2008.
2 Jun 2017
A brief introduction on how to use FOR XML clause in AUTO mode in Microsoft SQL Server to return data in XML format
2 Jun 2017
A brief introduction on how to use FOR XML clause in EXPLICIT mode in Microsoft SQL Server to return data in XML format
8 Sep 2009
Md. Marufuzzaman
How to generate SQL object script using C#.NET
19 Jul 2012
How to generate XML from SQL Server 2008 DB and update DB from XML.
24 Dec 2009
Automatically parses SQL tables into C# classes with functions like insert, select, etc.
10 Jun 2013
Mario Stopfer
Generic database access model which generalizes the interactions with any particular database system.
25 Jan 2010
Generic grid search and data paging explained.
26 Jul 2009
Md. Marufuzzaman
An easy way to get a list of extended storedProcedure allowed to you for common use
19 Jul 2009
Md. Marufuzzaman
Get SQL Table Information
20 Aug 2012
Using a script transform with C# to convert Julian (ordinal?) dates for a date dimension.
19 Aug 2009
Md. Marufuzzaman
A list of Global variables in SQL Server and their uses in Transact-SQL
24 Jun 2015
Khaled Abdelhamid
Drawing on a web page on the fly using GDI+ and Flood-Fill Technique
11 Jun 2009
New feature - SQL Server 2008 Grouping Sets.
11 Jun 2009
MS SQL Server 2008 new feature, the HierarchyID data type.
19 May 2011
Discusses the limitations and undocumented high DPI printing capabilities of the local WinForms Report Viewer control.
29 Jul 2009
Md. Marufuzzaman
This article will demonstrate the best practice to protect SQL server code object.
18 Nov 2010
An end to end article describing how to use file stream data type in SQL Server. This article discusses both SQL Server and .NET side of things.
20 Jul 2009
Md. Marufuzzaman
How many records are there in your database?
30 Apr 2012
How SQL Server deletes records
19 Jun 2012
Samer M. Abdallah
Access SQL database from iPhone Via WCF and JSON hosted on IIS 7.5
6 Feb 2010
Ali Marzban
Changing ConnectionString like an attribute in C#
29 Apr 2009
Kamran Hazari
How to create Linked servers in a minute in an easy way
10 Jun 2011
Md. Marufuzzaman
How to create your first SQL Server Integration Services (SSIS) package - part 1
28 Mar 2013
Khorshed Alam, Dhaka
How to execute multiple long running SQL Statement Asynchronously in smaller chunks
18 Aug 2013
Maxim Rudoi
A simple way to create an XML file from SQL Server tables using SSIS
24 Apr 2010
Syed Adnan Ahmed
This article describes step by step details of how to install and configure SharePoint Server 2010 RTM
15 Jun 2009
Md. Marufuzzaman
This article will demonstrate how we can integrate T-SQL with an external application.
22 Apr 2009
Christopher Geyer
Creating a sortable GridView is easy. But, what if you want to perform a nonalphabetic sort on a column that is alphabetical? Answer below...
2 Dec 2008
How to pass multiple records to a Stored Procedure in a single roundtrip.
13 Jun 2017
Vadim Loboda
A way to persist C# object graph to database with single procedure using ADO.NET and table valued parameters
22 May 2009
Md. Marufuzzaman
An easy technique to store any file into SQL database
31 Dec 2008
How to use a script component as a data source for multi-result set Stored Procedures.
20 Nov 2009
Retrieving appointments without having to store all future occurrences
18 Oct 2013
Brian C Hart
To save you from hunting through the docs and locating downloads, we gather both databases here and walk you through installing them using SQL Server Management Studio Express -- updated for SQL Server 2008 Express Edition!
16 Jan 2009
Vivekananda Swamy.M
This article mainly describes how to import data from Excel sheet to SQL Server, Viewing the data from SQL Server using the Gridview Control, Deleting the Data. In case the Excel sheet does not contain data (null values), those values are replaced by zero.........
25 May 2010
A step by step explanation of how a recursive CTE actually works.
10 Dec 2009
Christopher R Davis, Michael S Knight
Generate applications using Inversion of Control with the nHydrate code generator.
3 May 2013
Mohan Mallampalli
A HTML5 note taking app capable of capturing Video notes.
12 Dec 2013
Mehmet Murat TANDOĞAN
How to use jQuery mobile autocomplete in ASP.NET using generic handler(.ashx) file with database connection.
11 Mar 2014
Moises Barba
Implementing the Repository and Unit of Work Patterns dynamically using Kerosene ORM
24 Jun 2013
Time to automate the sign-in and sign-out process at the pre-school. Get it online, real-time and in the cloud
8 Nov 2011
Kanasz Robert
This article is about library for scripting SQL Server database objects and examples representing how this library can be used.
28 Jul 2009
Shivprasad koirala
Concurrency handling, compiled queries, CRUD implementation, and mapping simple .NET classes with XML file configuration.
1 Jun 2014
In this article, I am going to demonstrate how to get more data on demand i.e. On every click of button fetch more records from SQL Server database table and load in GridView with wait/progress/loading image as shown in image in ASP.NET using both C# and VB languages.
5 Jun 2009
Mycroft Holmes
Using SQL Server 2008 Hierarchy ID data type to populate a TreeView
26 May 2011
Keshav Singh
Through this video I have tried to explain the concept of log shipping in MS SQL Server. It's broken into 2 parts, this is the first part.
26 May 2011
Keshav Singh
Through this video I have tried to explain the concept of log shipping in MS SQL Server. It's broken into 2 parts, this is the second part.
6 Aug 2013
Michiel du Toit
Explaining and demonstrating the use of the APPLY keyword for SQL Server
28 Feb 2009
Igor Krupitsky
This article explains how to do Market Basket Analysis in SSAS 2005 (Microsoft SQL Analysis Services).
11 Jun 2009
Microsoft SQL Server 2008 new feature, Merge Statement
8 Mar 2011
Keshav Singh
CDC is a new feature for logging DML changes. In this article, we will see how CDC could be put to use and how efficiently it could serve our purpose.
28 Nov 2011
Member 7656529
A review of the book Microsoft Visual Studio LightSwitch Business Application Development.
20 Sep 2011
This article describes how to mimic the null-safe equal to operator using an UDF in SQL Server.
11 May 2009
Ladislav Nevery
Native MySql Client not requiring any special driver or library
31 Mar 2009
Explains how to do multi language reports in SSRS
31 Dec 2009
Christopher R Davis, Michael S Knight
Extend nHydrate with your own custom generator templates.
8 Sep 2009
Muhammad Akhtar Shiekh
An artcile on End to End solution to optimized paging and sorting in ASP.NET GridView using Object Data Source.
25 Aug 2009
Md. Marufuzzaman
Basic overview of SQL Server 2005/2008 Table Indexing
13 May 2009
Mohammad Al Hoss
Passing an array as parameter to SQL server Procedure
10 Jan 2018
Amir Jalilifard
In this article, you are going to learn about P2P Network and Windows Communication Foundation to share your files between peers through a P2P network.
16 Jan 2009
Performance comparison - Identity() x NewId() x NewSequentialId.
6 Jan 2010
Mohammad Dayyan
With Persian Diary, you can navigate in Persian Calendar and store your memorandums
25 Feb 2011
This article describes the pseudo column to identify the unique physical location of a single row.
13 May 2011
Keshav Singh
SQL Server 2008 provides a very efficient SQL policy administrator which constantly monitors the server and reports errors appropriately. Administrators can define policies and ensure that they are being adhered to by evaluating the policies.
15 Dec 2008
Rajib Bahar
This article is a part of a series of articles that shows HOW-TO do various tasks in powershell.
25 Jul 2009
Md. Marufuzzaman
This article will demonstrate the procedure to shrink the database transaction log.
13 Oct 2009
Query Optimization – Remove Bookmark Lookup – Remove RID Lookup – Remove Key Lookup
22 Sep 2009
Abhijit Jana
Basic overview of temporary Tables in SQL Server 2005
8 Jan 2011
Working around an Entity Framework exclusion of sql_variant
10 Apr 2015
Rajeesh Madambat
Refer and write your own business logic in C# and add it to SSIS script task.
11 Oct 2009
describes how to create SQL Wrapper for Regular Expressions using SQL Server CLR Integration
7 Feb 2013
Anupama Agarwal
This article describes how to create custom delivery extension of Reporting service with User Control (.ascx) instead of server control.
19 Apr 2012
Sacha Barber
A look at designing a service layer using good practices, and the MSFT technology stack.
15 Nov 2010
Restoring SQL Server Express 2008 Database with Click Once
18 Sep 2016
Using SSRS report, generate the PDF, save it into DB and send it through mail using C#
7 Mar 2010
Surath Rath - 2010
This article introduces the fundamental concepts behind SQL Server 2008 Application Role and illustrates its use in securing data and database objects.
3 Apr 2019
Mahsa Hassankashi
Best approach for have more secure channel to transfer user information throughout the web
4 Jan 2010
Alexandru Cibotari
Set based and procedural approaches in examples tested on SQL Server 2008
6 Apr 2010
Ayman M. El-Hattab
Four reasons to directly query SharePoint logging database
11 Jan 2009
Fast and easy to use data access class library.
30 May 2012
Kieran Maltz, Cayen Systems
This article describes database communication using a generic Fluent NHibernate implementation.
27 Jun 2012
A small control to control paging in Windows Presentation Foundation.

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