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SharePoint 2010


Great Reads

by Jonathan Cardy
How to write scalable CAML queries that won't return list view threshold errors on large SharePoint lists.
by Abhijit Jana
A demo of how to integrate a Silverlight Application with SharePoint 2010
by Abhijit Jana
How to use Silverlight Chart Control with SharePoint 2010
by Eric Xue (brokensnow)
New features of SharePoint 2010 Integration with BI 4.0 (IOMS 4.0)

Latest Articles

by Member 879724
Deploy multiple SharePoint 2010 features with VS2010
by Bajirao_
SharePoint 2013 list DateTime column default value customization, set value to next 30 min
by Bajirao_
It's a SharePoint 2013 POC of modal popup in which HTML can be used as content of popup.
by Melick
Default SharePoint 2013 / 2010 system pages where you should take care when you go online

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SharePoint 2010 

5 Feb 2016 by Jonathan Cardy
How to write scalable CAML queries that won't return list view threshold errors on large SharePoint lists.
21 Sep 2015 by Atish Dipongkor
Synchronize Active Directory (AD) users to a SharePoint List. We will create a timer job for that. This timer job will periodically sync AD users to a SharePoint list.
19 Jul 2016 by senthill
This article describes how to create a usage report for SSRS reports that are hosted in the SharePoint Site.
13 Sep 2016 by Atish Dipongkor
How to create a Sandboxed Workflow Action for SharePoint On-Premise (2013 or 2010)
29 Sep 2016 by Roshan Parmar
This article shows how to view the workflow status with Rest API, how to navigate to workflow approval page, how to approve and reject the task with SharePoint REST API
27 Mar 2016 by M.M.Mohseni
This is a comprehensive windows C# application which watches specific folders and upload their entry to a SharePoint lists or document library
13 Mar 2014 by TeamImprover
Using AD as a source for your organisation chart is useful if you have deployed the foundation version of SharePoint but wish to maintain a centralised organisation chart with other applications. This article tells you how.
28 Jun 2014 by Elia Conchione
Moving from old SharePoint server? Something to import inside SharePoint 2013?
2 Oct 2013 by Anton Khritonenkov1
This article describes how to implement autocomplete for multiple SharePoitn 2010\2013 form fields using JavaScript.
4 Jul 2014 by Stephen Huen
Displays SharePoint events (or any calendar list) in a compact widget style calendar
8 Apr 2014 by ravi gunishetti
This article explains how to customize the CQWP using SharePoint 2010 without any code and deployment.
27 Sep 2013 by Manjunath Shrikantiah
Article shows to create a simple org/orgnization chart in sharepoint 2010.
6 Jul 2014 by Stephen Huen
Displays site structure in a hierarchical tree that is expandable and collapsible
2 Dec 2014 by rajanbha
How to create a custom top and left in SharePoint 2010
5 Jul 2014 by Stephen Huen
Displays images from a SharePoint Picture Library in a widget-like thumbnail layout
11 Apr 2016 by Shivprasad koirala
In this article, we will learn SharePoint step by step in 8 hours.
20 Aug 2015 by Imran Abdul Ghani
What is a Web Part? SharePoint Web Part is basically a reusable component designed for a particular task and can be easily added to a SharePoint page for customization/personalization. But for me as a developer, its a user control that is deployed at Site Collection level so that all sites under the
30 Jun 2016 by senthill
This article describes how to customize master page, how to customize home page and it will give you tips to improve the look and feel of the SharePoint site.
19 Oct 2016 by Atish Dipongkor
Writing CAML queries in a optimized, efficient and easiest way.