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Great Reads

by Christoph Buenger
Describes PHP application development with the free Scavix Web Development Framework (Scavix-WDF).
by Cristian Moldovan
jQuery unobtrusive validation plugin with Twitter Bootstrap 3 showing error messages as tooltips.
by J.Starkl
A windows-service which can handle different operations in separate threads and which can be controlled by a small GUI program
by gggustafson
This article introduces the reader to the steps taken to create a user control that displays a circular indeterminate progress control.

Latest Articles

by Florian Rappl
We look at running End-To-End tests in an Azure Pipeline using the Nightwatch.js framework with TypeScript.
by IAmJoshChang
We’re back to another day at creating the Cube Flyer again. In the last few posts, we added a basic sound effect to our game and it sure does make the experience better!
by Adam Zgagacz
Simple WinForms auto-repeat button in a few lines
by Steffen Ploetz
How to use GL's pixel buffer object (PBO) to copy one texture to another

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31 Oct 2014
Christoph Buenger
Describes PHP application development with the free Scavix Web Development Framework (Scavix-WDF).
25 Feb 2016
A windows-service which can handle different operations in separate threads and which can be controlled by a small GUI program
10 Apr 2013
This article introduces the reader to the steps taken to create a user control that displays a circular indeterminate progress control.
12 Apr 2017
Structured-Filter is a generic Web UI for building structured search or filter queries. It is a full jQuery UI widget, supporting various configurations and themes.
18 Dec 2017
Bill SerGio Jr.
Angular 5 Mobile Apps Video Framework in Angular 5 Combines HTML5 Canvas with JQuery Mobile. Sample App displays and plays MILLIONS of monetized videos from Hundreds of Tube Servers like YouTube, Youku, Vimeo, etc. Sample app Streams videos from app to any Smart TV.
17 Apr 2013
Herre Kuijpers
Extending the standard ASP.NET GridView control to add a vertical scrollbar in the grid
13 Jan 2012
A subclass of the WPF TextBox control that displays an ellipsis when the text doesn't fit.
13 Nov 2010
Kunal Chowdhury «IN»
Customized Scrolling in Silverlight using Expression Blend
13 Apr 2013
...for example a WYSIWYG HTML editor to edit or display emails...
9 Jun 2012
Pranay Rana
Calling Server Side function from Client Side Script
22 Jun 2012
Jobless Creature
This is a article on SOAP UI. This is used for web service load testing
5 May 2014
Gerald Gomes
This article will make an attempt to describe a basic way to start implementing animation in WPF.
5 May 2012
Rustem Gaifutdinov
How you can use prototyping in software development and how you can choose proper tool for that
22 Aug 2012
How to draw muliline formatted text on a System.Drawing.Graphics object.
13 Sep 2013
This article demonstrates how to create javascript tooltips.
25 Jan 2016
Why simple if we can be complex?
3 Mar 2017
Launch additionally a limited number of hand picked Programs, Documents or Folders from the taskbar
11 Oct 2013
ASP.NET Community
Recently I have come across a situation where I need to customize the UI of jQuery UI autocomplete plugin. For reference I am adding the plugin
28 Apr 2014
Dennis E White
Development of a jQuery plugin to be used to create and draw on a canvas element
7 Nov 2012
Aydin Khatamneajd
Using ModelMetadataProvider to Set Display Name Metadata for the Model Fields at Runtime
2 Apr 2013
Bernhard Häussermann
Shows how to programmatically enable full-keyboard-access tabbing behaviour in your Mac OS X application.
31 May 2013
Stas Wolski
This tutorial describes how to create a basic Google-like event calendar app for Windows 8.
19 Dec 2014
Use FlexibleMessageBox.Show to seamlessly replace your usages of MessageBox.Show and get more features in a single class you can easily add to your project
24 Mar 2014
Kevin Murani
Android sliding menu.
5 Oct 2012
Sunasara Imdadhusen
PDF MERGER and PROTECTOR is the best pdf merger software which is fast and powerful way to join(Merge) PDF files with password protection as well as you can apply stamper with either any type of image or text. Using this utility you don’t required installation of Adobe Acrobat. Looks Exciting ???
27 Apr 2018
A web color picker which looks like the one in Microsoft Office 2010
25 Jul 2014
Walks through the creation of an on-screen virtual keyboard for entering non-ASCII chars
7 Sep 2010
Nitin Kunte
Online Rich Text Editor with Mail Merge and download file as Word option
12 Jun 2013
Anshu Krishna
kLib: A small library to make DOM operations very easy.
10 Feb 2012
This project is a real-time multi-threaded trading application framework developed with WPF / MVVM
15 Sep 2010
Modesty Zhang
Some client side common tasks implemented by a jQuery Plug in with demo source code
16 Dec 2014
Steffen Ploetz
JavaScript plugin gaugeSVG to generate widely configurable SVG gauge for a web dashboard
13 Jan 2018
Yuval Naveh
A playback practice tool for musicians that allows slowing down, changing pitch, defining presets and loops on music files.
30 Jan 2012
Dirk Bahle
UI and code-behind is executed in different threads. Long running processes need asynchronous execution. This artice shows a way of doing this in a ViewModel approach.
2 Sep 2010
What is the start-up and system performance overhead for .Net, Mono, Java versus C++ and Forms, WPF, Swing versus MFC
2 Jan 2011
Ashish Kaila
Learn how to leverage UI automation in testing your UI and also to support accessibility features
5 Jun 2013
Rajat Bittharia
Grid based on JSON data using MVC with Entity Framework and MySQL.
26 Apr 2011
Eitan Michaelson
A custom tree control for Win32.
10 Jul 2013
Bishal Goswami
The Companion App: Its basically a utility app proposed for ultrabook which consists of the likes of a search tool, a geo location browsing tool and a language translator tool.
7 Jul 2014
Eduardo Antonio Cecilio Fernandes
How to handle asynchronous tasks in Android Activities
18 Apr 2013
Stuart Wheelwright
Step-by-step explanation of building a Task Timer app using web technologies, including HTML5, CSS3, JavaScript and jQuery Mobile.
16 Oct 2012
Igor Kushnarev
How 3D carousel could be implemented for Android platform
6 Aug 2013
MultiRangeSlider control to specify not intersecting ranges
16 Feb 2015
Scientific Calculator ZENO-5000: HTML 5, CSS 3 and client-side jQuery/JavaScript
30 May 2011
A Tri-State Tree View designed for Directory Browsing and Installers
27 Apr 2012
Praveen Meghwal
This article explains how to implement on-scroll loading data from the server using jQuery as seen on Facebook.
28 Apr 2011
Fred van Lieshout
OLE container implementation for hosting a Flash Player control using C++, with support for calls and callbacks between C++ and Flash ActionScript.
20 Feb 2013
Gregory Shpitalnik
Android: Ready to use simple directory chooser dialog with new folders creation ability - single Java class implementation.
17 Jun 2012
Vinayaka Amaresh
C# Forms RichTextEditor with custom hyperlink with Outlook address like text entities, custom popup listbox, and a screen tip.
20 Jan 2011
Kunal Chowdhury «IN»
This article will definitely help you. Here, I will show you how to modify the XAML to add different content to create a multi level row group header too.
31 Jan 2012
Anoop Pillai
Demonstrates how to use ASP.NET MVC, SignalR, EF and Knockout Js to build real time syncing UIs
12 Mar 2012
Dor Alon
iPhone Safari like ComboBox
15 May 2011
Shai Raiten
Create Masking using XAML for WP7, WPF and Silverlight
4 Aug 2010
Srivatsa Haridas
Simple steps to a Multithreaded application
30 Jan 2011
Sam Shiles
Bringing WPF like declarative data binding to ASP.NET Web Forms to enable declarative two-way data binding to any object whilst opening up MVVM UI development.
17 Nov 2010
Mario Majčica
A simple Flickr application using the Flickr.Net API library and some cool effects.
31 Aug 2014
Sunil Pandita
The articles intriduces with the concept of single page web application and describes in detail how we can built ome such using AngularJS
28 Feb 2011
Fredrik Bornander
Creating a command that can handle warnings and adapt to the way the user uses the UI.
27 Dec 2010
Ashish Kaila
Declaratively and visually create custom windows in WPF
26 Feb 2012
Samuel Gonzalo
A code first real life data model case
27 Sep 2010
This article demonstrates the steps in creating a simple jQuery plug-in with a sample called Map Scroller.
11 Oct 2013
ASP.NET Community
SilverlightThe Rich User Interface helped to create a website which will make the UI as a desktop application. Silverlight 4.0 even came with out
30 Oct 2011
Govardhana Reddy
Multilingual support for applications using Google Translator and jQuery.
23 Jan 2012
Bart Dubois
Describe how to create list of items with custom defined layout resource
31 Jan 2011
Mehdi Gholam
Quick reflection based data entry control in one line of code
21 May 2013
Xomega Team
A design pattern and implementation example for building advanced search forms
1 Apr 2011
An Introduction to a new Android-java based MVVM Presentation Framework
29 Jun 2010
This article describes a JSON data visualizer for popular Web Services like Google, Yahoo!, Bing, and Twitter using jQuery, JavaScript, and ASP.NET MVC 2.0.
8 Oct 2012
A MessageBox replacement with some much needed extras
1 Oct 2010
This article demonstrates how to create public and private members in JavaScript through a sample.
19 Oct 2010
"Fish" (David B. Trout)
Simple parsing of VS_VERSIONINFO version information strings displayed in an XP-style file-properties "Version" tab
10 Oct 2010
amr azab
Simple animated loading text, like last MSN messenger, show animation and transparent mask in WPF
20 Feb 2014
Vladimir Svyatski
How to correctly draw WinForms Tab Control with bottom alignment when visual styles are enabled
24 Aug 2014
Learn to create the UI part for your Android Application
29 Oct 2016
Nicolas Kogler
Extensible code editor with syntax highlighting, code completion and line numbering
21 Feb 2011
Amit Kumar Dutta
Discusses a simple and testable way to bind Commands inside DataTemplates (Parent-Child scenario) in any WPF or Silverlight application built with the MVVM design pattern
20 Jan 2011
Paul M. Parks
You can provide a Ribbon in Windows 7, but still support menu input, while only releasing one executable.
16 Sep 2010
Part 1 of creating a dynamical filtering mechanism in C#
13 Oct 2011
Helps you extend WPF designer and design controls right on the designer
27 Jun 2011
In this article, I will show you how to build a component model for ASP.NET MVC3 with Builder and Factory design patterns. You could use this model to write your strongly type components to binding data, handling harchical objects and write jQuery UI controls / HTML5 controls for ASP.NET MVC3.
2 Oct 2013
Description and usage with examples of a helper lib to create Swing applications
11 Jul 2013
A way to achieve automatic scrolling during a drag operation
3 Dec 2010
Create fully functional windows with custom chrome and caption buttons in WPF
6 Feb 2018
Stas Wolski
The article explains how to integrate dhtmlxScheduler, an AJAX-based, interactive event calendar, in your ASP.NET MVC application.
18 Jun 2011
Amit Kumar Dutta
Discusses a technique to record current geographic location from mobile and display in web pages (with Location History Browsing)
15 Mar 2011
How to draw and manage shapes onscreen via mouse gestures
25 Aug 2017
Basic user interaction designs with buttons in Web applications
28 Jan 2013
A simple WPF text clock gadget for Windows
20 Oct 2014
Provides an alternative to an ObservableCollection that is less UI intensive
20 Jan 2013
Bernhard Häussermann
An Objective-C class that sub-classes UIViewController to enable easily implementing split views in iPad applications.
13 Apr 2019
Florian Rappl
We look at running End-To-End tests in an Azure Pipeline using the Nightwatch.js framework with TypeScript.
9 Aug 2014
Ahmed Alaa El-Din
Help Beginners to move their 1st step into developing their android application
19 Jun 2012
A. Ganzer
Validation of input made as easy as possible for Windows.Forms, WPF, console-applications or any other purposes
30 May 2012
Murray Brooks Davis
How to make a simple, end-to-end, mobile, Java enterprise application including a RESTful web service and an Android client.
19 Mar 2014
Razi Syed
This is an alternative for "EntityUI Automatic UI Generator using CodeFirst Approach"
28 May 2013
Giorgio Minardi
How to create an MVC HTML Helper and package it for Nuget.
9 Aug 2011
You want a little pop-up window to show additional information when you hover over a field on the GridView. The example below shows information about the respective related table (foreign key) when you hover over the link.
31 Oct 2018
Adam Zgagacz
Simple WinForms auto-repeat button in a few lines
2 Mar 2013
Dennis E White
jQuery UI Alert dialogs to replace the JavaScript dialogs (alert, confirm, prompt)
5 Jul 2011
This article describes a new approach to business rule authoring in ASP.NET without the use of traditional decision tables
31 Mar 2011
This article describes how to plot path on Google map using array of latitude & longitude points.
1 Jul 2010
Unit-Testing of WPF User Controls via UI automation
7 Dec 2014
Shawn Lawsure
A usable suite of JavaScript UI controls written with TypeScript.
18 Apr 2015
Soufiane Rabhi
Business application based on WPF MVVM and Entity Framework 6
7 Sep 2010
Adi Saxena
Beginner level guide (step by step) on UI Automation Testing in iOS 4
12 Dec 2013
Mehmet Murat TANDOĞAN
How to use jQuery mobile autocomplete in ASP.NET using generic handler(.ashx) file with database connection.
2 Mar 2016
Er. Puneet Goel
Scroll View are widely used in Android Layouts. Now when a user scrolls the view, we need to find the scroll event of the scroll view. So this article is all about finding these events across all the Android API Versions.
13 Feb 2011
Vince Valenti
An example of how to add a checkbox to a list view column header. We also implement select/unselect all when a user toggles the checkbox.
14 Mar 2013
Develop a Preferences style sectioned list adapter using Android Mono C#.
19 Apr 2011
Joel Laird
A framework for creating and using HTML components
21 May 2014
Leslie Godwin
When you add additional layers to a UIView, those new layers don't animate in the same way that the UIView's Backing Layer does. I have a trick that fixes this gotcha good and proper.
15 Jun 2010
I have been a fan of the Windows Aero styled windows since Aero was first introduced in Windows Vista. However, there is little to no Aero inclusion in the .NET Framework, so I set out to create my own Windows Aero themed form.
16 Aug 2010
Sharan Basappa
This code shows how to host a third party application inside your own process Window, like Google Chrome & Internet Explorer 8
13 Jun 2018
A cross-browser collection of CSS box-shadow + Generator the file box-shadows.min.css + Box-shadow CSS Generator
14 Jan 2011
Nathan Campos
Making multiple virtual screens on your App Inventor project
8 Aug 2013
Paolo Parise
Fast data entry using association rules.
4 Apr 2013
Michael Mann (mann.DEV)
Plugin migration with new features of .NET 3.5.
27 Oct 2010
Ludmal de silva
PageManager is a web server control which allows developers to easily integrate jQuery and JavaScript files.
7 May 2013
Razi Syed
1 alternative  
Automatic UI Generator with two-way binding for ASP.NET Forms from an object using Code First Principals
4 Feb 2011
Ramu Sangabathula Original
When the user modifies ASP.NET web form fields and leaves the web form without saving it, we should notify the user about the modified data.
23 Apr 2015
David Rousset
Today, I’d like to share with you the basics of collisions, physics & bounding boxes by playing with the WebGL babylon.js engine and a physics engine companion named oimo.js.
4 Dec 2016
Member 12883374
Gaining extra control of an application's UI through accessing the visual tree
15 May 2010
Shubhabrata Mohanty
This article describes how a Worker thread can take control of the UI and can update the UI, created by the UI thread.
2 May 2011
Why to prefer object composition over inheritance
1 Nov 2010
Durgaprasad Budhwani
This example will give you knowledge about how to design your site for different cultures.
2 Jul 2010
UserControl with a custom ControlDesigner that prompts for the ControlName after drop in the Designer
31 Oct 2010
This article demonstrates how to use images in web and the things you have to take care on using them.
10 Dec 2010
Beavis Killer
This article demonstrates how to generate plain old class objects (POCO) from the Entity Framework v4 (EF4) and use them through RIA Services in SilverLight version 4.
2 Jun 2012
Ben Baron
Java source code to demonstrate Executable Integration which is a concept of integrating several distinct executables to create a single application
11 Oct 2013
ASP.NET Community
ASP.NET AJAX can be easily extended to create almost any control you can imagine. Be sure to take a look at the ASP.NET AJAX Control Toolkit.Blog
11 Oct 2013
ASP.NET Community
Basically when DataList is rendered HTML in Table and like below   HTML Code placed at ItemTemplate
19 Dec 2014
This article highlights a few of the advances in Corel Painter* 2015.
1 May 2015
Intel Corporation
This article covers design considerations for tablet apps, including UI design, session length, accommodating user differences, and localization.
27 Oct 2015
Intel Corporation
The goal of the series is to enable you to design a successful user interface experience into your project from the start.
5 Dec 2017
In this article I walk through the steps to add React’s best data grid – FlexGrid – to your web app using only Facebook’s Create React App, Wijmo, and a few lines of JavaScript.
1 Mar 2011
Michael Simonov
The article discusses dynamic xHtml to xHtml XSL transformations for PDF output purposes.

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