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by Sander Rossel
On the importance of Option Strict...
Implementation Nhibernate concept in VB.NET
by kirkaiya
A very simple, XAML-based month-view calendar that shows appointments, exposes events, and allows dragging appointments in the current month.
by Miran.Uhan
Grayscale and color scale filters.

Latest Articles

by nogChoco
LineNumbers that dock to a RichTextBox or show as an overlay on top of it
by Troy Simpson
Setup a simple and cheap computer controlled watering system using VB.NET or C# and a parallel port relay controller
by Avatar2400
This is a simple class that allows you to have message box with checkbox and other small features.
by icemanind
How to automatically create data access layers and business layers from a Microsoft Access or a SQL Server database

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25 Feb 2012
Sander Rossel
On the importance of Option Strict...
11 Sep 2016
This is a simple class that allows you to have message box with checkbox and other small features.
11 Oct 2013
How to use Masked Textbox control in .NET
25 May 2011
why not just create a custom handler for all the textboxes? addhandler textbox1.textchanged, addressof textchangedhandler addhandler textbox2.textchanged, addressof textchangedhandler .... 'add additional textbox handlers .... addhandler textbox7.textchanged, addressof...
5 Sep 2013
Mike Meinz
Function returns exe name and command line for the provided filename and extension.
16 Mar 2011
Luc Pattyn
How to use PRE tags to preserve formatting, and improve readability of code snippets or tabular data in posts.
10 Jun 2010
Anshul R
A class for N-Digit Arithmetic
13 Feb 2014
Mik Wadstrom
Simple way to use Crystal reports as embedded dynamic printable reports
10 Jun 2010
Anshul R
Converts a given decimal number to fraction
30 Apr 2013
Michael Rosqvist
If you want to measure something on the screen, here is a utility.
14 Jul 2010
imports system.iodim Filename as string = "C:\Users\Sony\Desktop\Readme.txt"dim FileInfo as new fileinfo(filename)'this gets the filename and extension e.g. ('this gets the (Fileinfo.extension)'this gets the...
17 Dec 2012
WPF Compare two brushes IsEquals
7 Jul 2011
Prerak Patel
How to remove characters from a numeric string
7 Jun 2013
How to convert a written number to a numerical value anywhere in a string.
14 Jul 2010
Koshy Panicker John
1 alternative  
File Name from Path
21 Jun 2010
William Winner
Here's an alternate: a custom class that is serializable to store all of that in instead of a single string that you'd then have to parse.Or store it all in an XML file. There are plenty of object-oriented ways to go about this that would be much more readable than just storing it all in a...
21 Jun 2010
Anshul R
1 alternative  
Saving a form's settings
5 Jul 2011
Syed Wayez Ahmed
1 alternative  
How to remove characters from a Numeric String:
2 Dec 2009
A simple entry box for various numbers, especially phone numbers.
24 May 2011
Anshul R
1 alternative  
Handle code redundancy for many controls in one subroutine

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