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by Chesnokov Yuriy
The article describing how computers may be used in intelligent annotation of the audio, video or image media data content with perculiar phenomenon arising from such novel field that can be coined as 'AI-xenophobia' or 'Cyber-xenophobia' or 'Cyborg-xenophobia'?
by Shao Voon Wong
A portable and easy-to-use C++ file library to read and write structured data
by Michael Dunn
Create custom tasks in your app's jump list on Windows 7
by logicchild
An article that explains how to use this library

Latest Articles

by Dominik Reichl
KeePass is a free, open source, light-weight and easy-to-use password manager.
by libbyliugang
A splitter control for dialog can auto change the linked window's position
by gintack
C++ header file to plot data in the form of x, y, z arrays and list as potential lines and graphs
by Shao Voon Wong
A portable and easy-to-use C++ file library to read and write structured data

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2 Jan 2019
Dominik Reichl
KeePass is a free, open source, light-weight and easy-to-use password manager.
29 Sep 2018
A splitter control for dialog can auto change the linked window's position
9 Jan 2018
Shao Voon Wong
A portable and easy-to-use C++ file library to read and write structured data
3 Jan 2018
Shao Voon Wong
A C++ Text Stream design which has read/write symmetry
30 Aug 2017
Ravimal Bandara
An implementation of Bag-Of-Feature descriptor based on SIFT features using OpenCV and C++ for content based image retrieval applications.
4 May 2016
Arthur V. Ratz
The following article demonstrates the implementation of a smart cross-platform textdiff lexicographical analyzer utility which can be used to find and locate the differences between two files.
12 Apr 2016
Shao Voon Wong
The C++ XML parsing article which should have been written since the advent of XML! This article defines a new Elmax abstraction model over the DOM model.
12 Apr 2016
Shao Voon Wong
Linq-To-XML Node Creation for Native C++
22 Oct 2015
David Johns, John_Tang
C++ SMTP client, support SSL and TLS encrypted connection to SMTP server
16 Jul 2015
Woong Gyu La
1 alternative  
How to create a server-client network quickly using template server-client framework, EpServerEngine (C++ and Windows Winsock).
2 Jul 2015
Woong Gyu La
This article explains 10 rules (steps) for replacing the recursive functions using stack and while-loop to avoid the stack-overflow.
1 Jul 2015
Woong Gyu La
How to create a server-client network quickly using IOCP TCP template server-client framework, EpServerEngine.cs (C#).
17 Mar 2015
Tsuda Kageyu
Provides the basic part of Microsoft Detours functionality for both x64/x86 environments.
2 Jul 2014
Mohammed El-Afifi
Given an existing win32 application, how to provide COM automation capability to it?
2 Jun 2014
Woong Gyu La
This is an alternative project of "OraLib - a lightweight C++ wrapper over Oracle's OCI library"
1 Nov 2013
Alfred Molnar
Call methods of an existing class in MFC asynchronously, while still preserving the thread affinity required by MFC and COM.
29 Oct 2013
Dezhi Zhao
This article shows a fast solution to Einstein's Riddle by using brutal search.
17 Oct 2013
Dialog box to choose data / Items and sort them
11 Oct 2013
In this article, we will discuss implementing conditional statements, loops and blocks.
22 Sep 2013
The CNativeInvoke class generates x86 function calling code at runtime and executes it.
15 Sep 2013
The Ultimate Toolbox,
The Ultimate Grid is now Open Source
3 Sep 2013
Nikolay Ananenko
Avoid horizontal scroll and effectivelly use whole horizontal control width: resize all columns except one to their content and this one to all remaining space.
22 Aug 2013
Woong Gyu La
This article explains Objective-C like C++ memory management class, SmartObject.
22 Aug 2013
Woong Gyu La
This article explains how to create your own simple Lock Framework for C++ synchronization.
21 Jun 2013
How and Where to use it!
25 Apr 2013
In the Face of God
Unmanaged code application accessing data in a database via Web Services without a database provider.
18 Mar 2013
Automatic thread synchronization classes which throw exceptions instead of error codes.
8 Mar 2013
This is a VB.NET and C# version of "Minimal Key Logger Using RAWINPUT".
22 Feb 2013
Asif Bahrainwala
HPC via Compute Shaders (GPGPU).
19 Feb 2013
Debdatta Basu
Introduction to C#/C++ interoperability, and a performance evaluation.
13 Feb 2013
The Ultimate Toolbox
Updates and User Contributions for the Ultimate Toolbox Libraries
27 Jan 2013
Jaskiran Singh
The topic discusses how to safely access the pointers, which are considered as bomb shells if used unsafely.
16 Jan 2013
Ajay Vijayvargiya
Covering the nitty-gritties of C++ templates.
22 Dec 2012
Anders Dalvander
An introduction to RPC programming. A simple RPC client/server application is explained.
18 Dec 2012
Lars [Large] Werner
Windows has built inn support for a lot of keyboard languages, this class makes it possible to extract that info in an easy manner and present it to screen.
5 Dec 2012
Andy Bantly
A class to aid in creation of AVI files
29 Nov 2012
Shanan Winters
Creating Menus (with Drop-Down Sub-Menus) using Images in WPF.
16 Nov 2012
Andy Bantly
An easy DOS framework for creating and managing a service
31 Oct 2012
Francesco Aruta
A toolbar editor for Visual Studio. It can modify, add and create buttons, images and all that is needed for a toolbar.
27 Oct 2012
Using the Actor Programming Model
19 Aug 2012
Dan Randolph
C# interop using platform invoke and C++ vectors to implement fast searching and selection on index keys
13 Aug 2012
Lars [Large] Werner
When loading a keyboard dll as a 32-bit application on a 64-bit system, the keyboard-dll-files does not work as expected, this class fixes that problem
8 Aug 2012
vtable modification and destruction event handling
29 Jul 2012
A useful skill to get rid of ATL, but do similar flexible architectures by yourself.
25 Jul 2012
Long Nguyen (xyz)
This is about how to make a simple sofware like photoshop using Visual Studio C++ and OpenCV
1 Jul 2012
Ajay Vijayvargiya
Let's dwell deeper into C++ templates!
19 Jun 2012
Dominik Reichl
CSHA1 - A C++ class implementation of the SHA-1 hash algorithm
17 Jun 2012
This is an alternative for "regsvr42: Generate SxS Manifest Files from Native DLLs for Registration-Free COM"
3 Jun 2012
embedded ref-counted resource management
25 May 2012
Asif Bahrainwala
Device hooking
17 May 2012
Ahmed Charfeddine
A Websocket protocol implementation atop the ush Framework real time library plus a demo example featuring four types of communication workflows between the HTML5 web client and the server.
16 May 2012
The implementation of multidimensional wavelet transform
14 May 2012
This article shows how to create a Java Swing GUI application in Netbeans and interface it with JNI DLL.
18 Apr 2012
Ivan Shcherbakov
The article describes 10 time-saving debugging techniques available in Visual Studio.
1 Jan 2012
Mike G. P.Mee
1 alternative  
An alternative to hooked key logging.
24 Nov 2011
SystemFramework defines interfaces, classes, and types to support a native runtime system with its own garbage collector, delegates, etc. The design of SystemFramework classes is similar to those of the .NET Framework.
24 Sep 2011
This article shows how to change the pitch and tempo of a sound.
12 Sep 2011
Michael Dunn
This article demonstrates new button and menu features of the Ribbon
9 Sep 2011
Ian Bell, #2
A sample C++ project that uses DES to combine two or more AVI files.
25 Aug 2011
An asynchronous HTTP download class for C++
13 Aug 2011
Eduardo Tucci
This tutorial shows Library Code for Geometries 2D how to draw them programatically and how draw to objects using the mouse in an application MFC.
7 Aug 2011
This article illustrates the application of ATL/WTL by building a simple text editor based on the WTL objects
7 Aug 2011
Eduardo Tucci
OAG is a library written in C++. With this library, you can create OpenGL based applications.
18 Jul 2011
Michael Dunn
This article shows how to control various Ribbon and command properties at runtime
17 Jul 2011
Problems I encountered when polishing the GUI of an existing 200K LOC application.
15 Jul 2011
Collection of Q&A from VC++ forum
5 Jul 2011
How fast is C++ compared to C#? Let's compare code ported directly between the two languages.
12 Jun 2011
Wanderley Caloni
Exception based error check that automates the FAILED() comparison.
29 May 2011
This article demonstrates a file preview control in a WTL application.
19 May 2011
An article meant to introduce and expand upon the Intel Threading Building Blocks threading library
27 Apr 2011
Michael Dunn
This article describes how to lay out controls in the Windows native Ribbon
14 Apr 2011
An MFC slider control that accepts and works with most POD types and has enhanced appearance.
22 Feb 2011
Michael Dunn
A tutorial that shows how to get started using the Ribbon in your applications
10 Feb 2011
Tanvi K Shah, Steve H Davis
How to give your users a smooth scrolling experience with High Resolution Mouse Wheels
8 Feb 2011
Interface-based programming, Runtime class discovery, Dynamic class loading from DLL
3 Feb 2011
Martin Fuchs
ExcelFormat allows reading, writing, and editing of XLS (BIFF8 format) files using C++.
10 Jan 2011
GPU Implementation of Extended Gaussian mixture model for Background Subtraction
3 Jan 2011
An open C++ library to serialize objects as XML
2 Jan 2011
A demonstration of resizing controls on a dialog box with minimal changes to existing Win32 code via resource markup
29 Dec 2010
An article that describes some of the important parts of Direct3D program code.
14 Dec 2010
A vcproj formatter that makes vcproj diffing/merging a breeze even with simple text-based mergers. Controllable text encoding.
11 Dec 2010
An article that desribes some essentials to help learn the DirectX technology.
4 Dec 2010
A Win32 API non-blocking sockets implementation, client side.
22 Nov 2010
Vitaly Tomilov
Access detailed information about the current process the easiest way.
22 Nov 2010
Vitaly Tomilov
A simplified and unified way for accessing most frequently used information about Process, System, and Environment.
14 Nov 2010
An enum with macro + template magic, providing type safety and type info
1 Nov 2010
Article showing how to write OS and GUI toolkit portable OpenGL view class
23 Oct 2010
Eduardo Tucci
This tutorial shows library code for 2D Texts and how to draw them programatically using the mouse in an MFC application.
22 Oct 2010
Mustafa Chelik
Play XM music files in pure C++ using unpacked BASSMOD.dll from file and memory
22 Oct 2010
Eduardo Tucci
This tutorial shows library code for 2D Textures and how to draw them programatically using the mouse in an MFC application.
19 Oct 2010
"Fish" (David B. Trout)
Simple parsing of VS_VERSIONINFO version information strings displayed in an XP-style file-properties "Version" tab
27 Sep 2010
This article provides a macro + template solution to support .NET-like Reflection for enums such as ToString, IsDefined, Parse, GetValues, GetNames.
24 Sep 2010
Sarath C
In this installment, let’s see how to handle the events of Windows 7 native ribbon control.
18 Sep 2010
David Crow
A brief explanation on how to interpret the 'logon hours' member of the USER_INFO structures
2 Sep 2010
What is the start-up and system performance overhead for .Net, Mono, Java versus C++ and Forms, WPF, Swing versus MFC
5 Aug 2010
Shiju PK
Implementing an edge based template matching or pattern matching algorithm.
25 Jul 2010
Collection of Q&A from VC++ forum
22 Jul 2010
Giving full control over the communication with a GPS device in a limited environment.
12 Jul 2010
Borodenko Oleg
Adjustable contol with zooming and scrolling tabs, dragging with the mouse, custom drawing and much more
3 Jul 2010
Compiling and debugging VC++ 6.0 project in VS 2008
27 Jun 2010
Wayne Wood
Verify the execution efficiency of a short CUDA program when using the library thrust
8 Jun 2010
This article is about creating cool buttons on a dialog
6 Jun 2010
A Snake game in a Win32 Console
5 Jun 2010
Have some fun with the console, animate the American flag
18 May 2010
Syed Aftab Naqvi
Hosting Silverlight control in C++ using ATL
6 May 2010
A simple thread pool with minimal dependencies
6 May 2010
Chris Maunder
A fully featured MFC grid control for displaying tabular data. The grid is a custom control derived from CWnd
25 Apr 2010
Scot Brennecke
A string array class using MFC or STL that performs very fast multiple string searches
18 Apr 2010
This article shows how to instantiate a COM object in Tcl/Tk and use its methods and properties.
13 Apr 2010
Alain Rist
Including a Ribbon UI Implementation Guide with examples and a dual UI enabled legacy application
7 Apr 2010
Support for Reading XML in MySQL
7 Apr 2010
Aric Wang
The aritcle gives you a way to export web browser's favorites.
5 Apr 2010
Aric Wang
Really a tiny class, used to get the currently webpage's net speed you are opening
25 Feb 2010
The way to calculate a collection of folders size with VC++
22 Feb 2010
Aric Wang
The article will give you an idea on how to design a source filter.The source filter creates samples and outputs it from its output pin.
19 Feb 2010
A practice of using Windows GDI and Winsock.
9 Feb 2010
Habeeballah Hasnoddin
A Property Sheet as an ActiveX control
27 Jan 2010
Igor Tolmachev
Displays the old "two monitors" icon in Windows 7 that flashed blue to show network activity on the System Tray.
17 Jan 2010
Aric Wang
This is a class derived from CWinThread class. It is used to record and play sound in the specific thread.
12 Jan 2010
Wu Xuesong
An article on using a C++ template functor and a member function pointer.
1 Jan 2010
Aric Wang
Many popular MP3 players have cool desktop lyrics, this demo uses a simple method to realize it. Happy new year!
27 Dec 2009
Aric Wang
To show you how to create a easy animation with palette
20 Nov 2009
Brett D Johnson
Automate file version updates for large suites of C++, C#, and VB apps.
7 Nov 2009
Ali Tavakol
Fast, beautiful, real and easy to connect to your application
6 Nov 2009
A C++ template class for fixed point mathematics.
1 Nov 2009
Ali Tavakol
Fast, real, and easy to connect to your application.
8 Oct 2009
Chris Losinger
A simple class to animate the movement of child windows
27 Sep 2009
Ernest Laurentin
Complete Client/Server Socket Communication class with threadpool implementation. Easy to use and integrate into C++ application. Linux/UNIX port available.
18 Sep 2009
A method to inject an entire executable into another process (thereby avoiding the need for a DLL)
14 Sep 2009
Michael Dunn
An intro to using Taskbar progress bars and overlay icons with your Windows 7 applications
11 Sep 2009
Chesnokov Yuriy
The article describing how computers may be used in intelligent annotation of the audio, video or image media data content with perculiar phenomenon arising from such novel field that can be coined as 'AI-xenophobia' or 'Cyber-xenophobia' or 'Cyborg-xenophobia'?
6 Sep 2009
Shows you how to implement a DirectX Render Window into a .NET Form.
3 Sep 2009
Alain Rist
A submisson to the CodeProject Lean and Mean challenge.
28 Aug 2009
Alex Blekhman
A simple Calendar utility that demonstrates basic Shell extensibility techniques: desk band, tray notification icon, locales.
13 Aug 2009
S. Senthil Kumar
An application to find undisposed objects in your .NET application.
29 Jul 2009
Joel Ivory Johnson
Recreated an old game as a simple demonstration of DirectDraw.
29 Jul 2009
Introduce the algorithm and technique for pre-drawing process speed up.
3 Jul 2009
Poll using EnumProcess to get process create notification in user-mode
29 Jun 2009
Michael Dunn
Create custom tasks in your app's jump list on Windows 7
9 Jun 2009
Flying Light
MFC Application to rename an Existing Visual Studio Project
19 May 2009
Michael Dunn
An intro to using jump lists with your Windows 7 applications
13 May 2009
Automation framework application development, realize the software functions and software frame separation. Support plug-in support theme
11 May 2009
This is a simple text editor based on Edit control
28 Apr 2009
Emre Özgür İnce
An approach for using the SFMT (SIMD-oriented Fast Mersenne Twister) random number generator algorithm.
26 Apr 2009
Igor Vigdorchik
Class wrappers around the Win32 multi-monitor API
20 Apr 2009
Nibu babu thomas
MFC Feature Pack - CMFCEditBrowseCtrl
9 Apr 2009
Capturing video from webcam and VMR9 windowless rendering with DirectShow.
22 Mar 2009
The article describes a smart binding of C++ objects.
20 Mar 2009
A Model-View-Controller Framework that integrates with the MFC Doc/View architecture
20 Mar 2009
Introduction to an MVC Framework that integrates with the MFC Doc/View architecture
19 Mar 2009
A Model-View-Controller Framework that integrates with the MFC Doc/View architecture.
19 Mar 2009
Gernot Frisch
This class takes care of the child window placement when you resize an MFC dialog. Also stores the size in the Registry for the next call.
17 Mar 2009
Valery Grebnev
This article describes a heuristic approach when developing reader/writer spin-locks for Windows XP/Vista.
5 Mar 2009
Ernest Laurentin
Full-fledged ATL Windowless ActiveX Container. Ideal for hosting Windows Media Player, Transparent Flash and Silverlight Animations.
5 Mar 2009
This is a tiny tool to create multi virtual desktop, and allows you to switch between them.
23 Feb 2009
Zhiwei Liu
A beginner's guide to creating COM/DCOM server and client under .NET 2008 environment.
18 Feb 2009
Alain Rist
OOo::DocWindow and WTL::COOoCtrl classes to work on any Microsoft-Office document, and Open Office SDK integration in Visual Studio/VCExpress 2005/2008
13 Feb 2009
Domagoj Šarić
A tiny WinAMP output DLL that uses a C++ replacement of the official ASIO SDK that supports multiple ASIO devices.
11 Feb 2009
A console program that captures audio but does not save it.
10 Feb 2009
A console program that captures audio and saves it with simultaneous preview.
26 Jan 2009
Peter Wilson
Create an empty DOM document using Xerces for C++.
15 Jan 2009
A simple MFC dialog-based framework that mimics the behavior of the MS On-Screen Keyboard.
30 Dec 2008
Sarath C
Dynamically Add/Edit Environment variables of Remote process
21 Dec 2008
Boris Kolesnikov
Generates PNG files called tiles which form a layer on a GIS map
21 Dec 2008
Gopi Krishna Nuti
Code snippets detailing Interop programming in C# and ATLCOM
15 Dec 2008
Murali Kartha
How to get the virtual address of an API in a user land process from Ring0
3 Dec 2008
How to read audio, video devices and codecs installed on a PC via DirectShow.
30 Nov 2008
How to read audio input devices in DirectX.
1 Nov 2008
An utility to turn off monitor as soon as we lock the machine (Windows).
28 Oct 2008
Kevin Yochum
Implement a gSOAP interface to eBay using Visual C++ 2008.
20 Oct 2008
How to wrap an MFC collection into an STL compliant iterator with the Boost iterator_facade.
13 Oct 2008
Jason Hamilton
This article introduces and explains the use of the serial_interface class. An easy way to add serial port interfaces to your C++ code.
8 Oct 2008
Optimizing algorithms at runtime with a domain-specific embedded language (DSEL) and LLVM.
6 Oct 2008
Michael Chourdakis
The way to automate the help assistant process in C++ without dirty scripting code.
4 Oct 2008
This article shows how to Create your own Browser using WebBrowser Control.
28 Sep 2008
This article explains how to make a plug-in for Solitaire that displays a high score table. By way of Codecave, Solitaire will automatically execute a DLL for this plug-in -- thus no user intervention required!
24 Sep 2008
Ever wanted to know how to call internal functions of other processes? This is an article on just that -- you'll learn how to read disassembled code in a project where the source code is known, and then apply that knowledge on an application where it isn't.
4 Sep 2008
Ernest Laurentin
Multimedia PeakMeter control - .NET version
29 Aug 2008
Adrian Savage
Simulation in OSG using discrete events, a Ternary Heap and Interpolation
21 Aug 2008
A sample application with source code in three .NET languages (Basic, C#, C++) on using the new (.NET 3.0+) System.Speech Class.
19 Aug 2008
Cristian Adam
1 alternative  
This tool will spy on COM registration process and create side by side (SxS) manifest file(s)
18 Aug 2008
A custom listbox control to help visually manipulate data.
6 Aug 2008
An implementation of an (almost) std::map compatible data structure which offers better performance and memory utilization.
3 Aug 2008
Darren Sessions
StyleDialog may be used independently or in conjunction with the Style Toolkit.
31 Jul 2008
Pradeep Kothari
Installing Windows XP Embedded
17 Jul 2008
This article gives a method which apply the MRU algorithm of the cache to save the frequent accessing data in process and the file systems to save the infrequent accessing data out of process.
10 Jul 2008
Chesnokov Yuriy
The article describes the use of Haar-like wavelet features for ultra fast object detection using a cascade of artificial neural network classifiers.
30 Jun 2008
An application that stores and manages useful code snippets and keeps them always handy.
29 Jun 2008
Liping Dai
A C++ Smart Pointer Template Class Implementation
20 Jun 2008
Jim Crafton
Part 2 of 4 that explores the Model-View-Controller Pattern in the Visual Component Framework
17 Jun 2008
Jim Crafton
An introduction to the Model-View-Controller Pattern in the Visual Component Framework.
17 Jun 2008
Jim Crafton
An article describing how to use delegates in the VCF.
13 Jun 2008
A small tutorial on how to use XInput (requires the DX SDK) to handle input from an Xbox 360 Controller for Windows.
4 Jun 2008
Alex Hazanov
Example on how templates can help you to generalize your code
2 Jun 2008
Bharath NS
Multithreaded GUI solution for starvation in Dining Philosopher problem

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