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Great Reads

by Hans Dietrich
XColorSpectrumCtrl displays a color spectrum that allows user selection, and provides APIs for color based on RGB and HSL color models.
by Paul Vickery
Code to add a message bar to virtually any existing Windows control.
by Sergey Alexandrovich Kryukov
Display names and descriptions for enumeration members: a non-intrusive, reliable, localizeable method.
by Hans Dietrich
This series of articles is a step-by-step guide to reading files stored in your program's resources. Along the way I will present some non-MFC classes to assist you in reading text, binary, zip, and even encrypted files that have been compiled into your program as resources.

Latest Articles

by Brett Rowbotham
Add-in for VS2005, VS2013/2015 and VS2017/2019 that provides the time taken to build a complete solution
by nogChoco
LineNumbers that dock to a RichTextBox or show as an overlay on top of it
by Zasky
A useful tool to help you understand DataGridView events as you navigate the DataGridView
by Troy Simpson
Setup a simple and cheap computer controlled watering system using VB.NET or C# and a parallel port relay controller

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16 Feb 2011
jim lahey
Or you could just pop over to:[^]Use the exhaustive samples they provide and not hard code your connection strings by using a standard .NET configuration file:[^]
20 Nov 2010
Ajay Vijayvargiya
Open the Folder of current file with a simple keystroke
20 Nov 2011
Bernhard Hiller
That's far too obscure.All you need to do is store a reference to the TabPage instance which was removed from the TabPages collection of the TabControl. You may use the form where the TabControl is placed for that purpose.You could also create your own TabControl which has an extra property...
11 Sep 2016
This is a simple class that allows you to have message box with checkbox and other small features.
7 Jun 2012
Mario Majčica
A well justified practice for mapping TFS collections on your local PC.
20 Sep 2012
Sreedhar Puligundla
Simple steps to create SQL joins by using SQL Server 2008 Management Studio
17 Feb 2011
While dealing with databases, sometimes there is a need to get a list of tables in the application
3 Mar 2011
The ConnectionStringBuilder classes in .NET can be quite handy...[^].
19 Jan 2016
Graham Wilson
A collection of simple .NET 2.0 controls and utilities.
26 Jul 2016
Yochai Timmer
Debugging C++ projects in release. Finding the lost object information
24 Apr 2010
Md. Marufuzzaman
Introduction How can you lock your Windows NT based Workstation programmatically? To do this, you just need a little basic knowledge on how to use user32.dll. Here you will find a function name as LockWorkStation() and you need to know how to call this function. A sample example with the...
11 Dec 2017
Fabrice Lacharme
Yet another slider/trackbar in C#
28 May 2013
Code to serialize/deserialize any object to an XML file.
3 Jan 2008
Radhakrishna Banavalikar
This project gives a basic idea of how to develop patient monitoring systems based on a Windows Mobile device.
27 Sep 2013
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Communication with database in .NET is easy but sometimes one gets stuck by wrong format of connection string
10 Dec 2013
Connect to remote socket via System.Net.Sockets.Socket.Connect method with timeout controlled by System.Threading.Timer
21 Aug 2017
Biruk Abebe
How to completely take control of drawing a custom application window including the captionbar, menubar, toolbar, borders and statusbar in MFC Single document interface (SDI) applications using the MfcSkinSDI class.
17 Nov 2015
SOUI is a directui library and had been used in many commercial softwares, which is published based on MIT and is completely free to any user.
14 Feb 2011
Andrew Rissing
The following samples should take advantage of using statements and furthermore built in features of the ADO.NET framework. Furthermore, if you open a connection, make sure you open it at the latest time possible and close it as soon as possible.Edit: While I was originally not trying to...
8 Aug 2013
Peter T. Ringering
A complete replacement to Microsoft's Date/Time Picker control.
4 Feb 2013
Normz Antonino
This tip shows you how to convert numbers to words neatly.
25 Apr 2013
Mukit, Ataul
This tip tells you what to do when you are faced with the RC2135 problem in the resource file.
8 Jun 2012
Joshi, Rushikesh
How to Generate Sample XML from XSD
25 Jul 2013
This article will describe about SQLConnection Message Event Handler and BackugroundWorker functionlity.
24 Feb 2011
Nice,How about adding a couple of other methodspublic static void Parameter(IDbCommand command, string naam, object value){ IDbDataParameter par = command.CreateParameter(); par.ParameterName = naam; par.Value = value ?? DBNull.Value; ...
12 Jan 2012
Mihai MOGA
How to get temporary files with any extension.
16 Mar 2009
This tip shows how to build an FxEngine plugin to stream video data from a webcam
18 Sep 2012
Anup Kumar Verma
Taskbar Notification like animation in WPF from code behind
7 Oct 2012
Frans Jan
This article shows how to save a Windows Form to a PDF file.
30 Apr 2013
Michael Rosqvist
If you want to measure something on the screen, here is a utility.
7 Jun 2013
How to convert a written number to a numerical value anywhere in a string.
26 Jan 2017
John Melling
This is a simple program that demonstrates a method used to adjust the screen brightness on any C# application.
1 Mar 2011
goto Server Explorer right Click on DataBase Click on properties in properties window you will get Connection String copy it & use where you want use !!
12 Mar 2013
Nelson Kosta Souto
Running the same compiled assembly on Windows and Linux.
14 Feb 2011
You are both wrong with the DataAdapter.Why do you think there is an overload with the querystring and the connectionstring?public DataSet select_query(string query, string con_str){ try { using (SqlDataAdapter da = new SqlDataAdapter(query,con_str)) { ...
14 Feb 2011
The sample code provided by Andrew Rissing is a huge improvement over the original, but incorrectly catches the exception and displays a MessageBox. (Andrew correctly points out this is not a good idea.)A better solution is to allow the exception to fail:public DataSet...
13 Jan 2012
Mihai MOGA
How to download files from an HTTP server.
13 Nov 2011
1 alternative  
This article describes how to hide or show TabControl tabs at runtime
29 Apr 2011
4 alternatives  
An Easy Way To Query a Database
3 Aug 2006
Ahmed Ali El-Sayed
C# DLL for use it in .Net Applications, you can convert it easy to any code
2 Dec 2009
A simple entry box for various numbers, especially phone numbers.
3 Mar 2011
I get it from the web.config via ConfigurationManager.ConnectionStrings;This makes it possible to keep all connectionstring settings in the web.config file.For example:[^].