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by Alex Pumpet
A simple program for compare table data from two sources - SQL databases, Excel, CSV or XML-files.
by shunninghuang
CPS1 emulator, ROM hacking
by David Rogers Dev
Learn how to load related entities using the Entity Framework with simple examples
by Waleed Elkot
Reading text from any image using Microsoft Office 2007 OCR

Latest Articles

by Greg Utas
Robust applications framework in C++. Includes a static analysis tool and two applications.
by Andreoli Carlo
Matrix digital rain, Matrix code or sometimes green rain, is the computer code featured in the Matrix movies
by Robert Gustafson
Extended versions of ListBox and ComboBox controls which allow images, font, and color for individual items
by Ziya Mollamahmut
Learn how to implement efficient paging with a reliable pagination control

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3 Apr 2012
Rui Jarimba
Serialize/deserialize your objects using generics. Customize settings like indentation, encoding, namespaces and others
3 Dec 2011
Monjurul Habib
How to: ASP.NET 4.0 Routing and Ext.NET.
8 Jun 2011
Arik Poznanski
In this post, we continue our review of the Windows Ribbon Framework feature brought to us in Windows 7. For more information on the ribbon feature in general and Windows Ribbon Framework in particular, make sure you read Part 1.
13 Oct 2009
Pete O'Hanlon
Logging display and WPF
12 May 2010
Ivan Krivyakov
WPF: Context Menu on List Item
29 Sep 2012
John Atten
John on Google CodeProjectLet’s face it. Managing date information within the .net framework (or any framework, really . . . Java is not much better) is a pain the the ass. Really. What makes it even worse is managing user data entry of date information.
19 Aug 2013
How to match text which is preceded by some other text? How to reference matched text to find closing tag? Read this post if you want to know the answers to these and few other questions.
1 Dec 2011
James Treworgy
Debug tests from directly within your project.
25 Aug 2010
How to add DLL References Whose Version Changes Frequently
5 Aug 2010
Orjan Westin
Xerces is a powerful validating XML parser, which needs some care to avoid memory leaks. Here is a helper for that.
19 Aug 2010
Colin Eberhardt
Development of a lookless radial gauge control
29 Jun 2017
Config Transformation Tool: Using XDT Transformation
10 Feb 2011
Tomer Shamam
Design Time Support for MEF
17 May 2011
Kunal Chowdhury «IN»
Are you aware of the Line Stacking Strategy of Silverlight TextBlock control? If not, this post will help you to understand it and after that you will be able to use it whenever required.
15 Jul 2014
MsBuild notes
22 Jun 2015
Anton Angelov
Explains in detail how to test URL redirects. Test URL Redirects directly in browsers via WebDriver and browserless via HttpWebRequests.
31 May 2017
Simon Jackson
How to get started with MonoGame using XML
11 Oct 2009
Jeremy Likness
Today, we'll look at the TriggerAction that is also available in System.Windows.Interactivity (either as a part of Expression Blend, or available through the Blend SDK).
23 Jun 2010
7MC Gofer is a Windows Phone 7 based remote control for my Windows Media Center.
24 Jul 2010
In this blog, I’ll focus on Content Controls and Open XML 2.0 SDK from the experience I gained in the last 2 months.
24 Aug 2011
Kunal Chowdhury «IN»
Way to convert a Rectangle or a Ellipse control to a Path control
11 Jan 2017
Bryian Tan
Social sharing buttons using jQuery and XML
24 Jun 2012
Leland Richardson
This is a utility to generate large XML sitemaps from a database.
30 Dec 2012
Karl Stoney
In this programming article, I will show how to generate an approved sitemap automatically for use with search engines.
6 May 2013
Cleaning the folders before building again and getting the Nuget packages using Nuget package restore
5 Jul 2013
This article explains caching filter and compression filter that are suitable for use with any web application to optimize the number of requests and the response size.
9 Mar 2016
Authentication Token Service for WCF Services (Part 1)
4 Jul 2016
Sibeesh Passion
In this post we will try to create a time zone calculator. We will be calculating the timezone in two ways.
23 Aug 2018
Chris A. Johnson
By Chris Johnson @ Integrating SharePoint with Out Systems Introduction This article is about accessing your Office 365 SharePoint application via the SharePoint API to fetch or update its resources specifically using REST API services from OutSystems.
26 Mar 2019
James A. Brannan
In this tutorial, we secure a simple Rest API. We begin with a simple example, progress to using a custom UserDetailsService, and finish by adding method level security.
16 Sep 2009
Programmatically create NavBarLink objects so that they can be explicitly set to internal, therefore benefiting from security trimming and other URL management functions provided by SharePoint.
28 Sep 2009
Anna-Jayne Metcalfe
Preamble [21st April 2009]Well, we're here at the Barcelo Oxford Hotel again, and for us ACCU 2009 starts tomorrow (though the pre-conference workshops happen on the Tuesday, we haven't booked onto one this year).We are a little more prepared this year than last - for example we now have a 6 fo
7 Jan 2010
Steve Wellens
In an earlier post here, I wrote two functions to Serialize and Deserialize objects to XML strings. Since then, while reading a book about XML, I learned of even more power in the .NET XML Serialization libraries*...
16 Feb 2010
Rahman Masudur
No Scroll content of WPF XBAP in iframe
23 Mar 2010
Raymund Macaalay
Extending the AdRotator to use Flash Banners
7 Sep 2010
This is a skin for the remote viewer MyMobiler for Windows mobile showing the Intermec CN50 with numeric keyboard
23 Dec 2010
M Sheik Uduman Ali
In the previous post, we have seen the service configuration of WCF federation. In this post, let us see the STS configuration.
12 Apr 2011
How to convert the XML to a CLR object and use it as a datasource in a Silverlight app
9 May 2011
Gil Fink
The NuGet Package Manager helps to manage the Open Source component packages and their dependencies and by that decrease the amount of cumbersome work that the developer will need to do.
20 Oct 2011
Colin Eberhardt
An implementation of IPagedCollectionView which allows paging of data from the server
30 Nov 2011
How to override FormsAuthentication for some URLs
6 Dec 2012
SoapExtensions: A Bad Day with HTTP 400 Bad Requests
18 Jan 2013
BizTalk server disaster recovery steps.
7 Feb 2013
Patrick Cunningham
This article uses 8 steps to create example of how to read and write from HTML to a SQL database in a .NET web application using jQuery, JSON, and XML.
8 Apr 2013
Simon Jackson
We are working as hard and as fast as we can with V2, support or V1 is limited at the moment but we still help out where we can.
12 Apr 2013
Dmitriy Kozlov
Search in XsltListViewWebPart.
26 Jun 2013
Dennis E White
Date counting
10 Oct 2013
Imran Abdul Ghani
This WCF service tutorial is part-4 in series of WCF Service FAQs.
29 Nov 2013
Vivek Goyal
How to Add ActiveX Control at Run Time using C#.NET
13 Jan 2014
Komal Mangal
How to work with LINQ to XML
17 Mar 2014
abin jaik
Custom XML Mapping of Content Control in a SharePoint Document Library Template
8 Jun 2014
Vangos Pterneas
Kinect cursor for hand tracking
30 Sep 2014
Morshed Anwar
How to traverse an object tree to the end in EF4
6 Nov 2014
Víctor Sumozas
Load login page debug mode. Save time.
11 Nov 2014
Víctor Sumozas
How to create dynamic fields form since XML file
24 Nov 2014
Azure Mobile Service with Pusher Integration (Real Time APP)
30 Nov 2014
How to auto-update your NuGet packages at build time
13 Jul 2015
Val Okafor
Working with date and time is one of the common task Android developers perform.
3 Mar 2016
Jameson Triplett
Log4j2.xml Tweaks
7 May 2014
Nitesh Luharuka
How to Convert a Date Time to “X minutes ago” in C#
21 May 2010
Mohammad Elsheimy
VB.NET and C# + twitto; a simple desktop Twitter
15 Sep 2011
Shahriar Iqbal Chowdhury/Galib
How to fix this IIS deployment error
25 Sep 2010
Abhishek Sur
Progress streamed file download and upload with resume facility
24 Jul 2010
Abhishek Sur
In this article, I have introduced how you could use code snippets in your program to enhance code productivity.
8 Apr 2009
Steve Wellens
Back in the old days, when dinosaurs roamed the earth, developers wanting to exchange data between applications used binary formatted data, hardcoded text field lengths, or delimited text files. Much parsing and error checking was involved. It was tedious.
2 Apr 2010
Ali BaderEddin
This article shows solutions to some of the common problems related to working with XML Serialization.
16 Aug 2010
Steve Psaltis
A simple workaround to the lack of a Command property on a button
30 Dec 2015
Ivan Krivyakov
Christmas Carol: XML Signatures
30 May 2011
Gil Fink
In this post, I’ll show an example of how to create your own database initializer.
16 Jan 2011
Don Kackman
GestureBehavior and GestureTrigger
29 Nov 2012
Pranay Rana
LINQ query to compare only date part of DateTime.
26 Jun 2015
Sacha Barber
Getting LineNumber(s) in your XLINQ
19 Feb 2017
Afzaal Ahmad Zeeshan
In this article I will give you a complete overview of SQLite databases in Android and how to consume them using Xamarin APIs.
10 Mar 2011
How to expose JSON data over a RESTful interface.
27 Oct 2010
How to create a handwriting to text control (ink recognizer)
25 Aug 2015
Member 11794279
In this post, we’ll focus on security.
26 May 2011
Abhijit Jana
Few important tips while using ASP.NET Session
27 Mar 2017
Paul D. Sheriff
In this blog post, you will use LINQ to XML to read state codes from an XML file and display those values on a web page.
15 Jun 2010
Colin Eberhardt
This blog post demonstrates a Linq API which can be used to query the WPF / Silverlight Visual Tree.
7 Dec 2017
Bahrudin Hrnjica
How to implement CNTK 106 Tutorial in C# - this tutorial lecture is written in Python and there is no related example in C#. For this reason, I decided to translate this very good tutorial into C#.
8 Apr 2010
A lot of controls expose properties which are not DependencyProperties and then you can’t put a binding on it. On some other cases, you only have a getter as accessor and you can’t put a binding on it too...
20 Jul 2011
Sebastian Solnica
The Global.asax file and its role in ASP.NET applications
27 Sep 2014
In this blog, we will explore how does a browser comes to know which version of HTML has been used in a Web Page. How Quirks mode & Standard mode affect the page rendering.
26 Feb 2011
Steve Wellens
 XSLT stands for Extensible Stylesheet Language Transformations.There is so much to learn in our technical world… and so little time….and for some of us, even fewer brain cells. Alas, such is the life of a nerd/dweeb/geek.The latest technology I spent brain cells on is XML Transforms.
3 Mar 2014
Sacha Barber
XmlSerializer: Serializing list of interfaces
27 Feb 2013
An example of two way communication between a web application and its connected users
26 Jul 2009
Some time ago, I wrote a popular article on how to create a scrolling Silverlight 1.x Playlist using Microsoft Expression Encoder output. Well, I finally found some time to revisit that application to see how I might upgrade it to Silverlight 2.
24 Jan 2012
Richard James Moss
This article will describe how to create a trackback handler for use with MVC and the more traditional webforms.
6 Jan 2014
Dennis E White
Time does not wait for anyone
24 Jan 2012
Richard James Moss
How to use the XmlReader class with C#
1 Apr 2019
Jeremy Hutchinson
Few tricks about data tips, the Visual Studio feature that allows you to hover over a variable and see its value while debugging
5 Oct 2013
Sebastian Solnica
Today’s post is dedicated to NLog – one of the logging libraries available for .NET developers.
30 Mar 2011
Windows authentication in ASP.NET by group.
21 Apr 2012
JSON-oriented document stores like Mongo and Couch have really become the darlings of the web application crowd. Of course, JSON (or BSON) isn't the only game in town. When it comes to document store formats, the other white meat if you will is XML.
18 Jul 2010
Abhishek Sur
XAML is getting more and more popular and has also been introduced for Mobile applications. Recently, while I was exploring the internet, I found that the recent version of Windows 7 mobile interfaces use Silverlight to deal with the interface...
28 May 2013
Tharaka MTR
Some online tools for troubleshooting web, SQL, XML and JSON
3 Apr 2010
Ali BaderEddin
XML Editor with syntax highlighting
9 Apr 2009
Erik Westermann
How to quickly start experimenting with nServiceBus based on one of the examples, PubSub.
27 Aug 2010
Execute a command on a specified control when clicking on a button
22 Sep 2010
Chat with Jeremiah Morrill, the creator of the WPF MediaKit
28 Jul 2015
Dmitriy Kozlov
Passing and getting Date object to and from date and datetime fields
25 Feb 2010
I'm really on an architecture kick at this point. Honestly, it's probably about time. I find few senior-style job postings that do not ask for some knowledge of Spring.NET or Castle Windsor. Now that I've done a little reading up on the subject, I see that this is for good reason.
27 Dec 2017
Rion Williams
Encoding XML again
16 Dec 2010
Ivan Krivyakov
WPF: Passing Data to Sub-Views via DataContext Causes Trouble
12 Sep 2011
In this tutorial, we will load XML configuration from files ystem by using XMLConfiguration, and access specific configuration items by using methods provided by AbstractConfiguration.
9 Apr 2019
Haseeb A. Basil
How can PHP import Excel to MySQL using a PHP XLSX Reader and Excel XLSX converter
6 Oct 2010
How to integrate the Office Ribbon respecting the pattern (especially the commands)
19 Apr 2011
How to use System.Threading.Tasks and BlockingCollections to FTP multiple files at the same time
9 Sep 2010
Answer to a very interesting question on StackOverflow...
28 Oct 2010
Nlog configuration
27 Mar 2010
abin jaik
The scenario defined here explains data sending between 2 websites, one is the requestor website, which sends XML POST data and the other is the responder website, which collects data from the requestor website.
24 Feb 2012
Ayobami Adewole
How to install packages with Windows Installer XML
12 May 2010
Martin Jarvis
How to use MbUnit StaticTestFactory to validate Sitemap.xml links
1 Aug 2013
Ernest Poletaev
MSI wrapper for any installer using Wix.
12 Nov 2013
JJ Bussert
A script that looks to see if there are any instances of job that are still running and if it does not find one it starts one.
30 Dec 2013
Sam Varadarajan
EA Server config. XML file comments
21 Jan 2019
Member 13359958
How scheduling and data dependencies work in Oozie coordinator job
24 Mar 2010
kiran dangar
Custom error tracking library in ASP.NET using XML and C#
22 Jan 2010
kiran dangar
Developing custom AD rotator control with multiple Image Mapping using C#.NET & XML
6 Jan 2010
Steve Wellens
Over on the ASP.NET forums I recently had the opportunity* to help a few lost souls by showing them how to serialize objects to XML and deserialize the XML back into objects.
5 Jun 2012
Hands on Lab for MVVM, Value Converter, XAML Binding, Delegate Command pattern, INotifyPropertyChange, Lambda Expression, LINQ etc. in Silverlight/WPF project
5 May 2015
Fast build turnaround time is essential
6 May 2015
Measuring finger/mouse velocity at release time
21 Feb 2010
Multi-input: How to scale around a specific point and not the center of the Element
23 May 2015
Vasil Trifonov
XUnit and MSBuild
15 Dec 2011
Sandeepkumar Ramani
WCF configuration is much more complex compared to ASP.NET Web Services.
3 Mar 2015
Ben M Watson
Get Your Thread Synchronization Right the First Time
5 Apr 2010
How to make UserControls and Namespaces work
12 Aug 2010
Fluent Ribbon Control Suite
17 Nov 2017
Sean Hart
How to programmatically determine Nuget Dependencies for a project
2 May 2009
If the trailing spaces of your flat file message is being truncated by BizTalk, here is a workaround.
20 Aug 2009
This post continues the WebControls In MVC series. In this post we finally get some code that can be downloaded and tested. This post explains how to use the MvcWebForms methods to add WebControls to your Mvc Views -- and make them talk to your Controllers!
1 Feb 2010
Ever since setting up our CruiseControl.NET server for our internal projects, I wanted to integrate a Gendarme run to catch all those nasty little things that slip through, like not checking arguments for null...
1 Apr 2010
In my “quest” to create thumbnails similar to the ones used in Internet Explorer 8, I hit a couple of snags!
3 May 2010
Sebastian Solnica
A simple way to implement changelog system for database objects using NHibernate session interceptor and database triggers
28 Jun 2010
Ivan Krivyakov
Researching XML Serializers for .NET - work in progress
29 Aug 2010
Gediminas Geigalas
Value objects are immutable, so how can we use XmlSerializer to serialize them? This article answers that question.
5 Sep 2010
Mark Vinod Sinnathamby
How to serialize Java objects to XML and back
9 Sep 2010
Scaffolding and Navigation
29 Sep 2010
Config transformation tool: parameter support
4 Oct 2010
Double-width tiles
14 Dec 2010
M Sheik Uduman Ali
Cumbersomeness Web.Config
10 Jan 2011
Logging with dynamic objects in .NET 4.0 (part 1-n)
24 Mar 2011
An implementation which enables the end user to choose a Services Registry backend at runtime
24 May 2011
Colin Eberhardt
How to re-template the Silverlight ProgressBar control to render a circular progress indicator
25 Jul 2011
Pranay Rana
How to get the time of code execution using stopwatch
27 Jul 2011
This error indicates that there is no base address handling the request on that particular scheme (HTTP/HTTPs) and base address (URL).
31 Oct 2011
Ashish Kaila
Here is a simple and practical introduction to asynchronous JavaScript and XML.
1 Dec 2011
Troubleshooting TFS Build Server failures.
27 Jan 2012
Richard James Moss
How to use XSLT to display an ASP.NET sitemap without using tables
29 Jan 2012
Use Date And Time As Ticks Of jqplot Axis
20 Aug 2012
Andrei Ion Rînea
A useful custom configuration section for inline unconstrained XML
23 Nov 2012
How to display date/time using the user timezone (without it being configured anywhere in your application)
23 Nov 2012
Cruz Boon
Let’s say, we have a survey requirement. See how we can store multiple selections in a field by using bitwise.
27 Dec 2012
Karl Stoney
A programming with .NET article with code of how to create a compliant RSS 2.0 feed using .NET XmlDocument
18 Jan 2013
Paul S. Chapman
How to improve the creation of XML message requests using Reflection, XML and XSLT
19 Feb 2013
Adam Zuckerman
How to determine nil in an XML element
29 Mar 2013
The cardinality of a collection A (which might be an ordered or unordered list, a set, or what not) is basically the number of unique values in A. For example, the collections [1,2,3,4] and [1,2,1,3,1,4,3] have the same cardinality of 4 (and also correspond to … Continue reading →
9 Apr 2013
Manny Khasria
How to track outgoing links using JavaScript and XML
6 May 2013
I will explain to you how to create an MSpec MSBuild target and a Code coverage MSBuild target.
14 Jun 2013
Edward Legaspi
Setup Seam3-security in JBoss 7
16 Dec 2013
WCF named pipe transport
14 Mar 2014
abin jaik
Formatting date, number data on BCS OOB business data list webpart
15 Jan 2015
Arian Celina
How to stay up to date with technology developments
11 Aug 2015
Christian Specht
Generating sitemap.xml in Jekyll, without using plugins
21 Jan 2018
Philip Laureano
LinFu.DynamicModel, MxClone, and the art of Adaptive Object Models
10 Feb 2019
. This a second article of my previous article referring to SharePoint 2016 Installation using AutoSPInstaller Online . SharePoint 2016 Installation using AutoSPInstaller Online Part 1– Setting up the Environment and Service Accounts.
12 Feb 2019
This the final article of Auto SP Installer for SharePoint 2016.. Please refer my previous articles if you are interested in. SharePoint 2016 Installation using AutoSPInstaller Online Part 1– Setting up the Environment and Service Accounts. http://melick-rajee.
30 Aug 2019
Christian Specht
Once a year, I need to create a printable map with markers.. The map is for Sindorf trödelt, a website which I built for an annual garage sale in my hometown.. Users can register with their addresses, and I use Google Maps to show them on this map on the website..
4 Aug 2009
A generic file date/time stamper.
3 Sep 2011
Gediminas Geigalas
MVC Mini Profiler is a great tool to profile your ASP.NET MVC apps.
7 Sep 2010
The purpose of this post is to introduce you to two control libraries that might just do that!