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by STalha.Munir
This article explains the security concerns in respect to urls with plain ids and unique identifiers and presents a solution using custom attributes in Asp.Net MVC 5.
by Rion Williams
Applying conditional attributes in ASP.NET MVC Views.
by Raja.Krishnasamy
Attached the test data with method for regression testing by declaring ref type in attribute
by Eddy Vluggen
A few fields to store general information on the provided code

Latest Articles

by Eduard Silantiev
Deep refactoring and refinement of ASP.NET Core WEB API application code
by thorssig
html2struct parses HTML code into a simple tree-like structure of objects and provides a little tool-set for extracting data from it
by Eric Lynch
A flexible command line parsing class that uses C# attributes and reflection to discover syntax
by Jin Vincent Necesario
In this article, we'll explore the world of C# attributes.

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