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by Simon P Stevens
How to set the current directory correctly when running batch scripts as administrator
by Dan Randolph
Builds on the existing RunRemote project to run commands on a remote server.
by Jack Vanlightly
In this article we'll look at common patterns in batch processing and how the Taskling libraries provide a simple and reliable way of using those patterns in your C# batch jobs.
by Reto70
if you want to run the script in the folder where the script is store you can add the following code@ECHO %0 %*@pushd@cd /D "%~dp0"@cd....@pause@popdin most case %0 is the name of the script including the full path%~dp0 is only the drive and the path of the scriptcd...

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by Tiago Cavalcante Trindade
How to put color in Python, C, C++, C#, Java and batch on the Windows console
by Elias Bachaalany
Practical and useful Batch files scripts for beginners and advanced users
by Antagony
Schedule a task to run this script, which checks whether Windows has [re]connected to the specified router after startup, sleep, or hibernation – and attempt to connect if not.
by yuvalsol
Batch script that retrieves checked out and changed files from TFS and saves their paths to output file

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19 Dec 2014
How to avoid 26 API requests on your page