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Saturday, March 24, 2018
23 Mar 2018U
James W. Threadgill
Razor Smart Mailer is the complete solution for form based website emails. It includes advanced HTML templating that can use any document available via HTTP request as a template, even executables and documents located on other domains and servers.
Friday, March 23, 2018
23 Mar 2018N
Sergey L. Gladkiy
This article introduces an approach of realizing nonlinear units including decibels.
22 Mar 2018U
Robert Vandenberg Huang
An Entity Framework log printer that converts SQL commands to executable T-SQL statement
22 Mar 2018U
Duke Wang
We will walk through Angular, Angular CLI and Angular Material to build a file upload component which does not exist in Angular Material
Thursday, March 22, 2018
22 Mar 2018U
CPS1 emulator, ROM hacking
22 Mar 2018U
A list of useful pragmatics for all programmers
22 Mar 2018N
Ben Hanson
Capture text using a grammar instead of a regex.
22 Mar 2018U
Angel Gabriel Valdés Sarduy
This project is an ASPNET Core MVC site with a generic controller for CRUD and searchs.
22 Mar 2018U
Peter Occil
Discusses color spaces, color generation, and other general color topics commonly faced by programmers.
22 Mar 2018U
Yucel Guven
IPv6 subnet calculator / tool explained.
22 Mar 2018N
Simple way to get comma delimited values from a field by using SQL for XML clauses
22 Mar 2018U
Intel Corporation
This storage unit flood detector application is part of a series of how-to Internet of Things (IoT) code sample exercises using the Intel® IoT Developer Kit and a compatible Intel-based platform, cloud platforms, APIs, and other technologies.
22 Mar 2018N
Intel Corporation
In many manufacturing plants today, monitoring is a highly manual process. FOURDOTONE Teknoloji analyzes data from sensors to enable manufacturers to respond immediately to problems, and predict when machines are likely to fail.
22 Mar 2018N
Intel Corporation
In this article we analyse the industry 4.0 possibilities and we will show how it is possible to make IIoT a semi-automatic machinery managed mainly by people.
22 Mar 2018N
Intel Corporation
Integrated IoT building blocks enable a future-proofed design that also reduces development time, complexity, and the risk associated with investment.
22 Mar 2018N
Intel Corporation
This tutorial demonstrates how to use an UP Squared board together with the Arduino Create IDE to publish messages (sensor data) via MQTT, a messaging protocol suited for IoT applications, to the Amazon Web Services (AWS) cloud platform.
22 Mar 2018N
Intel Corporation
This article presents use cases and provides examples which make use of the Intel® Math Kernel Library (Intel® MKL)
22 Mar 2018U
Scott Clayton
Build a recommendation system using collaborative filtering and matrix factorization.
21 Mar 2018U
Dirk Bahle
Drawing large amounts of items quickly with WPF.
21 Mar 2018N
Describes a generic approach which extract object list of given type from XML(Excel formatted).

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