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Grid & Data Controls
Grid controls
Posted: 15 Feb 2005   Updated: 15 Feb 2005   Views: 157,570   Rating: 4.82/5    Votes: 36   Popularity: 7.26
Licence: Not specified      Bookmarked: 50   Downloaded: 0
Some things in .NET are missing "practical" short cuts. This article demonstrates how to obtain the row in a DataTable that the currently selected row in a DataGrid is linked to.
Charts, Graphs and Images
Images and multimedia
Posted: 5 Jul 2011   Updated: 5 Jul 2011   Views: 29,930   Rating: 4.74/5    Votes: 5   Popularity: 3.31
Licence: The BSD License      Bookmarked: 15   Downloaded: 590
This short article will show an easy way to extract HTML data URI images and convert the HTML to use external images.
Posted: 13 Jun 2005   Updated: 23 Jul 2014   Views: 131,311   Rating: 4.84/5    Votes: 29   Popularity: 7.01
Licence: The Code Project Open License (CPOL)      Bookmarked: 76   Downloaded: 832
Ever wished you could truly embed SQL functionality in your C# code without using strings or late binding? Imagine being able to write complex Where clauses purely in C#.
Posted: 25 Oct 2004   Updated: 25 Oct 2004   Views: 111,610   Rating: 4.47/5    Votes: 21   Popularity: 5.81
Licence: Not specified      Bookmarked: 55   Downloaded: 970
Any user who works with database updates uses transactions. Transactions in ADO.NET are done using a transaction object, and a try..catch, but there is an easier, one might even say a more C# way to handle database transactions.
General Graphics
Posted: 7 Dec 2011   Updated: 23 Jul 2014   Views: 359,127   Rating: 4.78/5    Votes: 49   Popularity: 8.00
Licence: The BSD License      Bookmarked: 137   Downloaded: 26,429
Bar code scanner integration with WPF or WinForms.
Posted: 6 May 2005   Updated: 6 May 2005   Views: 72,890   Rating: 2.58/5    Votes: 27   Popularity: 3.69
Licence: The Code Project Open License (CPOL)      Bookmarked: 21   Downloaded: 1
Just moved to C#? Do you miss the for i = 1 to 50 syntax? Look no further, C# can do it too by extending it in a unique way.
Posted: 6 Aug 2010   Updated: 12 Aug 2010   Views: 457,213   Rating: 4.96/5    Votes: 157   Popularity: 10.87
Licence: The BSD License      Bookmarked: 316   Downloaded: 0
Develop your own operating system using C# (or VB.NET, etc.) and Visual Studio!
Posted: 3 Jul 2011   Updated: 3 Jul 2011   Views: 57,143   Rating: 4.92/5    Votes: 19   Popularity: 6.17
Licence: The BSD License      Bookmarked: 58   Downloaded: 0
A quick view under the hood of Cosmos and how it works
Posted: 20 Sep 2008   Updated: 23 Jul 2014   Views: 287,021   Rating: 4.99/5    Votes: 187   Popularity: 11.30
Licence: The Code Project Open License (CPOL)      Bookmarked: 325   Downloaded: 0
Build your own OS in Visual Studio and C#.
Posted: 3 Jul 2011   Updated: 4 Jul 2011   Views: 50,461   Rating: 4.88/5    Votes: 12   Popularity: 5.27
Licence: The BSD License      Bookmarked: 29   Downloaded: 0
Introduction to writing plugs in Cosmos in C#, Assembly, or X#
Posted: 4 Jul 2011   Updated: 4 Jul 2011   Views: 35,300   Rating: 4.71/5    Votes: 10   Popularity: 4.71
Licence: The BSD License      Bookmarked: 25   Downloaded: 0
Several users have written to me requesting information on the new Cosmos X86 assembly level debugger. Because of the great interest I have written this short preview article.
.NET Framework
Posted: 19 May 2004   Updated: 9 Aug 2004   Views: 414,852   Rating: 3.35/5    Votes: 89   Popularity: 6.54
Licence: Not specified      Bookmarked: 52   Downloaded: 0
In this article, I will propose why developers like yourself should care about .NET, even if you are not planning to move to .NET.
Posted: 13 Oct 2004   Updated: 27 Oct 2004   Views: 306,289   Rating: 4.61/5    Votes: 92   Popularity: 8.95
Licence: The BSD License      Bookmarked: 143   Downloaded: 3,503
In this article, I’ll explain how you can easily store and retrieve your application settings with just a few lines of code
Posted: 14 Feb 2005   Updated: 14 Feb 2005   Views: 141,616   Rating: 3.26/5    Votes: 22   Popularity: 4.37
Licence: Not specified      Bookmarked: 43   Downloaded: 0
Whether you are new to development, or coming from Visual Basic, C++, Java, or Delphi, managing forms in WinForms can be initially confusing. This is an article targeted at beginners in WinForms programming to demonstrate how to easily manage and work with forms in a WinForms application.
Posted: 27 Jun 2015   Updated: 27 Jun 2015   Views: 86,355   Rating: 4.51/5    Votes: 32   Popularity: 6.67
Licence: The Code Project Open License (CPOL)      Bookmarked: 24   Downloaded: 908
Explaining what MSDN does not, and providing an easier way to use ObservableCollection.
Windows Presentation Foundation
Posted: 20 Aug 2014   Updated: 25 Jun 2015   Views: 76,669   Rating: 4.39/5    Votes: 28   Popularity: 6.21
Licence: The Code Project Open License (CPOL)      Bookmarked: 26   Downloaded: 703
In this article I will demonstrate methods to simplify the use of routed commands in WPF.
Bugs & Workarounds
Posted: 12 Jul 2018   Updated: 12 Jul 2018   Views: 14,154   Rating: 5.00/5    Votes: 7   Popularity: 4.23
Licence: The Code Project Open License (CPOL)      Bookmarked: 5   Downloaded: 0
Delphi has some big gotchas with interfaces. Learn how to bypass them.
Exception Handling
Posted: 11 Oct 2006   Updated: 11 Oct 2006   Views: 33,521   Rating: 3.14/5    Votes: 12   Popularity: 3.39
Licence: The Code Project Open License (CPOL)      Bookmarked: 8   Downloaded: 0
Not all exceptions are errors. Many developers have incorrectly been taught or assume that all exceptions are errors. In fact, a key clue is that they are called exceptions and not errors.
Internet / Network
Posted: 18 May 2004   Updated: 14 Nov 2004   Views: 214,692   Rating: 3.97/5    Votes: 26   Popularity: 5.48
Licence: Not specified      Bookmarked: 58   Downloaded: 1,266
How to send a simple text email message.
Internet & Network
Posted: 16 Feb 2005   Updated: 16 Feb 2005   Views: 97,471   Rating: 2.68/5    Votes: 15   Popularity: 3.15
Licence: Not specified      Bookmarked: 23   Downloaded: 3,402
Demonstrates how to use a UDP client, and a UDP server. The example is named "Remote BSOD Invocator", or simply RBSOD for short. RBSOD can be used to trigger fake (and funny) BSODs on your colleagues' (or enemies') computers.
Posted: 2 Jul 2005   Updated: 2 Jul 2005   Views: 209,702   Rating: 3.04/5    Votes: 11   Popularity: 3.17
Licence: The Code Project Open License (CPOL)      Bookmarked: 41   Downloaded: 4,668
In this article I will demonstrate how to quickly and easily retrieve mail messages using the POP3 protocol.
Posted: 24 Jul 2005   Updated: 24 Jul 2005   Views: 42,460   Rating: 2.63/5    Votes: 10   Popularity: 2.63
Licence: Not specified      Bookmarked: 12   Downloaded: 248
In this article, I will demonstrate how to quickly and easily post a message to a newsgroup, including an attachment, using the Indy open source library.
Posted: 7 Jul 2011   Updated: 9 Sep 2019   Views: 100,052   Rating: 4.89/5    Votes: 85   Popularity: 9.44
Licence: The Code Project Open License (CPOL)      Bookmarked: 101   Downloaded: 2
Delivering software globally goes far beyond simply localizing. This article covers cultures, graphics, text spacing and more.
Programming Tips
Design and Strategy
Posted: 12 Jul 2018   Updated: 12 Jul 2018   Views: 12,060   Rating: 4.83/5    Votes: 19   Popularity: 6.17
Licence: The Code Project Open License (CPOL)      Bookmarked: 5   Downloaded: 0
There are dozens of more things I'd like to see in Delphi, but here I will cover the ones that are easy to implement, yet provide large gains.
Design and Architecture
Application Design
Posted: 21 Jun 2005   Updated: 23 Jul 2014   Views: 619,502   Rating: 4.79/5    Votes: 167   Popularity: 10.57
Licence: The Code Project Open License (CPOL)      Bookmarked: 363   Downloaded: 0
Over the years we have moved from desktop, to client server, to 3-tier, to n-tier, to service orientation. In the process though many things have changed, but many habits have remained. This article discusses what we are doing wrong, and the possible solutions.
Posted: 21 Jul 2005   Updated: 23 Jul 2014   Views: 228,033   Rating: 4.84/5    Votes: 50   Popularity: 8.05
Licence: The Code Project Open License (CPOL)      Bookmarked: 149   Downloaded: 0
What if objects could move from machine to machine? Not just automated downloads, or remotely controlling objects as in remoting, but a system in which the object actually moves about. Mobile software agents do exactly that. In this article I will provide an introduction to this fascinating concept.
Posted: 5 Jun 2004   Updated: 9 Sep 2019   Views: 512,283   Rating: 4.77/5    Votes: 254   Popularity: 11.40
Licence: The Code Project Open License (CPOL)      Bookmarked: 169   Downloaded: 0
As software developers, piracy is something that affects us all. You might not see it directly if you work for a large company but you still have an interest in who is using your company's software. If you work for a small company or are a solo developer, piracy hits a lot closer to home.
Posted: 9 Jul 2005   Updated: 23 Jul 2014   Views: 90,410   Rating: 4.95/5    Votes: 37   Popularity: 7.45
Licence: The Code Project Open License (CPOL)      Bookmarked: 95   Downloaded: 0
Logical layers within n-tier systems should be designed to interact and be influenced by neighboring layers only. This restriction is often violated which is detrimental to the system. In this article I will discuss why this is common, the consequences, and why we should focus on layer isolationism.
Hardware & System
Posted: 1 Jul 2012   Updated: 23 Jul 2014   Views: 80,882   Rating: 4.93/5    Votes: 58   Popularity: 8.70
Licence: The Code Project Open License (CPOL)      Bookmarked: 109   Downloaded: 0
Remotely controlling a PC to turn it on and off from software control on another PC.
Posted: 7 Jul 2005   Updated: 7 Jul 2005   Views: 65,472   Rating: 4.03/5    Votes: 79   Popularity: 7.64
Licence: The BSD License      Bookmarked: 23   Downloaded: 0
Developers are from Mars, managers are from Venus: A practical guide for improving communication and getting what you want in your IT department.
Posted: 14 Feb 2005   Updated: 29 May 2013   Views: 39,390   Rating: 3.50/5    Votes: 29   Popularity: 5.12
Licence: The Code Project Open License (CPOL)      Bookmarked: 17   Downloaded: 0
Encryption methods using biological basis. As with many technologies, the first announcements do not make many waves and it takes time for the mainstream media to understand the significance of such announcements and separate them from all the other noise.
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Chad Z. Hower, a.k.a. Kudzu
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I have lived in Bulgaria, Canada, Cyprus, Switzerland, France, Jordan, Russia, Turkey, The Caribbean, and USA.

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