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Articles: 6

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Desktop Programming
Posted: 20 Dec 2002   Updated: 20 Dec 2002   Views: 85,240   Rating: 2.69/5    Votes: 10   Popularity: 2.69
Licence: Not specified      Bookmarked: 33   Downloaded: 671
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Describes a method for downloading and loading code dynamically over the web.
Programming Languages
Posted: 20 Jan 2006   Updated: 23 Feb 2006   Views: 36,260   Rating: 1.64/5    Votes: 6   Popularity: 1.28
Licence: Not specified      Bookmarked: 13   Downloaded: 362
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Multisection PickList written in C#
Posted: 19 May 2003   Updated: 19 May 2003   Views: 115,819   Rating: 3.38/5    Votes: 21   Popularity: 4.47
Licence: Not specified      Bookmarked: 49   Downloaded: 1,837
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Converting a 2D chart into a 3D chart
Posted: 18 Feb 2006   Updated: 22 Jun 2006   Views: 37,131   Rating: 2.82/5    Votes: 8   Popularity: 2.55
Licence: The Code Project Open License (CPOL)      Bookmarked: 23   Downloaded: 696
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A simple application that places a date in the system tray
Posted: 13 Jan 2006   Updated: 23 Feb 2006   Views: 37,890   Rating: 1.00/5    Votes: 10   Popularity: 0.90
Licence: Not specified      Bookmarked: 13   Downloaded: 795
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A few controls: ImageListBox, ImageComboBox, ColorComboBox, UpDown, OutputWindow, and PickList
Web Development
Posted: 27 Apr 2003   Updated: 27 Apr 2003   Views: 320,935   Rating: 3.48/5    Votes: 27   Popularity: 4.99
Licence: Not specified      Bookmarked: 101   Downloaded: 0
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Discusses the implementation of a 3D pie chart in ASP.NET

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Software Developer
United States United States
I enjoy messing with application development and some Web development technologies. Right now I work in Virginia as a contractor to the government.

I am a Microsoft Cert. Professional and I got my 4 year BS degree.

See web site for resume and other code samples.