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Posted 26 Jan 2012

Extract All tables from Dynamics AX 2009 Data Dictionary Configurations

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Extract All tables from Dynamics AX 2009 Data Dictionary Configuration keys


This article is intended primarily for intermediate Microsoft Dynamics AX users who are familiar with X++ and MorphX. The Goal of this article is to help the users to extract the table names from the configuration keys provided in the Microsoft Dynamics AX 2009 Data dictionary. The code utility will be very handy for intermediate to advanced users to analyse and understand the schema and table design related to the modules. This could be useful in the initial project analysis and design phase.

Microsoft has a range of products under the Microsoft Dynamics umbrella that are more applicable for the small, medium and larger business organizations. Microsoft Dynamics AX (formerly Axapta) is one among the Microsoft Dynamics ERP primary products.

X++ is the language used to built Dynamics AX. MorphX is an integrated development environment in Microsoft Dynamics AX that allows developers to graphically design the GUI. MorphX allows access to application classes that are available in the application, by launching the X++ code editor.

The Configuration Keys in the data dictionary in Dynamics AX 2009 should look like the above image.


XPO is an out put format of Dynamics AX Objects. XPO objects can be imported and exported in Microsoft Dynamics AX.

The use and explanation of Reverse Engineering tool and Cross Reference Tool is out of scope of this Article.

ExtractTablesNamesFromConfigs Class

This class is basically to demonstrate a method of extracting tables information from the configuration keys. It can be used for analysis. Here is the simple class which creates text files on the fly based on the configuration key names from the data dictionary.

These Configuration Keys hold the tables information. It can be identified to which module it is related to by label information in the properties window. The code is written using X++ code using MorphX IDE.

The ExtractTablesNamesFromConfigs class is a utility to extracts all the table names from the configuration keys to text files. The text files will all be created under the folder 'C:\AllTables\Configs' with the relevant config names.

Using the code

Extract the xpo file from the zip file and import the Class_ExtractTablesNamesFromConfigs.xpo object into AOT. Once imported you will be able to see this object at the end in the AOT Class tree. click open to run this Class. After the execution the text files could be found under the folder 'C:\AllTables\Configs'.

For better understanding of the relationships and Data model. Users could use the Cross Reference tool and Reverse Engineering tool.

Cross Reference Tool in Dynamics AX 2009 helps in understanding the object relationships. For more information on this refer online documentation at the following link

The Reverse Engineering tool enables you to visualize data and classes in Microsoft Dynamics AX by creating UML data models, UML object models, and ERX ER data models. For more information on this refer online documentation at the following link

Most of the configurations from Dynamics AX are added here, if you want to add a new config then customize it here in the following method.

public void execMethod()
     int i;
     str sConKeyName[];
        sConKeyName[1]="AIF";         //Application Integration Framework
        sConKeyName[2]="AIFWebService";         //Application Integration Framework Web Services
        sConKeyName[3]="Asset";         //Fixed assets
        sConKeyName[4]="AssetDepBook";         //Fixed asset depreciation books
        sConKeyName[5]="Bank";         //Bank
        sConKeyName[6]="BankCheque";         //Check
        sConKeyName[7]="BankDeposit";         //Desposit slip
        sConKeyName[8]="BankElectronicBanking";         //Electronic Banking
        sConKeyName[9]="BAS";         //Business analysis
        sConKeyName[10]="BOM";         //Bill of materials
        sConKeyName[11]="BOMApprove";         //BOM approval
        sConKeyName[12]="BOMCostBreakdown";         //Allow cost breakdown activation
        sConKeyName[13]="BOMVersion";         //BOM versions
        sConKeyName[14]="Commission";         //Commission
        sConKeyName[15]="ComplianceMgmt";         //Compliance Management II
        sConKeyName[16]="Config";         //Item dimension - configuration
        sConKeyName[17]="COSAllocation";         //Allocation
        sConKeyName[18]="COSBaseModule";         //Cost accounting
        sConKeyName[19]="COSBudget";         //Budgeting
        sConKeyName[20]="COSCalculation";         //Calculation
        sConKeyName[21]="COSCostDistribution";         //Cost distribution
        sConKeyName[22]="COSImportCAC";         //Import Transaction from previous version
        sConKeyName[23]="COSOpenDimension";         //Unlimited dimensions
        sConKeyName[24]="COSPlanCostCalc";         //Flexible Budgeting
        sConKeyName[25]="COSWorkAllocation";         //Internal cost allocation
        sConKeyName[26]="COSWorkDistribution";         //Service distribution
        sConKeyName[27]="COSWorkUnits";         //Service categories
        sConKeyName[28]="CreditCard";         //Credit card
        sConKeyName[29]="CRSEMultiple";         //Multiple countries/regions
        sConKeyName[30]="CSS";         //Customer Self-Service
        sConKeyName[31]="Currency";         //
        sConKeyName[32]="CurrencyEuro";         //Euro
        sConKeyName[33]="CurrencySecondaryCurrency";         //Secondary currency
        sConKeyName[34]="CustBillOfExchange";         //Bill of exchange
        sConKeyName[35]="CustCentralizedCustStatement";         //Centralized Customer Statement
        sConKeyName[36]="CustCollectionLetter";         //Collection Letter
        sConKeyName[37]="CustGiro";         //Giro
        sConKeyName[38]="CustInterest ";         //Interest
        sConKeyName[39]="CustMultipleInterestRates ";         //Multiple Interest Rates
        sConKeyName[40]="CustVendCreditInvoicing ";         //Credit Invoicing
        sConKeyName[41]="CustVendNegotiableInstrument";         //Negotiable Instrument
        sConKeyName[42]="DataExport";         //Data Export
        sConKeyName[43]="DimensionSetHierarchy ";         //Dimension Set Hierarchy
        sConKeyName[44]="EMS ";         //Environmental Sustainability
        sConKeyName[45]="EP";         //Enterprise Portal
        sConKeyName[46]="EPCompliance";         //Compliance site
        sConKeyName[47]="EPSalesRep";         //Sales Representative
        sConKeyName[48]="ESS";         //Employee Self-Service
        sConKeyName[49]="Event";         //Event
        sConKeyName[50]="Forecast";         //Inventory forecast
        sConKeyName[51]="ForecastDMPBase";         //Demand Planning Base
        sConKeyName[52]="ForeignTrade";         //Foreign trade
        sConKeyName[53]="FullSettlement ";         //Full Settlement
        sConKeyName[54]="HRMADA";         //ADA
        sConKeyName[55]="HRMAdministration";         //Human Resource I
        sConKeyName[56]="HRMAdministrationCompensation";         //Compensation
        sConKeyName[57]="HRMAdministrationPayrollInfo ";         //Payroll Information
        sConKeyName[58]="HRMCollaborative";         //Human Resource III
        sConKeyName[59]="HRMCollaborativeCourse";         //Course
        sConKeyName[60]="HRMEPEmployeeServices";         //Employee Services Role
        sConKeyName[61]="HRMi9";         //I-9
        sConKeyName[62]="HRMManagement ";         //Human Resource II
        sConKeyName[63]="HRMManagementAbsence";         //Absence
        sConKeyName[64]="HRMManagementRecruiting";         //Recruiting
        sConKeyName[65]="InventItemDimColor";         //Item dimension - Color
        sConKeyName[66]="InventItemDimSize ";         //Item dimension - Size
        sConKeyName[67]="InventPackaging ";         //Packaging duty
        sConKeyName[68]="InventQualityManagement ";         //Quality Management
        sConKeyName[69]="InventTransferOrders ";         //Transfer orders
        sConKeyName[70]="Jmg ";         //Shop Floor Control
        sConKeyName[71]="JmgEPSFCEmployee";         //Enterprise portal SFC employee role
        sConKeyName[72]="JmgJob";         //Shop Floor Control - Job registration
        sConKeyName[73]="JmgPayroll";         //Shop Floor Control - Pay generation
        sConKeyName[74]="KMBPM";         //Business Process Management
        sConKeyName[75]="KMBPMActionPlan";         //Action plans
        sConKeyName[76]="KMBPMGameplan";         //Strategic plan
        sConKeyName[77]="KMBSC";         //Balanced Scorecard
        sConKeyName[78]="KMEPPerformanceManagement";         //Performance Management Role
        sConKeyName[79]="KMEPQuestionnaire ";         //Questionnaire Role
        sConKeyName[80]="KMQuestionnaireAdvanced ";         //Questionnaire II
        sConKeyName[81]="KMQuestionnaireBasic ";         //Questionnaire I
        sConKeyName[82]="LedgerAdvAllocation ";         //Allocation
        sConKeyName[83]="LedgerAdvanced";         //General ledger - advanced
        sConKeyName[84]="LedgerAdvanced2";         //General ledger - advanced II
        sConKeyName[85]="LedgerAdvCashflowForecast ";         //Cash flow forecast
        sConKeyName[86]="LedgerAdvConsolidations ";         //Consolidate
        sConKeyName[87]="LedgerAdvIntercompanyAccounting ";         //Intercompany accounting
        sConKeyName[88]="LedgerAllocationRules ";         //Generated allocation
        sConKeyName[89]="LedgerBasic ";         //General ledger
        sConKeyName[90]="LedgerBasicBudget";         //Budget
        sConKeyName[91]="LedgerBasicJournalizeTransactions";         //Journalizing
        sConKeyName[92]="LedgerBasicReversingEntries";         //Reversing entries
        sConKeyName[93]="LedgerBasicSalesTax";         //Sales tax
        sConKeyName[94]="LedgerBasicSalesTaxJurisdictions";         //Sales tax jurisdictions
        sConKeyName[95]="LedgerBasicWithholdingTax";         //Withholding tax
        sConKeyName[96]="LogisticsAdvanced";         //Logistics
        sConKeyName[97]="LogisticsBasic";         //Trade
        sConKeyName[98]="LogisticsOverUnderDelivery";         //Over/underDelivery
        sConKeyName[99]="LogisticsRegistration ";         //Registration/picking
        sConKeyName[100]="Markup";         //Misc. charges
        sConKeyName[101]="PaymMan ";         //Payment management
        sConKeyName[102]="PaymSched";         //Payment schedule
        sConKeyName[103]="PBA_ProductBuilder";         //Product Builder
        sConKeyName[104]="PBA_ProductBuildingWebApp";         //Product Building WebApp
        sConKeyName[105]="PHRPayroll ";         //Payroll
        sConKeyName[106]="PHRPayrollJurisdiction";         //Payroll jurisdiction
        sConKeyName[107]="PHRPayrollJurisdictionCanada";         //Canada
        sConKeyName[108]="PHRPayrollJurisdictionUnitedStates";         //United States
        sConKeyName[109]="PHRSystem";         //System update utilities
        sConKeyName[110]="Presence";         //Presence Support
        sConKeyName[111]="PriceDisc";         //Price/Discount
        sConKeyName[112]="Prod";         //Production I
        sConKeyName[113]="ProdRouting";         //Production II
        sConKeyName[114]="ProdShop ";         //Production III
        sConKeyName[115]="ProjAdvanced ";         //Project - advanced
        sConKeyName[116]="ProjAdvCashFlow ";         //Cash flow
        sConKeyName[117]="ProjAdvCostControl";         //Cost control
        sConKeyName[118]="ProjAdvEstimate ";         //Estimate projects
        sConKeyName[119]="ProjAdvEstimateFixedPrice";         //Fixed-price
        sConKeyName[120]="ProjAdvEstimateInvestment";         //Investment
        sConKeyName[121]="ProjAdvWorkInProgress";         //Work In Process
        sConKeyName[122]="ProjBasic";         //Project
        sConKeyName[123]="ProjBasicCost";         //Expense
        sConKeyName[124]="ProjBasicForecast";         //Forecast
        sConKeyName[125]="ProjBasicHour";         //Hours
        sConKeyName[126]="ProjBasicInternalProject";         //Cost and internal project
        sConKeyName[127]="ProjBasicOnAcc";         //On account
        sConKeyName[128]="ProjBasicRevenue";         //Fee
        sConKeyName[129]="ProjBasicTimeMaterial";         //Time and material
        sConKeyName[130]="ProjQuotation";         //Project quotation
        sConKeyName[131]="ProjServerIntegration";         //Project Server Integration
        sConKeyName[132]="PurchInvoiceMatching ";         //Invoice matching
        sConKeyName[133]="PurchReq";         //Purchase Requisition
        sConKeyName[134]="QuotationBasic";         //Quotations
        sConKeyName[135]="ReportingServices";         //Reporting Services
        sConKeyName[136]="Req";         //Master planning
        sConKeyName[137]="ReqSchedAction ";         //Action message
        sConKeyName[138]="ReturnItem ";         //Return orders
        sConKeyName[139]="RFID";         //RFID
        sConKeyName[140]="RFIDBusinessProcessing";         //RFID Business processing
        sConKeyName[141]="RFIDTagging";         //RFID tagging
        sConKeyName[142]="RouteApprove";         //Approval of routes
        sConKeyName[143]="RuntimeBUS";         //BUS Runtime
        sConKeyName[144]="RuntimeVAR";         //VAR Runtime
        sConKeyName[145]="SalesDeliveryDateControl";         //Delevery date control
        sConKeyName[146]="SalesQuotation";         //Sales quotation
        sConKeyName[147]="SalesShipments";         //Shipments
        sConKeyName[148]="ShipCarrier";         //Shiping Carrier
        sConKeyName[149]="SIG ";         //Electronic signature
        sConKeyName[150]="SMA";         //Service
        sConKeyName[151]="SMABom";         //Service Management - BOM
        sConKeyName[152]="SMAManagement";         //Service management
        sConKeyName[153]="SMARepair";         //Service Management - Repair
        sConKeyName[154]="SMASubscription";         //Subscription
        sConKeyName[155]="SMASubscription_Indexation";         //Subscription indexation
        sConKeyName[156]="SmmCRM";         //Customer Relation Manager Series
        sConKeyName[157]="SmmLead";         //Leads
        sConKeyName[158]="SmmMA";         //Marketing automation
        sConKeyName[159]="smmMACampaignProcess";         //Campaign process
        sConKeyName[160]="smmOutlook";         //MS Office Outlook synchronization
        sConKeyName[161]="smmPhone";         //Telephony integration
        sConKeyName[162]="SmmSM";         //Sales management
        sConKeyName[163]="smmSMLeadProcess";         //Lead qualifying process
        sConKeyName[164]="smmSMSalesProcess";         //Sales process
        sConKeyName[165]="SmmTM";         //Telemarketing
        sConKeyName[166]="SuppItem";         //Supplementary item
        sConKeyName[167]="SysAdmin";         //Administration
        sConKeyName[168]="SysAPI";         //Optional APIs
        sConKeyName[169]="SysAPIDDE";         //Dynamic Data Exchange API
        sConKeyName[170]="SysAPIPipeClient";         //Pipe Client API
        sConKeyName[171]="SysCOM";         //Business Connector status
        sConKeyName[172]="SysCompanyInfo";         //Company accounts
        sConKeyName[173]="SysDatabaseLog";         //Database Log
        sConKeyName[174]="SysDeletedObjects40";         //Keep update objects 4.0
        sConKeyName[175]="SysDeletedObjects41";         //Keep update objects 4.1
        sConKeyName[176]="SysDevelopmentMorphX";         //Development
        sConKeyName[177]="SysDevelopmentXPP";         //X++ development
        sConKeyName[178]="SysDomain";         //Domains
        sConKeyName[179]="SysFillUtility";         //Fill utility
        sConKeyName[180]="SysMSSQL";         //Microsoft SQL Server
        sConKeyName[181]="SysOracle ";         //Oracle
        sConKeyName[182]="SysRecordLevelSecurity";         //Record level security
        sConKeyName[183]="SysSign";         //Life Science Electronic signature
        sConKeyName[184]="SysTest ";         //Test framework
        sConKeyName[185]="SysUserLog";         //User log
        sConKeyName[186]="TaxUnrealized";         //Unrealized sales tax
        sConKeyName[187]="TradeAgreements";         //Trade agreements
        sConKeyName[188]="TradeBlanketOrder";         //Blanket order
        sConKeyName[189]="TradeInterCompany";         //Intercompany
        sConKeyName[190]="TradeMultiShipTo";         //Multiple ship-to
        sConKeyName[191]="TradePrintManagement";         //Print management
        sConKeyName[192]="TransactionReversal_Cust";         //Customer transaction reversal
        sConKeyName[193]="TransactionReversal_Ledger";         //Ledger transaction reversal
        sConKeyName[194]="TransactionReversal_Vend";  //Vendor transaction reversal
        sConKeyName[195]="Trv ";         //Expense management
        sConKeyName[196]="TRVAdvance";         //Cash advance
        sConKeyName[197]="TrvElectronicPayment";         //Credit Card Import
        sConKeyName[198]="TrvPerDiem ";         //Per diems
        sConKeyName[199]="VendInvoicePool";         //Invoice pool excl. posting
        sConKeyName[200]="VendInvoiceRegister";         //Invoice journal
        sConKeyName[201]="VendInvoiceRegisterApproval";  //Invoice register and invoice approval journal
        sConKeyName[202]="VendPromissoryNote";         //Promissory note
        sConKeyName[203]="VSS";         //Vendor Self-Service
        sConKeyName[204]="WMSAdvanced";         //Warehouse Management II
        sConKeyName[205]="WMSBasic";         //Warehouse Management I
        sConKeyName[206]="WMSPallet";         //Pallets
        sConKeyName[207]="WrkCtr";         //Resources

    for (i=1; i<=207; ++ i)
     info(strfmt("Execution finished sucessfully, Check the folder for files under 'C:\AllTables\Configs'."));

This would help the functional and technical analysts and users to analyse the schema and tables related to sub-modules and modules, as it retrieves all the tables from each configuration.

Following are few configuration files from Dynamics AX 2009. The names, labels, license and parent description helps in understanding the configuration to which module it belongs.

Configuration Name Label LicenseCode ParentKey
AIF Application Integration Framework AIF
AIFWebService Application Integration Framework Web Services AIFWebService
Asset Fixed assets Asset
AssetDepBook Fixed asset depreciation books Asset
Bank Bank Ledger
BankCheque Check Bank
BankDeposit Desposit slip Bank
BankElectronicBanking Electronic Banking BankElectronicBanking
BAS Business analysis BAS
BOM Bill of materials LogisticsAdvanced
BOMApprove BOM approval BOMVersion
BOMCostBreakdown Allow cost breakdown activation BOM
BOMVersion BOM versions BOM
Commission Commission LogisticsBasic
ComplianceMgmt Compliance Management II ComplianceMgmt
Config Item dimension - configuration
COSAllocation Allocation COSCalculation
COSBaseModule Cost accounting COSCostCenter
COSBudget Budgeting COSBaseModule
COSCalculation Calculation COSBaseModule
COSCostDistribution Cost distribution COSCalculation
COSImportCAC Import Transaction from previous version COSBaseModule
COSOpenDimension Unlimited dimensions COSOpenDim
COSPlanCostCalc Flexible Budgeting COSPlanCostCalc
COSWorkAllocation Internal cost allocation COSIntCostAlloc
COSWorkDistribution Service distribution COSCalculation
COSWorkUnits Service categories COSBaseModule
CreditCard Credit card LedgerBasic
CRSEMultiple Multiple countries/regions CRSECountry
CSS Customer Self-Service CSS
Currency Ledger
CurrencyEuro Euro Currency
CurrencySecondaryCurrency Secondary currency Currency
CustBillOfExchange Bill of exchange CustVendNegotiableInstrument
CustCentralizedCustStatement Centralized Customer Statement LedgerAdvanced2
CustCollectionLetter Collection Letter LedgerBasic
CustGiro Giro LedgerBasic
CustInterest Interest LedgerBasic
CustMultipleInterestRates Multiple Interest Rates CRSEMultiple
CustVendCreditInvoicing Credit Invoicing CRSEMultiple
CustVendNegotiableInstrument Negotiable Instrument Bank
DataExport Data Export CRSEMultiple
DimensionSetHierarchy Dimension Set Hierarchy LedgerAdvanced
EMS Environmental Sustainability EMS
EP Enterprise Portal EP
EPCompliance Compliance site ComplianceMgmt
EPSalesRep Sales Representative EPSalesRep
ESS Employee Self-Service ESS
Event Event
Forecast Inventory forecast LogisticsAdvanced
ForecastDMPBase Demand Planning Base ForecastDMPBase
ForeignTrade Foreign trade LogisticsBasic
FullSettlement Full Settlement CRSEMultiple
HRMADA ADA HRMAdministration
HRMAdministration Human Resource I HRMAdministration
HRMAdministrationCompensation Compensation HRMAdministration
HRMAdministrationPayrollInfo Payroll Information HRMAdministration
HRMCollaborative Human Resource III HRMCollaborative
HRMCollaborativeCourse Course HRMCollaborative
HRMEPEmployeeServices Employee Services Role HRMEPEmployeeServices
HRMi9 I-9 HRMAdministration
HRMManagement Human Resource II HRMManagement
HRMManagementAbsence Absence HRMManagement
HRMManagementRecruiting Recruiting HRMManagement
InventItemDimColor Item dimension - Color LogisticsAdvanced
InventItemDimSize Item dimension - Size LogisticsAdvanced
InventPackaging Packaging duty LogisticsBasic
InventQualityManagement Quality Management InventQualityManagement
InventTransferOrders Transfer orders LogisticsAdvanced
Jmg Shop Floor Control SFC1
JmgEPSFCEmployee Enterprise portal SFC employee role SFCEPTimeCard
JmgJob Shop Floor Control - Job registration SFC2
JmgPayroll Shop Floor Control - Pay generation SFC3
KMBPM Business Process Management KMBPM
KMBPMActionPlan Action plans KMBPM
KMBPMGameplan Strategic plan KMBPM
KMBSC Balanced Scorecard KMBSC
KMEPPerformanceManagement Performance Management Role KMEPPerformanceManagement
KMEPQuestionnaire Questionnaire Role KMEPQuestionnaire
KMQuestionnaireAdvanced Questionnaire II KMQuestionnaireAdvanced
KMQuestionnaireBasic Questionnaire I KMQuestionnaireBasic
LedgerAdvAllocation Allocation LedgerAdvanced
LedgerAdvanced General ledger - advanced LedgerAdvanced
LedgerAdvanced2 General ledger - advanced II LedgerAdvanced2
LedgerAdvCashflowForecast Cash flow forecast LedgerAdvanced
LedgerAdvConsolidations Consolidate LedgerAdvanced
LedgerAdvIntercompanyAccounting Intercompany accounting LedgerAdvanced
LedgerAllocationRules Generated allocation LedgerAdvanced2
LedgerBasic General ledger Ledger
LedgerBasicBudget Budget LedgerBasic
LedgerBasicJournalizeTransactions Journalizing LedgerBasic
LedgerBasicReversingEntries Reversing entries LedgerBasic
LedgerBasicSalesTax Sales tax LedgerBasic
LedgerBasicSalesTaxJurisdictions Sales tax jurisdictions LedgerBasicSalesTax
LedgerBasicWithholdingTax Withholding tax LedgerBasic
LogisticsAdvanced Logistics LogisticsAdvanced
LogisticsBasic Trade LogisticsBasic
LogisticsOverUnderDelivery Over/underDelivery LogisticsBasic
LogisticsRegistration Registration/picking LogisticsBasic
Markup Misc. charges LogisticsBasic
PaymMan Payment management LedgerBasic
PaymSched Payment schedule LedgerBasic
PBA_ProductBuilder Product Builder PBAProductBuilder
PBA_ProductBuildingWebApp Product Building WebApp PBA_ProductBuildingWebApp
PHRPayroll Payroll PayrollforDynamicsAX
PHRPayrollJurisdiction Payroll jurisdiction PHRPayroll
PHRPayrollJurisdictionCanada Canada PHRPayrollJurisdiction
PHRPayrollJurisdictionUnitedStates United States PHRPayrollJurisdiction
PHRSystem System update utilities PHRPayroll
Presence Presence Support SysAdmin
PriceDisc Price/Discount TradeAgreements
Prod Production I Prod
ProdRouting Production II ProdRouting
ProdShop Production III ProdShop
ProjAdvanced Project - advanced ProjAdvanced
ProjAdvCashFlow Cash flow ProjAdvanced
ProjAdvCostControl Cost control ProjAdvanced
ProjAdvEstimate Estimate projects ProjAdvanced
ProjAdvEstimateFixedPrice Fixed-price ProjAdvEstimate
ProjAdvEstimateInvestment Investment ProjAdvEstimate
ProjAdvWorkInProgress Work In Process ProjAdvanced
ProjBasic Project ProjBasic
ProjBasicCost Expense ProjBasic
ProjBasicForecast Forecast ProjBasic
ProjBasicHour Hours ProjBasic
ProjBasicInternalProject Cost and internal project ProjBasic
ProjBasicOnAcc On account ProjBasic
ProjBasicRevenue Fee ProjBasic
ProjBasicTimeMaterial Time and material ProjBasic
ProjQuotation Project quotation QuotationBasic
ProjServerIntegration Project Server Integration ProjBasic
PurchInvoiceMatching Invoice matching LogisticsBasic
PurchReq Purchase Requisition PurchReq
QuotationBasic Quotations Quotations
ReportingServices Reporting Services SysUsers
Req Master planning Req
ReqSchedAction Action message Req
ReturnItem Return orders LogisticsBasic
RFIDBusinessProcessing RFID Business processing RFID
RFIDTagging RFID tagging RFID
RouteApprove Approval of routes ProdRouting
RuntimeBUS BUS Runtime RuntimeBUS
RuntimeVAR VAR Runtime RuntimeVAR
SalesDeliveryDateControl Delevery date control LogisticsAdvanced
SalesQuotation Sales quotation QuotationBasic
SalesShipments Shipments LogisticsBasic
ShipCarrier Shiping Carrier LogisticsBasic
SIG Electronic signature
SMA Service ProjBasic
SMABom Service Management - BOM SMAManagement
SMAManagement Service management ServiceManagement
SMARepair Service Management - Repair SMAManagement
SMASubscription Subscription ServiceSubscription
SMASubscription_Indexation Subscription indexation SMASubscription
SmmCRM Customer Relation Manager Series smmSalesForceAutomation
SmmLead Leads SmmCRM
SmmMA Marketing automation smmMarketingAutomation
smmMACampaignProcess Campaign process SmmMA
smmOutlook MS Office Outlook synchronization
smmPhone Telephony integration SmmCRM
SmmSM Sales management smmSalesManagement
smmSMLeadProcess Lead qualifying process SmmLead
smmSMSalesProcess Sales process SmmCRM
SmmTM Telemarketing smmTelemarketing
SuppItem Supplementary item TradeAgreements
SysAdmin Administration SysUsers
SysAPI Optional APIs SysUsers
SysAPIDDE Dynamic Data Exchange API SysAPI
SysAPIPipeClient Pipe Client API SysAPI
SysCOM Business Connector status SysCOMUsers
SysCompanyInfo Company accounts SysCompanies
SysDatabaseLog Database Log SysDatabaseLog
SysDeletedObjects40 Keep update objects 4.0 SysAdmin
SysDeletedObjects41 Keep update objects 4.1 SysAdmin
SysDevelopmentMorphX Development SysMorphX
SysDevelopmentXPP X++ development SysXpp
SysDomain Domains SysDomain
SysFillUtility Fill utility SysAdmin
SysMSSQL Microsoft SQL Server SysMSSQL
SysOracle Oracle SysOracle
SysRecordLevelSecurity Record level security SysRecordLevelSecurity
SysSign Life Science Electronic signature Prod
SysTest Test framework SysDevelopmentXPP
SysUserLog User log
TaxUnrealized Unrealized sales tax
TradeAgreements Trade agreements TradeAgreements
TradeBlanketOrder Blanket order LogisticsBasic
TradeInterCompany Intercompany TradeInterCompany
TradeMultiShipTo Multiple ship-to LogisticsBasic
TradePrintManagement Print management LogisticsBasic
TransactionReversal_Cust Customer transaction reversal LedgerBasic
TransactionReversal_Ledger Ledger transaction reversal LedgerBasic
TransactionReversal_Vend Vendor transaction reversal LedgerBasic
Trv Expense management Trv
TRVAdvance Cash advance Trv
TrvElectronicPayment Credit Card Import Trv
TrvPerDiem Per diems Trv
VendInvoicePool Invoice pool excl. posting LedgerBasic
VendInvoiceRegister Invoice journal LedgerBasic
VendInvoiceRegisterApproval Invoice register and invoice approval journal LedgerBasic
VendPromissoryNote Promissory note CustVendNegotiableInstrument
VSS Vendor Self-Service VSS
WMSAdvanced Warehouse Management II WMSAdvanced
WMSBasic Warehouse Management I WMSBasic
WMSPallet Pallets WMSAdvanced
WrkCtr Resources WrkCtr

Few CRSE related configurations have been skipped from the above list.

The code has been tested in Microsoft Dynamics AX 2009.

There are approximately around 4584 tables in Microsoft Dynamics AX 2012. For more information download the complete list of tables from the link here



28 Jan 2012


This article, along with any associated source code and files, is licensed under The Code Project Open License (CPOL)


About the Author

Venkat Chaitanya Kanumukula
United States United States
Mr. Kanumukula is a IT-Specialist and has been in the industry since 1997.
• Around 18+ years of experience in the areas of system design & architecture, application programming, development, testing, deployments, execution with implementations & Roll-outs of business applications in cloud/on-premise.
• Experience using Dynamics 365 for Operations/Microsoft Dynamics AX 2012/R2/R3( Inc- Visual Studio.Net, X++, C#, SharePoint, SQL Server, Power-BI, D365-CRM, SSIS/SSRS/SSAS, BizTalk, AWS & Azure, IOT, IIOT, etc).
• Experience in managing Operations & Data Center maintenance both on-premise & cloud hosting, infrastructure/applications buildout.
• Experience in ERP upgrades Dynamics 365, Azure Administration and hosting, LCS (Life Cycle Services).
• Experience with Commitment to Quality - technical quality assurance (before, during and after development). Create partnership with project manager to give technical assistance regarding important decisions.
• Well-Versed with Agile, SCRUM and CMMI process & methodologies to support rapid iterative Quality software development.

A highly motivated, self-starter & problem solver with multi-tasking skills, Had managed and served through an established process to get the job done in a timely and efficient manner with an eye on every detail during ERP implementations. Flexible to work under stress and have ability to prioritize workload and stay organized in a fast-paced environment.

Learned & adapted to new processes and technologies at ease with -NO- training provided from the organizations while working at previous employments, Yet on-demand delivered tasks aggressively at a fast-pace satisfying the needs of product owners, product development, program managers, Vendors, Higher Management, Internal/External Clients.

Have a proactive & positive attitude with a willingness to do what it takes to complete the job. Self-managed work style within a team environment. Extremely detail-orientated & Customer service oriented.

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