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General Programming

  caio Updated: 3 Jun 2008    Bookmarked: 18 Jun 2008    
Using the BITS system service
  Wytek Szymanski Updated: 20 Jun 2007    Bookmarked: 4 May 2008    
An article that discusses hosting multiple services in separate AppDomains

Web Development

  Han Yu Updated: 24 Sep 2002    Bookmarked: 1 May 2008    
A simple method of making your HTML tables sortable. No additional coding necessary!
  Jason Henderson Updated: 9 Aug 2003    Bookmarked: 20 Jan 2003    
Some HTML and JavaScript that helps you write and preview CP articles.
  Sowkot Osman Updated: 20 Aug 2008    Bookmarked: 12 Aug 2008    
How to easily use the jQuery DatePicker in ASP.NET.
  Paul Riley Updated: 2 Sep 2003    Bookmarked: 30 Jun 2008    
The conflict between maintenance and efficiency examined and resolved.
  Matt Sollars Updated: 7 Feb 2011    Bookmarked: 7 Feb 2008    
An article on automatically switching between HTTP and HTTPS protocols without hard-coding absolute URLs
  Heath Stewart Updated: 26 Jul 2009    Bookmarked: 10 Jan 2005    
Provides insight and tips on using role-based (groups) Forms Authentication in ASP.NET, which has only partial support for roles.


  sazidansari777 Updated: 22 Feb 2009    Bookmarked: 23 Feb 2009    
play mp3,wav & etc not video song
  Leftend Updated: 18 Jan 2008    Bookmarked: 23 Feb 2008    
A simple library to manage and resize uploaded images.
  Thomas Dörr Updated: 16 Aug 2010    Bookmarked: 29 Dec 2008    
Visual Studio 2005 / 2008 both lack a good way to define assembly references per solution configuration (‘Debug’ or ‘Release’). This tool fills this gap.
  jgauffin Updated: 3 Sep 2008    Bookmarked: 30 Aug 2008    
A generic plugin system used to load and manage plugins
  Christian Graus Updated: 8 Mar 2008    Bookmarked: 9 Apr 2008    
A primer for people looking to learn to help themselves find answers to programming questions
  Michael Potter Updated: 10 Jun 2004    Bookmarked: 28 Mar 2008    
A reusable difference engine written in C#.

Desktop Development

  Joseph M. Newcomer Updated: 10 Jul 2008    Bookmarked: 30 Jun 2008    
When a dynamically-resizable dialog is created, you may find it desirable to have controls resize or rearrange themselves dynamically in response to these changes. This project shows some simple techniques to use when the arrangements are not too complex. It also incorporates two other projects, the
  Jason Witty Updated: 28 Feb 2008    Bookmarked: 10 Mar 2008    
A tutorial for implementing a modal popup window on your web site which will display a Microsoft Virtual Earth map with pinpoints on the locations of everyone who is currently browsing your web site.

Platforms, Frameworks & Libraries

  Gregory Gadow Updated: 1 Apr 2009    Bookmarked: 6 Apr 2009    
With extension methods, you can add new functionality to .NET objects.
  Jani Giannoudis Updated: 5 Sep 2013    Bookmarked: 6 May 2008    
Simplifying the .NET User Configuration for Windows Forms and WPF
  Deepak.Kumar Updated: 21 Jul 2007    Bookmarked: 27 Aug 2007    
Garbage collection and memory leak detection in .NET.
  Tom Wellige Updated: 11 May 2003    Bookmarked: 12 May 2008    
Viewer and Editor for any table in any Database you can reach from your IIS/PWS.
  M@dHatter Updated: 23 Mar 2009    Bookmarked: 28 Feb 2009    
An httpmodule designed to create one image out of many for faster loading and fewer web server HTTP requests. Module creates auto generated CSS image maps of positions for displaying on a webpage using background positioning. The module also handles creating mouse over image effects.
  jelizondo21 Updated: 21 Dec 2008    Bookmarked: 5 Jan 2009    
Complete demo of embedding images in an email message.
  Jasmin Muharemovic Updated: 5 Aug 2004    Bookmarked: 24 Oct 2005    
An article about optimization and performance testing of MS SQL Server 2000 stored procedures used for paging of large resultsets in ASP.NET

Development Lifecycle

  James Nies Updated: 22 Dec 2008    Bookmarked: 11 Aug 2008    
Using NArrange to organize C# source code.

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