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Desktop Development

  Ertan Tike Updated: 20 Jun 2006    Bookmarked: 18 Sep 2013    
A calendar DayView control.

Web Development

  ProgramFOX Updated: 31 May 2016    Bookmarked: 21 Oct 2013    
This article explains how to create a maze with a digital timer using HTML5 and JavaScript, without the use of Flash.
  Agon Avdimetaj Updated: 17 May 2012    Bookmarked: 17 Oct 2013    
  Siddharth Chandra Updated: 19 Jul 2012    Bookmarked: 14 Oct 2013    
An introduction to WebGL and basic graphic programming using JavaScript.
  Rahul Bandopadhyaya Updated: 17 Sep 2013    Bookmarked: 11 Oct 2013    
20 interesting HTML5 enhancements
  Chris_Bowen Updated: 23 Oct 2012    Bookmarked: 8 Oct 2013    
We’ll be using HTML5, JavaScript, WinJS, and some helpful libraries from CreateJS along the way.
  Ian Sullivan Updated: 28 May 2013    Bookmarked: 8 Oct 2013    
A short guide to making an HTML5 physics based multiplayer game
  Perspx Updated: 5 Aug 2008    Bookmarked: 15 Oct 2013    
An introduction to writing object-oriented structures in JavaScript
  Bryian Tan Updated: 17 Apr 2017    Bookmarked: 16 Oct 2013    
An article on SQL Injection and Cross-Site Scripting with sample code in C#.

Development Lifecycle

  Nirosh Updated: 4 Feb 2015    Bookmarked: 24 Mar 2014    
This article helps to understand OOP concepts, focusing on .NET/ C#. This is written in the form of asking questions and writing answers to them, making it easy to understand.
  Marla Sukesh Updated: 8 Apr 2013    Bookmarked: 21 Oct 2013    
This article is intended for who have at least basic idea about Object oriented programming.


  Bart-Jan Verhoeff Updated: 23 Jan 2014    Bookmarked: 4 Oct 2013    
An easy way to access your SQL compact edition database in C#

Mobile Development

  PavolSatala Updated: 20 Sep 2012    Bookmarked: 11 Oct 2013    
How to create a minesweeper game for three platforms with only one code?
  Sean Ewington Updated: 3 Apr 2014    Bookmarked: 21 Oct 2013    
Web development beginner tutorials. A compilation of web development tutorials that serve as a beginner's walk to web development
  Arif-Imran Updated: 21 Dec 2011    Bookmarked: 20 Oct 2013    
Exporting data to Excel is an every day requirement for many solution providers. This article shows how to migrate your data to Excel using simple HTML.
  Kushan Thakershy Updated: 22 May 2006    Bookmarked: 16 Oct 2013    
This is a client side script to send emails using Outlook Express. You can add this script on a click event of a button on your ASP.NET page; this script will create a mail message (to, from, cc, attachments, body) and open Outlook Express with these data and let you send the same email.


  Tim Corey Updated: 11 May 2012    Bookmarked: 17 Oct 2013    
We will use the updated System.IO.Compression namespace to easily create, update, and extract zip files.
  Monjurul Habib Updated: 9 Jun 2013    Bookmarked: 15 Oct 2013    
Today I will show some good practices I have learned during my professional years, those are lower level but very important for all levels.
  Lord TaGoH Updated: 28 Mar 2010    Bookmarked: 2 Oct 2013    
How to use Ghostscript library to create an image (or images) from a PDF file

Platforms, Frameworks & Libraries

  Huseyin Altindag Updated: 20 Jul 2012    Bookmarked: 11 Oct 2013    
A simple Personal Address Program to show how to use the LINQ queries on CRUD(Create, Read, Update, Delete) operations with Entity Framework
  tadeze Updated: 24 Nov 2010    Bookmarked: 26 Sep 2013    
A simplified XML based phone book database using LINQ
  Dave Clemmer Updated: 21 Mar 2017    Bookmarked: 21 Oct 2013    
Mo+ is the first technology that fully supports model oriented development, allowing software developers to powerfully scale the work they already do.
  Colin Eberhardt Updated: 21 Sep 2011    Bookmarked: 21 Oct 2013    
This article describes the development of XAML Finance, a cross-platform application which works on the desktop, using Windows Presentation Foundation (WPF), on the web, using Silverlight and on Windows Phone 7 (WP7).
  Dan Colasanti Updated: 5 Feb 2014    Bookmarked: 18 Oct 2013    
This article describes my experience porting Invasion from XNA/WP7 to MonoGame/WP8 and includes Invasion's complete source code.

Internet of Things

  DaveAuld Updated: 13 Sep 2013    Bookmarked: 21 Oct 2013    
Bought, Imaged and Booted - So far so good!

General Programming

  JeffHeaton Updated: 16 Oct 2012    Bookmarked: 14 Oct 2013    
Use Encog genetic algorithms, simulated annealing, neural networks and more with HTML5 Javascript.

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