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Desktop Development

  Jose Menendez Póo Updated: 12 Jun 2012    Bookmarked: 12 May 2008    
A serious project on an Office-like Ribbon control
  Nikolay Denisov Updated: 19 Jul 2003    Bookmarked: 29 Apr 2008    
The article gives a sample of how to implement Internet Explorer-style sizable re-bar and menu bar controls.
  Hans Dietrich Updated: 1 Jan 2008    Bookmarked: 12 Apr 2008    
XHtmlTree is an MFC control based on CTreeCtrl, with support for HTML text, web links, APP: links, XML load/save, Smart Checkboxes, and Drag & Drop.
  TigerX Updated: 19 Sep 2002    Bookmarked: 13 Feb 2005    
A Tree List Control
  Fredrik Bornander Updated: 8 Dec 2007    Bookmarked: 12 Jan 2009    
An article on how the use of a simple Physics implementation can liven up a WinForms UI.
  John Gonzalez Updated: 22 Apr 2004    Bookmarked: 22 Sep 2008    
An implementation of the spin-edit control used in Jasc Paint Shop Pro
  Shog9 Updated: 7 Aug 2002    Bookmarked: 2 Dec 2004    
Although sometimes useful, message boxes used to display information are often just annoying. This article describes a non-modal replacement.
  Elmue Updated: 23 Mar 2012    Bookmarked: 29 Aug 2006    
How to implement creation and extraction of Microsoft CAB files
  Joseph Dempsey Updated: 10 Apr 2003    Bookmarked: 9 May 2006    
Provides a class capable of providing a CFile sytle interface with no MFC dependecies and more importantly providing the ability to read/write if full overlapped IO mode with a user defined callback between each segment read/write.
  Victor Derks Updated: 26 Jan 2005    Bookmarked: 23 Jan 2009    
Discussion of a small C++ framework to create Windows shell extensions (IContextMenuImpl).

General Programming

  Ramanan.T Updated: 11 Dec 2004    Bookmarked: 1 Jun 2009    
This covers essentials about SNMP and a short tutorial on developing a very simple SNMP extension agent.
  spinoza Updated: 11 Dec 2008    Bookmarked: 14 Nov 2008    
This source code uses the advanced IOCP technology which can efficiently serve multiple clients. It also presents some solutions to practical problems that arise with the IOCP programming API, and provides a simple echo client/server with file transfer.
  Guilherme Labigalini Updated: 12 Feb 2008    Bookmarked: 30 Jun 2008    
Sample application that manages multiple segmented downloads and supports HTTP, FTP and YouTube video downloads
  Prasshhant Pugalia Updated: 23 Apr 2007    Bookmarked: 24 Apr 2007    
Sniffing IP Packets using Winsock API
  DCUtility Updated: 7 Aug 2002    Bookmarked: 10 Nov 2004    
Chat (Client/Server) project build with code found at Code Project.
  AnOldGreenHorn Updated: 3 Jan 2009    Bookmarked: 16 Jul 2007    
Wrapper classes for Win32 HTTP calls, URL encoding, etc.
  Andre Azevedo Updated: 29 Apr 2009    Bookmarked: 19 May 2006    
An asynchronous socket server and client with encryption and compression.
  Leon Finker Updated: 31 Jul 2003    Bookmarked: 31 Oct 2007    
SSL/TLS Client/Server classes for .NET that uses Windows SSPI for SSL/TLS protocol

Web Development

  Maksim Pyatkovskiy Updated: 31 Jan 2009    Bookmarked: 31 Jan 2009    
A tool that can catch unhandled errors and exceptions, and deliver error reports to remote support servers
  Bedri Egrilmez Updated: 6 Oct 2005    Bookmarked: 28 Dec 2007    
A utility for viewing the internal structure of PDF documents.
  Alex_Intw Updated: 26 Mar 2009    Bookmarked: 19 Oct 2006    
A cross-platform state-oriented application framework and a ClassWizard-like round-trip UML dynamic modeling/development tool that runs in popular IDEs. Aims at providing concurrent, distributed, and real-time application development tools for Win32/Linux

Development Lifecycle

  Jerome_D Updated: 17 May 2006    Bookmarked: 19 May 2008    
This article describes how to run state machine application framework based Win32/WinCE programs using the window message hooking technology. (Open source project.)
  Christopher Duncan Updated: 13 Oct 2002    Bookmarked: 27 Oct 2004    
Don't just dream about what you want: go out there and get it.


  Jonas Beckeman Updated: 10 Oct 2006    Bookmarked: 3 Nov 2009    
Read/write Photoshop PSD files, serialize to XML, extract layer bitmaps, and more.
  Mark Belles Updated: 14 Mar 2005    Bookmarked: 3 Nov 2009    
Screen capturing that features multiple monitor support, including methods for capturing windows and window icons. Includes Spy++ style window finder!
  Chesnokov Yuriy Updated: 19 Oct 2007    Bookmarked: 13 Mar 2009    
This article demonstrates the use of 2D Fast wavelet transform for image processing
  valdok Updated: 16 Jun 2004    Bookmarked: 6 Nov 2005    
The difference between DFB and DIB.
  Davide Pizzolato Updated: 15 Mar 2003    Bookmarked: 25 Oct 2005    
A small class to read EXIF data from JPEG images.
  DYSEQTA Updated: 22 Feb 2007    Bookmarked: 23 Mar 2007    
How to access the power of Vista and the DWM without WPF and .NET
  Kristian Carazo Updated: 4 Mar 2009    Bookmarked: 14 Jan 2010    
A simple OpenGL framework for fast prototyping of OpenGL and game applications

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