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Desktop Development

  Michael Chourdakis Updated: 21 May 2015    Bookmarked: 30 Sep 2014    
Immerse yourself in system programming!
  Cosmin Oprea (aka somalezu) Updated: 5 Aug 2009    Bookmarked: 3 May 2010    
This article describes a very simple way to make WinForms databindings without the need to refer the datasource property names with magic strings.
  Jonathan de Halleux Updated: 23 Apr 2007    Bookmarked: 16 Oct 2009    
A generic directed graph library with a Graphviz Web Control Bonus!
  Michael Dunn Updated: 26 May 2006    Bookmarked: 29 Oct 2009    
A tutorial on writing a shell extension that can be used on the Send To menu.


  Stefan Popov Updated: 2 Mar 2003    Bookmarked: 28 Feb 2010    
This article shows you how to add context aware XPath functions to an XSL transformation. This is done by a hack using reflection.

General Programming

  Syeda Anila Nusrat Updated: 30 Aug 2010    Bookmarked: 5 Jan 2010    
In this article, you can send and read SMS through a GSM modem using AT commands and without using any third party library.
  Jesus Oliva Updated: 19 Jul 2003    Bookmarked: 6 Sep 2009    
Class library to implement packet filtering funcionality in your .NET applications

Development Lifecycle

  Marc Clifton Updated: 3 Dec 2011    Bookmarked: 4 Dec 2011    
Making relationships first class citizens.


  Rui Lopes Updated: 3 Jun 2004    Bookmarked: 26 Jul 2010    
Demonstrates how to create per pixel alpha blending windows

General Reading

  Raghuwanshi.G.S Updated: 12 Oct 2008    Bookmarked: 3 Dec 2008    
Details how to capture OS Events like Sleep, Stand-by, Hibernate, Application Shutdown & Power Management in Windows XP and Vista, and how these OS Events in Windows Vista differ from Windows XP. Also deals with denying or aborting suspension requests in an application.
  Guillaume Hanique Updated: 5 May 2008    Bookmarked: 27 Apr 2009    
How to extend Visual Studio so it can generate code for any data type.
  dawright, Proto-Bytes Updated: 16 Feb 2010    Bookmarked: 25 Jul 2010    
A heurisitc graphing tool to help discover 'Big O Notation' function thru infinite asymptotic's and instrumentation.
  Eric Marchesin Updated: 23 Jun 2003    Bookmarked: 25 Jul 2010    
Understand graphs and A* path-finding algorithm with C#
  Ben Morrison Updated: 11 Dec 2009    Bookmarked: 28 Aug 2009    
A guide to writing a language service for Visual Studio using Irony.
  dawright Updated: 29 Apr 2009    Bookmarked: 16 May 2009    
Analyzing the board game Monopoly using a Markov chain model.
  iberg Updated: 13 Feb 2015    Bookmarked: 29 Mar 2009    
Code for a fast math parser library
  Ray Hayes Updated: 1 May 2003    Bookmarked: 27 Mar 2009    
A utility class allowing automatic command line switches and parsing.
  st0le Updated: 26 Oct 2010    Bookmarked: 10 May 2009    
A Very Simple Pseudo-RootKit


  Sebastien Lorion Updated: 13 Jan 2016    Bookmarked: 4 Aug 2009    
A reader that provides fast, non-cached, forward-only access to CSV data.
  Nish Nishant Updated: 1 Dec 2001    Bookmarked: 19 Jan 2010    
This article explains how you can override PreTranslateMessage and ProcessMessageFilter in dialog based apps
  Opcodevoid Updated: 25 Aug 2004    Bookmarked: 19 May 2012    
This article's aim is to provide material for modern day decompiling of an application written in C++
  Maruf Maniruzzaman Updated: 5 Jun 2008    Bookmarked: 19 Nov 2011    
Environment settings for OS development
  Ajay Vijayvargiya Updated: 2 Nov 2010    Bookmarked: 18 Apr 2010    
Elaborating new C++ language features with a clear, sharp, and detailed discussion.
  Nemanja Trifunovic Updated: 28 Dec 2009    Bookmarked: 12 Aug 2009    
An unbiased analysis of good and bad cases for using exceptions vs. error codes.
  cppnow Updated: 8 Oct 2008    Bookmarked: 6 Mar 2009    
Optimizing algorithms at runtime with a domain-specific embedded language (DSEL) and LLVM.
  Jeffrey Walton Updated: 7 Mar 2008    Bookmarked: 3 Dec 2008    
An Analysis Demonstrating the PE Checksum is an Additive Checksum based on RFC 1071
  Jeffrey Walton Updated: 7 Mar 2008    Bookmarked: 3 Dec 2008    
Add functionality to a project using existing compiled machine code.
  Ralph Arvesen Updated: 13 Jul 2003    Bookmarked: 4 Jul 2009    
A port of the famous C-language based game engine to Visual C++ with a .NET managed heads-up display.

Platforms, Frameworks & Libraries

  Kashif Manzoor Updated: 12 Feb 2002    Bookmarked: 25 Jan 2012    
The article discusses interpreters, compilers, the JVM and the CLR
  Sumeet Kumar Updated: 11 Nov 2003    Bookmarked: 8 Feb 2009    
This article explains how it is possible to seamlessly set breakpoints, step into, set watches and examine local variables for .NET framework classes as well as any other managed assemblies.

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